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Technodrome: Elevator by GarthTheDestroyer

This is a rather nice and stylish depiction of one of the most unique (and slightly difficult) boss battles in a 2-D Brawler ever. Whil...


Hey folks you all recall my Takahashi Trifecta series right? Well I will be doing a Radioplay series off of the 1st 5 episodes of the series and you can read more about it here at...…

And if you want you can also read more about my series here at...…

Oh yes and thanks to this news I will be working on Episode 11 of Takahashi Trifecta in the near future.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes)





Lois Lane:
Lois Lane here, I’m the Daily Planet’s #1 Reporter Star!
My legacy is easily far longer than yours by far.
I hope that little fact doesn’t leave you in scorn.
I have been a strong comic book heroine since long before Eastman and Laird were born.
My cinematic history is better than yours in every way.
I got Margot Kidder with Richard Donner while you got Megan Fox thanks to Michael Bay.
Why I have Beauty, Brains and I have quite a tenacious sense of Journalistic Talent.
Like I said before I’m the Daily Planet’s best. Don’t believe me? Ask Clark Kent.
So face it you can never match up to me as I have several decades of Comic Book History.
As I am the Original Greatest Heroine in all of DC!

April O’Neil:
So you’re the original DC Heroine there Lois? Is that what you meant?
Gee Wonder Woman you sure do look a little different.
Are you sure you want to talk about Movies? Have you thought this through?
I mean the last good live action Superman Movie was from 1980 namely Superman II.
Though to be fair when it comes to Journalism I do understand your views.
I was once rather prominent with Channel 6 News.
You love to talk about how strong you are but I don’t know why you want to brag.
Since Superman constantly saves you despite how you’re such a stuck-up nag.
Besides Clark Kent would be better off with Lana Lang or Dinah Prince.
Oh I’m sorry Ms. Lane did I just make you wince?

Lois Lane:
Oh what's the matter, are you feeling jealous there Miss O’Neil?
Is it because you got a Hockey Mask Thug while I got the Man of Steel?
I’m Superman’s First and #1 Love so I’ll always win even if push comes to shove.
Besides Lana Lang is just a part of Ol’ Smallville’s past who is at best Puppy Love.
I’m not sure why you want to bring Wonder Woman in this Musical Melee.
Besides she’d probably rather get in bed with me than Clark anyway.
Of course that maybe a rumor, but there are rumors about you and the TMNT.
About whether if your open to engage in a little bestiality.
I don’t know why you’re looking at me like that, after all it’s not like I’m wrong.
Don’t believe me? Why don’t you ask Mikey or Don?  

April O’Neil:
Yes Lois we all know that when it comes to Superman’s Love Interests you were seen first.
But compared to Lana and Wonder Woman? You’re clearly the worst.
You think you are so beloved but I’m not sure if you’re keeping score.
Oh yeah and I think Wonder Woman likes Power Girl a bit more.    
For such a strong woman, Superman’s frequent rescues are why you’re not in traction.
Oh sure I’m known for getting saved, but I also often like to get in on the action.
You try to bring up your long comic book history to make me feel weepy.
But a lot of things you and Superman did in the Silver Age were kind of bizarre and often creepy.
However I shall end this rap battle by giving you some advice this day.
That perhaps you should read up on a certain Larry Niven 1969 Essay.




ERB Lois Lane Vs. April O Neil
Alright folks here is my latest ERB and this one is a battle of the Famous Lady Reporter Vs. Sometimes a Reporter Lady namely Lois Lane from Superman and April O'Neil from TMNT.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore)





Step up! You’re going up against the Wrecking Crew!
And it’s obvious that the 4 of us can easily handle you.
Yeah Wrecker, we’re more than a Match for the Asgardian God of Thunder.
We can easily handle this Disney One-Hit Wonder.
Face it I got the better big hands you chump!
Now why don’t you go back to your rotten little stump?
Yeah we all can easily crush a chump like you dead.
When we’re through with you, you’ll be a greasy smear on my shiny head.

Oh I’m sorry guys, was I suppose to be scared?
What can I say? I did come here prepared.
You guys are the most 2nd-rate thugs that Thor has ever fought.
Except for Bulldozer, he’s more like a 3rd rate Juggernaut.
I’m a big hit with Disney in fact I am an Annie Award winning Star.
While you guys’ chances of being in a MCU Movie, are rather below par.
I may be treated like a criminal, but you 4 are the real bad guys.
Of course that shouldn’t be any big surprise.
You see this ground here? You all better check it!
Cause in a manner of moments I’m GONNA WRECK IT!

Oh really? So you think you’re such a big award-winning star?
Oh sure, if you ignore a certain Princess from Pixar.
Yeah and we may be known villains, but you should open your eyes.
There is a very good reason why you are one of the Bad Guys.
Ah yeah I mean smashing buildings with so many innocent people inside?
And you wonder why those Nicelanders hate your hairy old hide?
Face it Ralph, deep down you know everything we said is true.
If you weren’t so soft you might have a shot with the Wrecking Crew.

Nice try guys, but I will admit I have my fair share of regrets.
But you guys are easily the bigger threats.
Besides I doubt that you clowns would last at all in Hero’s Glory.
I am one of the biggest and toughest men in my world’s story.
Also since when have you guys ever really beaten the Mighty Thor?
There’s also Spider-Man, the Thing and the Avengers and I’m sure there is a whole bunch more.
What can I say? I sometimes like to make sure no details have been spared.
Like I said before I did come here prepared.
After all you guys may think that I am standing here on my own.
But I assure you all that I am not alone.

(Then Ralph snaps his fingers in which almost all the Agents of S.M.A.S.H namely Hulk, Red Hulk, She-Hulk and A Bomb come smashing in through the wall.)

(A Bomb)
Hey there Hulksters, the A-Bomb is here and this battle is about to go Boom!
We are so going to party-hearty here in this room.
You clowns think you can beat us? Well isn’t that rich?
Shame Titania is not here. I got a score to settle with that nasty Bit…
Eh easy there Jen let’s not be too rash.
After all its time to give these guys a good SMASH!
(Red Hulk)
Well said Greenie, we’ve all had our musical fun.
Now with my fiery fists I’ll make sure these creeps are well done!

(Now we see The Leader locked up in a hidden containment cell watching this rap battle from a computer screen in front of his cell.)

The Leader:
Oh I must admit it can be entertaining to watch this little battle of Kongs.
I can so understand why Loki loves to use the Wrecking Crew as Pawns.
While I may not have the strength to lift cars, trains and planes.
I am easily one of the World’s Smartest Brains.
Those brutish Hulks only use their Gamma Power to smash things harder.
But Gamma Power has increased my Brain’s size, making me a whole lot smarter.
Oh, what's that? If I’m so smart then why am I here you ask? Isn’t that right Reader?
Trust me I have my plans out of here after all I am the Leader.
Now I shall show those boorish fools that I am the Greatest Genius here by far.
Hey wait a minute there’s only 4 Hulks out there, where’s…

(Then we see Skaar standing nearby the Leader waving at him.)

Skaar: Hello there Leader.

The Leader: Oh… Hello there Skaar…




ERB Wrecking Crew Vs. Wreck It Ralph
Here is another one of my Epic Rap Battles and this time its a battle of 4 Vs. 1 namely Marvel Comics' Wrecking Crew Vs. Disney's Wreck-It Ralph. Oh yes and this rap battle features some hulk-sized special guests in the end as well.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes and violence/gore)
Neo Geo Saga 1 John Crawley Arcade Mode

Vs. Terry Bogard: So this is the “Legendary Lone Wolf of Southtown” huh? Heh not bad but I doubt that a pretty-boy like you would last in basic training.

Vs. Andy Bogard: This white-bread blond haired pretty-boy is supposed to be a prominent Ninja? Ah geez this is starting to remind me of those god awful “American Ninja” movies from the 80s.    

Vs. Joe Higashi: Here’s a tip genius, if you’re going to show-boat then wait until after you win the fight, okay?

Vs. Tung Fu Rue: Ah man that was too close; I was going to say that I’m getting too old for this. But then again considering whom I just beaten well…

Vs. Duck King: Does the phrase “Don’t Give up your Day Job” ring a bell to you?

Vs. Richard Meyer: So you’re going to be opening up a Café here in Southtown huh? Any chance you might be serving some Liquor? I can really go for a nice bottle of Scotch.

Vs. Michael Max: Ah yeah I remember you now, your Mickey’s old pal huh? My boy Mickey has told me a lot about you.

Vs. Hwa Jai: Trust me cueball getting drunk doesn’t make you invincible; otherwise all the Scotch that I have drank over the years would’ve turned me into a God.

Vs. Raiden: So you use to be Big Bear but now you call yourself the Thunder God Raiden? Uh-huh… Well I have seen washed up has-beens do stranger things to get back into the spotlight.

Vs. Billy Kane: I noticed that you have a cute sister there Cudgel Boy but don’t worry I’ll be gentle with her.

Vs. Geese Howard: Don’t take this too personally big guy, this is just another job.

Vs. Mai Shiranui: This lady calls herself a “Japanese Maiden”, yet she looks like one of those busty European Super Models that I have posters of back in my office.

Vs. Cheng Sinzan: Why has a former Martial Arts Instructor for the Marines gone Rogue? Oh let’s just say I have my reasons if you want to know more you got to pay up.

Vs. Jubei Yamada: Oh don’t get me wrong old man I got nothing against a little Pragmatic Combat, but you tried to use these Rice Crackers? Really?

Vs. Kim Kap Hwan: The Hero of Justice? South Korea’s “Crown Jewel of Tae Kwon Do”? You’re a Martial Artist, not a Super Hero, I mean seriously.

Vs. Blue Mary: I know you’re with the Lone Wolf of Southtown. But I’m sure a sexy babe like you can go for a “Mad Dog” instead.

Vs. Hokutomaru: Sorry kiddo but a Ninja Pup like you is no match for a Mad Dog like me!

Vs. Kim Dong Hwan: A smug little punk who’s more interested in sexy babes and loves to think that your one of the toughest guys out there. Okay I’ll be first to admit I am getting a little nostalgic here.

Vs. Kim Jae Hoon: Heh heh, ah man what Korean Boy Band did you come from? I mean seriously…

Vs. Lao: Ah calm down big guy all I said was that I’ve heard stories that your leader is a sexy little cutie by the name of Bonne Jenet.

Vs. Ryo Sakazaki: Well well, it looks like the “Invincible Dragon” has been defeated by a mere “Mad Dog”. Oh that must be so embarrassing.

Vs. Robert Garcia: You call yourself the “Raging Tiger”? Oh please you’re more like the “Pampered Pussycat”.

Vs. Ryuhaku Todoh: Don’t take this the wrong way old man as I know your one of Geese’s old pals but you might want to work on having more than one special move alright?

Vs. Jack Turner: Ah Dumb Muscle, they are often loyal to their masters yet they also often make such easy targets.

Vs. King: Ah nice lacy white bra, it looks like something from the European Victoria’s Secret catalog. Oh wait she is starting to wake up, I got to get out of here.  

Vs. Lee Pai Long: Oh no old man I’m not angry that you tried to slash me with those claws. I just wished I brought my old knives with me that’s all.

Vs. John Crawley: Man this guy does a lousy job in trying to imitate me, I wonder if this is that “Guile” fella I keep hearing about.

Vs. Mickey Rogers: Not bad Mick, but you got a long way to go before you can beat someone like me.

Vs. Mr. Big: Sorry Big guy, but this “Mad Dog” runs his own path but do give my regards to some of your ladies.

Vs. Mr. Karate: Oh don’t get me wrong I understand completely why you would want to wear a mask but mind picking something a little less “Freudian” if you know what I mean?

Vs. Yuri Sakazaki: Oh not too worry young miss unlike that Fat Oaf, Jack, who botched up your kidnapping I’ll be gentle.

Vs. Temjin: Mongolian Sumo? Okay I’m slightly curious how is that any different from Japanese Sumo?

Vs. Eiji Kisaragi: Well well, it looks like I am a bad enough dude to rescue the President. Heh he oh I always wanted to say that…

Vs. Jin Fu Ha: So a Giant slab of Beef like you can be considered a Ninja? Oh please I’m probably more of a Ninja than you are.

Vs. Karman Cole: Nice suit, oh I’m sure I am easily the better fighter here but still nice suit.

Vs. Gai Tendo: Oh so sorry but a little punk like you never stood a chance against a Killing Machine like me.

Vs. Seo Yong Song: So your one of the most skilled Martial Artists in the world today? Ah ha ha hah ha… Thanks kid I needed a good laugh.

Vs. Payak Sitipitak: Well at least you’re a little bit more professional than the other Muay Thai fighters here I’ll give you that much.

Vs. Rob Python: Sorry pal but a Python is clearly no match for a Mad Dog.

Vs. Jacques Ducalis: A French Judo Master? Okay since when did you Frenchies know Judo, or any other Martial Art for that matter?

Vs. Goro Daimon: Sorry big guy but this isn’t the Olympics, we are not exactly into “Fair Competition” here in South Town.

Vs. Ralf Jones: Still as Hot-Headed as ever huh Ralf? That’s what makes you so lovably predictable.

Vs. Clark Still: You definitely beat me in strength there Clark but the fact that I am faster does give me an advantage. Oh yeah and I easily have the cooler shades.

Vs. Heidern: So Mr. Old One Eye here is the Leader of the Ikari Warriors huh? Not bad but I kind of expected better.

Vs. Leona Heidern: I like to call myself “Mad Dog” every now & then but you definitely fight like an animal here lady.

Vs. Whip: Ah so this cute little munchkin was one of NESTS old projects huh? Interesting…

Vs. Chang Koehan: That’s the problem with big guys like you, I mean I can understand wanting to rely on Brute Force but you leave so many openings.

Vs. Choi Bounge: A Midget Freddy Krueger wannabe? Man this Tournament has attracted a bunch of freaks. Oh and me without a Hockey Mask and Chainsaw.

Vs. Heavy D!: Heavy? Oh please your more like a middleweight at best.

Vs. Lucky Glauber: So you’re still a Karate student huh? Well that would explain why you’re such an amateur compared to me.

Vs. Brian Battler: Stick to the Pigskins chump and leave the fighting to the pros like me.

Vs. Ramon: Sorry Senor but I’ve heard that you have done some part-time Secret Agent work in the past so mind telling me the real reason why you’re here?

Vs. Angel: So this sexy little lady here use to be a NEST agent who defected. Oh but don’t worry I won’t tell anyone you’re here, that is if I can have some fun with you.

Vs. Jhun Hoon: So you’re deeply devoted to a little lady by the name of Athena Asamiya huh? Sorry Mr. “Hero of Justice” but guys like you have a tendency to wind up in Jail here in the US of A.

Vs. Kang Bae Dal: Today is your lucky day kid, since I was in such a good mood I’ll let you keep your vital organs intact. I know, I know I can be too kind.

Vs. Chae Lim: You may be cute but you’ll never get a boyfriend if you stay so uptight there kid.

Vs. Moe Habana: Maybe I am getting a bit too soft, but this little munchkin here is not exactly worth killing.

Vs. Rocky: So you’re the fugitive Cyborg that I’ve heard about. Interesting… Well no time like the present to turn you in.

Vs. Maki Kagura: The Orochi? Oh you mean that gang the Hakkeshu? Yeah I’ve heard of them, what are they going to make an appearance here?

Vs. Hyena: So I got to face Ol’ Duke’s Lackey huh? A shame that I wasn’t able to run in to Duke’s #1 Assassin instead.

Vs. Iroha: So you’re really close friends with Ms. Shiranui huh?  That reminds me of a few certain movies that I have back home.

Vs. Goddess Athena: Alright lady if you say you’re a Goddess than you’re a Goddess alright? Besides you certainly do have the body of a Goddess at least.

Vs. Marco Rossi: Even the guys from Metal Slug are here? Man this Tournament is attracting a lot of people.

Vs. Fiolina Germi: Ah so the Daughter of the Germi family is a cutie with nice big guns… and her firepower is not too bad either.

Vs. Mars People: Okay I did not expect to run into these things here. Heh whoa so these things do exist after all.

Vs. Janne D’Arc: So you’re looking for a strong man to marry huh? Well honey I may not be marriage material but I am your man if you’re looking for a good Honeymoon.

Vs. Brocken: So the Germans are making Cyborg Super Soldiers huh? Well at least they are making polite cybernetic super soldiers.

Vs. Hanzo Hattori (WH): So instead of wearing a dark mask you put on way too much hair gel for that tower of hair there? Not exactly a good trade off there.

Vs. Fuuma Kotaro: You got the right idea in picking a disguise to try to pick up chicks but why would you dress up as a Blonde Yuppie? I mean seriously?

Vs. Johnny Maximum: Geez even has-been Football players are here? Ah man talk about scraping the bottom of the barrel.

Vs. Ryoko Izumo: My you’re a bouncy little cutie huh? Though I ought to be careful of what I say here, last thing I need is to add statutory charges to my rap sheet.

Vs. Shura: I was a former Martial Arts Instructor to the US Marines and have been known by names such as “Mad Dog” and “Killer Machine”. While you are a young Muay Thai kickboxer in training, yeah this ended as well as one would expect.

Vs. Kisarah Westfield: You might want to be careful out here miss, not every guy here has as much… “Self Control” as I do.

Vs. Leonhalt Domador: So this guy who looks like Hitler’s Wet Dream is the German Giant that I’ve heard about huh? I wonder if I get any money for turning you in.

Vs. Sheen Genus: You’re trying to get people to join your Wrestling Troupe in Canada? Heh you’re a little far from home aren’t you big guy? But hey any chance you brought some of that Tim Horton’s coffee with you? That stuff is fantastic!

Vs. Bobby Nelson: Kid if you’re going to use sports gear as a weapon than you should use something like a Baseball Bat or a Hockey Stick or at least some Roller Skates.

Vs. Cyber Woo: Oh wow I know the Japanese love their Technology, but letting a little squirt like this kid here pilot a humongous robot monkey that’s built like a tank? Really?

Vs. Angel (ST): Ah today is my lucky day to find another sexy angel in my presence. You call yourself “Ceramic Arms” yet a more proper name would easily be “Heavenly Valleys”.

Vs. Toy: The Shock Troopers are here? Really? I mean the only reason why anyone has heard of you guys is that sexy blond babe with the big rack namely Angel.

Vs. G Mantle: Man that was freaky, alright, note to self no more Jelly Bean Tacos before bed.

(Match 3 Vs. Jin Fu Ha)

Jin: You there!

John: Hmm? Are you talking to me?

Jin: Yes, tell me who are you and why are you here?

John: Oh well the name is John Crawley, and I was just passing by.

Jin: I see, very well then… carry on.

John: Alright I will, good day then.

[Then as John walks away, Jin tries to pound John into the ground but John was able to dodge quickly.]

John: Not a bad trick there Big Guy, too bad you’re as stealthy as a Gorilla. So is this how you greet strangers there big fella?

Jin: I have heard of you, John Crawley, you are one of Geese Howard’s men. I have also heard that you once served your country before you became a disgraced criminal.

John: Heh you did your homework there Big Guy.

Jin: Indeed I have, I am a Shinobi who serves my master Eiji Kisaragi. I have been instructed that if I find any of Geese Howard’s men prowling these streets I shall crush them.

John: Wait Shinobi? As in Ninja? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You are a Ninja?! Oh please I’m probably more “Ninja” than you!


John: Seriously, you don’t look like a Ninja at all, not to mention your attempts at deception are amateur at best. Let me guess you’re only a Rookie Ninja in training huh?

Jin: Arrogant fool I shall silence you!

(If you win)

John: Well, well it looks like I haven’t been silenced. So let me guess you and your Master has some beef with Ol’ Man Geese huh?

Jin: Humph, actually the only reason why my master wishes to be here is because of his rivalry with Andy Bogard.

John: Andy Bogard? Oh you mean blond-haired pretty boy in the white ninja outfit? Not to mention the guy who is with that sexy brunette dressed in red with the big rack?

Jin: Yes that is the Andy Bogard I am referring to. And that brunette you referred to is Mai Shiranui who is the Kunoichi of the Shiranui Clan.

John: I see, I keep hearing stories about how this Andy guy keeps constantly ignoring Mai no matter how many times she tries to be affectionate with him. Seriously what is wrong with that guy?

Jin: Humph, quite frankly I have no concern over such a trivial matter. However my Master is so fixated on that since he desires that Mai Shiranui woman so much despite how Mai insists on desiring Andy Bogard.

John: Wait a minute, so the reason why your Master is rivals with that Andy Bogard guy is due to Jealousy? AHAHAHAHA! Ah Man what are you guys supposed to be, Ninjas or High Schoolers? I mean seriously…

Jin: Tch, indeed, my Master’s petty jealousy over this issue is embarrassing.

John: Sounds like you got some issues to work out here. Well then I might as well go for now, see you later big guy.

Jin: Hmm… I admit, I never would expect one of Geese Howard’s minions to be so merciful.

John: Heh don’t take it too personally there big guy, the only reason why you picked a fight with me is because your Master told you to. Not to mention on how I was telling the truth that I was indeed just passing along so quite frankly that fight was kind of pointless. But hey we both got some good exercise besides as for my line work well aren’t always what they seem to be. I’m sure you learned that in your Ninja Classes so see you later big guy.

(Match 6 Vs. Lao)

John: Well, well it’s been said that if you walk the streets in a big city like this you are bound to find a rat scurrying about in the alleyways and it looks like I just found a big one.

Lao: John Crawley, I’ve heard of you, word has it that you were once not only a US Marine but you were the Martial Arts Instructor for the Marines. But you went from serving your country to serving an evil crimelord like Geese Howard. Despite all of this you are the one who’s calling ME a rat?

John: Ah I see you’ve done your homework there Big Guy but then again so have I. You are Lao and you are the Enforcer for the Lillien Knights, correct?

Lao: Yeah

John: Alright so what is one of the Lillien Knights doing scurrying about here in good Ol’ Southtown?

Lao: I got nothing to say to a crooked former Marine like you.

John: Oh come on now Big Guy, you Lillien Knights are known Sky Pirates therefore known criminals. So I really don’t know why you keep acting like you guys have some Moral High Ground or anything like that.

Lao: Heh apparently you don’t know us as well as you think you do, the only reason why the Lillien Knights are considered to be criminals is because we steal from crooks like your boss. Anyone who knows about the Lillien Knights knows that.

John: Ah so your after Old Man Geese huh? Well good to know there Big Guy.

Lao: What? No, I have… other reasons why I am here.

John: Ah so is your boss B. Jenet here to do some Bikini shopping? Oh I hope so; Southtown has plenty of Bikini and Lingerie stores for your cute and sexy leader there.

Lao: No, that’s not it at all! Oh that’s it you sleazy creep! You’re going down!

(If you win)

John: Man this guy is supposed to be the Enforcer for the Lillien Knights? Ah well I guess this is just another example of how skill can trump pure brawn any day of the week here.

Lao: *Ugh* Why you…

John: Ah good your still with me here, anyways I got another question regarding you Lillien Knights.

Lao: I got nothing to say to one of Geese’s Lap Dogs here.

John: Actually this has nothing to do with Old Man Geese; this is more out of my… personal interests. Anyways word on the street is that you guys have recently had a new recruit namely another incredibly sexy shapely blond named Lien Neville. Oh yes and Lien is also the #1 Assassin for the late Duke from the Mephistopheles organization.

Lao: Heh yeah well it just goes to show you that you creeps ought to be scared. You may’ve got in a few cheap shots there against me Crawley but that doesn’t mean you have us Lillien Knights beat! Ms. Neville has become my boss’ #1 agent and Ms. Neville has been very close with my Boss Ms Jenet.

John: Oh so Lien Neville and Bonne Jenet are getting very close huh? Do tell me all the hot & erotic details my good man, oh those two would make a sexy couple.

Lao: N…NOT LIKE THAT YOU SICK FREAK! I didn’t mean it like that at all!

John: Oh such a shame, what can I say? Mrs. Neville’s current story with B. Jenet did remind me of a few of my favorite movies. But then again considering how red your face was one could only wonder if I was right and you’re just trying to hide it.

Lao: Grr… Why I oughtta… *ugh*

John: Ah whether if that was true or not I guess it doesn’t matter, I’ve had my fun with you for now. So smell you later there Big Guy, bye!
(Match 9 Vs. Clark Still)

Clark: John…

John: Hey there Clark, it’s been a while so how’s the life of an Ikari Warrior treating you?

Clark: Fine.

John: Ah Clark, still the stoic man of a few words huh? Anyways I am surprised that hot-head Ralf isn’t here with you, you two are normally inseparable.

Clark: Ralf and I are busy scouting the city and we went into separate routes to cover more ground. Now I would like to ask what are doing here.

John: Oh not much, ever since I got out of the force work has been slow, so I’ve been busy sight-seeing and enjoying some R & R.

Clark: Really? So work has been slow for you huh? I dunno you seem to have had an easy time getting work lately, namely with the Howard Connection.

John: *sigh* Let me guess this wasn’t a chance meeting huh?

Clark: Honestly John why are you doing this? You had a perfectly fine career being a Martial Arts instructor for the Marines. So why are you throwing it away to be in a life of crime?

John: Okay Clark for the record first of all I didn’t throw away anything away if anything I was being thrown out. Second of all as for my new occupation, well as the old saying goes a Job is a Job you understand that right?

Clark: Yeah I understand doing a Job and I also understand things like Honor and Duty or did you forget that Soldier?

John: This coming from a guy who became a Mercenary for Hire?

Clark: Which is a perfectly legal and law abiding profession as while Ralf and I are here to take down the criminals and low lives here in South Town in which you sadly became one of them.

John: So this is how things are going to go huh? Well I wanted to see strong you got Clark and it looks like I’m going to get my wish huh?

Clark: Well I wouldn’t quite put it that way but I suppose that is true…

(If you win)

John: Not Bad Ol’ “Man of Steel”, but I keep telling you man that rely too much on brute strength as both strength and agility are important in battle.

Clark: *Ugh* John you’re a better man than this, why are you working with someone like Geese Howard?

John: *sigh* I have my reasons Clark, besides like I said before a Job is a Job. But a shame there is no bar or Liquor Store nearby otherwise I’d offer you a nice glass of Scotch, you know to prove that there are no hard feelings.

Clark: I see, well I am not sure if I should be on break yet besides I’ve never been much of a drinker you know that.

John: True, Ralf was more of a Drinker, remember that time we had to drag his drunken carcass out of that bar we went to a few years ago. Oh that was a wild night huh?

Clark: Yeah it wasn’t such a wild night for me; I had a hard time trying to get vomit stains off my pants and boots. Though Clark there is one other question I have…

John: Alright, shoot.

Clark: Okay then, you did claim that you didn’t throw away your rank in the Marines just to pursue a life of crime; you said that if anything you were the one who was thrown out. So what did you mean by that?

John: I… I got to go Clark, eh see ya later man.

Clark: Wait! John, get back here! *as John ran away* Well Old Friend, here is hoping that our next reunion will be a nicer one.

(Match 12 Vs. Marco Rossi)

John: Hey there, the name is Crawley, John Crawley, what is a fine looking lady like you doing in a place like this?

Fio: Oh hi there, my name is Fiolina Germi, I am new here in town so I did a little bit of sightseeing and I am here waiting for my friend to come back here so we can figure out where to go for lunch.

John: Ah so you’re the daughter of the Germi family that I have heard about. So it is true that the Daughter of the illustrious Soldier Family the Germi family has a shapely cutie of a daughter here. It’s a real pleasure to meet you milady.

Fio: Why thank you sir, it’s a pleasure to meet you as well.

John: Likewise it is also a pleasure to admire your gloriously large guns as well milady.

[Marco Rossi is now behind John Crawley pointing a gun at him.]

Marco: Alright Crawley, that’s far enough.

John: Hmm? Oh I see what’s going on here… *John puts his hands up* Alright Rossi, I’ll play along. I got to say Rossi using Fio’s ample cleavage as a distraction was a nice touch.

Marco: Alright I’ll be first to admit that was more of a Happy Accident here. I may not be the most prudent of men but I am not as sleazy as you are.

[Then Eri Kasamoto arrives in the scene.]

Eri: Ah man it can be a real hassle trying to find a place here that has a public restroom. Hmm? Hey Fio what’s going on here?

Fio: Oh I was being approached by this nice man here named John Crawley; he said he was admiring my gloriously huge guns. But now that I mention it I am not sure how he can do such a thing. I mean I only have one pistol and it’s a normal sized one.

Eri: Oh great apparently he is one of those kind of guys… Okay Fio I’ll explain that term to you later… So Commander what are you doing with Shades McSleaze here?

Marco: This guy here is John Crawley, former Martial Arts Instructor to the US Marines and is now one of Geese Howard’s thugs and was trying to chat up with Fio here. I’ll explain a bit more later, anyways, Eri you take Fio and get out of here while Mr. Crawley and I have a little chat.

Eri: Yes sir, c’mon Fio.

Fio: Alright Eri. *As the Girls leave the scene.*

John: It’s kind of amazing that this little tournament here is attracting all sorts of people here; I’m impressed that I get to meet most of the Metal Slug squadron here today.

Marco: Oh I wish I could say the same thing about you John. Seriously Man, you were the Martial Arts Instructor for the Marines, you were respected, you were once known as “The Killing Machine”. But now you’re here in the South Florida city doing grunt work for an infamous crime lord. So in other words you went from being the “Mad Dog” of the Marines to one of Geese Howard’s Lap Dogs. What is wrong with you?

John: You’re not the first one who’s given me that lecture recently Mr. Metal Slug. Anyways I am just doing a job here my good man, nothing more, nothing less.

Marco: Yeah well I am doing my job as well and I want to ask you some questions so are you going to come along quietly?

John: Not quite, besides I admit I want to see the Head Commander of Metal Slug in action here.

Marco: Alright so you’re going to play that game huh? Well then, come on!


John: So this guy here is the Leader of the Metal Slug Squadron, can’t say I am impressed.

[Then John notices a laser pointer that’s on his chest in which it quickly moved to his forehead.]

John: Hmm? What the…

Tarma: Don’t pat yourself in the back just yet Crawley I have you in my sights.

John: So I get to meet all of the Metal Slug soldiers here I was wondering when you were going to show up, Tarma Roving. Though I gotta be honest Tarma you’re getting a little sloppy here. I mean you could’ve just easily pointed your gun at my head and just shoot me instead of getting my attention like this with a threat.

Tarma: Yeah well I admit that in this case I am not the type to shoot first and ask questions later. So tell me why did you throw away your old life with the Marines to be one of Geese Howard’s thugs?

John: First of all I didn’t throw anything at all, if anything I was the one who got thrown out.  

Tarma: Yeah I’ve heard about your story and quite frankly there are a lot of things that are not adding up.

John: Oh really?

Tarma: Yeah the real reason why you left the Marines was due to how you received a severe back injury while on duty. You seem to be awfully spry for a guy who had a bad back injury recently.

John: What can I say? I heal fast.

Tarma: Uh-huh sure you do. You told Marco that the reason why your serving Geese Howard is because you were “just doing a job” so tell me Crawley what are you really plotting?

John: Sorry Tarma, but I can’t give away the entire plot to you just yet. But I have one thing to say to you.

Tarma: Oh?

John: Yeah… Think Fast!

[Then John quickly tosses a smoke bomb at Tarma in which Tarma did dodge it. But the smoke that came out of it did give John enough time to evade Tarma’s sight.]

Tarma: *cough* *cough* Ah man I can’t believe I let Crawley get away like that. But I’m definitely sure we’ll run into him again, and we do I’ll make sure he’ll answer my questions this time.
Neo Geo Saga 1 John Crawley Arcade Mode
Alright folks here is the latest release of the Neo Geo Saga Arcade Mode stories is for none other than the "Killing Machine" himself... JOHN CRAWLEY!

John Crawley was once a Martial Arts Instructor for the US Marines, but when he retired from the Service he went to a life of crime as one of Geese Howard's thugs. But why would a former Marine go from serving his country to serving a known crimelord? That is a question certain people wonder about as John has things in his mind other than serving Geese Howard.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes)



Alright Bulma we are so going to win this musical brawl.
With this Magical Skipper and her Masked Ken Doll.
That’s so true Yamcha but that’s obvious to see.
After all we were known as the original “Power Couple” of DB History.
With my Wolf fang Fist attack I can defeat plenty of foes.
Oh is Tuxedo Mask angry at me? Oh I hope he doesn’t throw a rose.
When it comes to “Magical Girl Anime” this brat is suppose to be one of the Heavy Hitters?
Yet most of the other Sailor Scouts seem to be her Babysitters.
Yeah there was something I always wondered about that Masked Mister.
Such as why is he dating someone who could pass for his kid sister?
When it comes to comparisons the other Sailor Scouts so leave you in the dust.
Namely, for reasons such as Brains, Skill and Power… not to mention Bust.

(Sailor Moon)
Hey! That is such a low blow you nasty old hag!
But then again your love life was never something to brag.
(Tuxedo Mask)
Indeed Sailor Moon but we shouldn’t let their words cause us any trouble.
After all even in the original DB they weren’t exactly a “Power Couple”.
(Sailor Moon)
That’s so true Tuxedo Mask though it’s obvious to see.
Yamcha and Bulma have been “on and off” long before DBZ.
(Tuxedo Mask)
Yeah and Yamcha likes to think of himself as a Cocky Desert Bandit Bruiser.
But Yamcha is well known as DB’s Biggest Loser.
(Sailor Moon)
And I become Queen Serenity as I will rule a world full of bliss.
Bulma’s only roles are to show off gadgets… and fanservice.
(Tuxedo Mask)
Yes and I am starting to remember Yamcha’s fight history such as the Saibamen.
Now remind me, how did that battle go again?

Oh great I’m still never going to live that one down, that much is true.
Yet I still have a better win/lose record than you.
Aw what’s the matter little girl, sore that you’re as flat as these grassy plains?
Not only do I have a more womanly body but I easily have a lot more brains.
And don’t bother trying to talk tough Tuxedo Mask, how many times have you been floored?
Besides while you rely on a Rose and a Stick, I still got my old sword.
Oh yes and when it comes to romance Sailor Moon, you’re still just a child that’s rather dense.
Not to mention while Mamoru maybe a Bishounen but he has a god awful fashion sense.
Yeah Ol’ Tuxie tries to be the hero yet he often needs to be saved during their bouts.
Besides, there are also the rumors that he has been screwing around with the other Sailor Scouts.
Good point there Yamcha, there is no telling what he has done with the other girls in her little Platoon.
Not to mention considering how close he can be with little Miss Sailor Mini-Moon.

(Sailor Moon)
Oh for the last time people! Tuxedo Mask is so not a cheater!
Besides isn’t it obvious to see that I am quite the keeper?
(Tuxedo Mask)
Say Yamcha why are you bringing up Adultery in this musical battle of rhymes?
Isn’t that the exact reason why Bulma has dumped you how many times?
(Sailor Moon)
Yeah Bulma you think I’m clueless about love? Is that your best plan?
How long did it take for you to finally settle down with a man?
(Tuxedo Mask)
Oh and Yamcha you talk about our “records” as if you were being witty.
But the only times you come out on top is when TOEi shows you some pity.
(Sailor Moon)
Oh Bulma I do question your love life so I’ll say that again.
Besides even when you hooked up with a Prince, you still have a weak taste in men.
(Tuxedo Mask)
Ah yes that reminds me I may not be a DBZ expert just so we’re clear.
But shouldn’t Vegeta be the one with Bulma here?




ERB Yamcha X Bulma Vs Tuxedo Mask X Sailor Moon
Alright folks here is my latest ERB for February and this one is for the battle of couples just shortly before Valentines Day namely Yamcha & Bulma from Dragon Ball Versus Sailor Moon & Tuxedo Mask from Sailor Moon.
Hey folks I know its a little late but happy 2015, here is my first Journal entry for the year. Remember a while back when I said that I was going to do episode summaries of future episodes of my Takahashi Trifecta series? Well here they are, I admit I did originally say I was going to give you a summary list of episodes 11-20 but since this was taking long than I originally anticipated I went with 11-15 instead. I was writing down highly detailed summaries for myself (which I felt uncertain about doing long summaries at first but then I figured it would be for the best). But not too worry folks I will of course give you folks some shorter summaries of these upcoming episodes. But first for those who are unaware of my Takahashi Trifecta series or haven't read all of my episodes yet you can take a look here at...…

Anyways here is the episode summaries...

Episode 11- Its the day after Ikuko's welcoming party in Episode 10 and the folks at Maison Ikkoku are wanting to relax. Godai has a nice little man-to-man chat with Ryouga as Godai tries to be supportive to him. (In which Kyoko overhears Godai's chat with Ryouga and thought it was nice until she hears about who does Godai have feelings for then frets about it as she heads back to her room.) Then Ryouga confides with Godai that he has a certain secret as well. Kentaro tells Ranma how the party they were in yesterday was fun. But there was something that Kentaro and Ikuko were curious about yesterday namely who is that red-haired girl with a big Panda bear who was seen in some of the pictures with the Tendo sisters in the Tendo family album. Meanwhile later on that day as the adults of Maison Ikkoku were at the Chachamaru Shun Mitaka shows up and asks Kyoko out in which she felt a bit overwhelmed and uncomfortable. Mitaka was then informed about how Kyoko recently became a widow in which Mitaka gave Kyoko plenty of sympathy, understanding and support. (In which Mitaka and Godai even have a little debate about the fact that Kyoko still has trouble letting go of her late husband Soichiro and what she should do about it.)

Episode 12- This will be Kozue Nanao's debut episode. But first things first this episode will begin with Ranma and Ukyo having a little chat as Ranma is nervous about the fact that Kentaro has seen pictures of his "other self" Ranko and wonders what to do about it. While Ukyo understands Ranma's dilemma she does try to tell him that it would really be for the best to be more open and honest to Kentaro. Meanwhile a little later on that afternoon Godai finally has the courage to go ahead and try to ask Kyoko out on a date but he was too late as she was getting dressed and ready to go on a date with Shun Mitaka. Naturally Godai feels a bit disheartened by this until he meets Kozue Nanao a cute short young lady who goes to the same university that he does. The two had a pleasant idle chat until she noticed the movie tickets Godai has in his hand in which he invites her to come with him in which she gladly accepted. Though while Godai and Kozue were on their way to the movies they ran into Kyoko and Mitaka as the latter couple were having a little bit of car trouble. Godai was rather nervous about this awkward situation while Mitaka was rather amused while Kyoko was confused. (In fact Kyoko spent most of her date with Mitaka wondering what is Godai doing with this young lady and believes that something about this is not adding up.) But while Godai felt nervous about the idea of dating Kozue he does actually enjoy the date and while he claims this changes nothing about Kyoko he admits he would like to see that Kozue girl again.

Episode 13- Earlier that day in Furinkan High, Ukyo, Akane and Nabiki were having a chat about a few issues. Namely how Ukyo is trying to encourage Ranma to tell Kentaro about his Jusenkyo Curse and that Godai is dating this girl by the name of Kozue. Meanwhile at Sanryu University Sakamoto has heard that Godai was on a date last night and asked Godai about it. Though they did run into Kozue in which Godai did at least have enough time to introduce Sakamoto to her since she had to get to class. Then Sakamoto teases Godai in which he went from pining for a cute babe like Kyoko to a cutesy little munchkin like Kozue in which Godai was a little annoyed by that. But a little while later Godai notices that a pretty young woman with long dark hair has been pursuing him and is kind of intrigued yet creeped out by that. But as soon as he tries to confront this young woman she reveals to him that she is Sayoko Kuroki and she is trying to recruit him for the school's Puppet club in which Godai was surprised but he accepts. (In which a little later on that day he finds out that Kozue just recently became a new member as well as they get to see what the Puppet Club is like.) However a little later on that day most of the Puppet Club members play a little prank as they call Maison Ikkoku asking for Godai in flirty voices as Kyoko gets increasingly annoyed by this. Then Kyoko frets about this as she wonders how many girls are Godai seeing and does that girl Kozue know about this? But rest assured Godai does explain this situation to Kyoko later. Oh yes and in this episode Ranma and Ukyo do sit Kentaro down as they try to explain to Kentaro about Ranma's "Jusenkyo Curse" problem and try to get him to understand.

Episode 14- This episode also starts in Furinkan High as Ukyo, Akane and Shinobu have been talking about whats been going on lately. Then they found Megane's lackeys Perm, Kakugari and Chibi and asked them what were they doing here. While Megane's cohorts were rather nervous about that (especially when Ranma came in and wanted to interrogate them) they claim they haven't been doing anything wrong lately and don't know what Megane has been doing lately and left. Then Ataru casually walked in and greeted Ranma and the ladies and asked what was going on. Then a mysterious young man came flying in a sci-fi flight suit who calls himself the Great Cyber-Man whose presence must be a shocking sight to behold. Until Ataru quickly pointed out that its just Megane in a cosplay suit in which Megane is infuriated that Megane sees through his disguise so quickly. But then Megane brags about how he has made his new cybersuit from tech that he borrowed from Mendo industries and is now picking a fight with Ranma and Ataru in which Ranma gladly obliged. While Ranma was definitely able to get some hits in Megane's suit was surprisingly durable as Megane is not out of the fight yet. However the fight does get an intervention by Shuutaro Mendo and Tatewaki Kuno, the former being annoyed at Megane for stealing some MendoTech as Megane has no intention on giving Shuutaro's family any credit for the tech.

Episode 15- Godai was out on another date with Kozue in which she was fascinated by these stories that Godai has been telling her about life at Maison Ikkoku and wants to visit him. While Godai is a little uncertain about it at first but does agree to it and tells her that she will get to visit. Meanwhile the next day Kozue gives Godai a surprise visit earlier that afternoon but finds out he is not home but is then approached by Hanae as she invites Kozue in then introduces her to Yotsuya and Akemi. Their little meeting does go pretty at first until the trio start cracking jokes about what Godai is really like as the spineless dope that he is. Then Akemi started mocking Kozue about her body and is surprised that a pervert like Godai would even go for a short flat-chested runt like Kozue. Akemi kept harassing Kozue long enough until she started to tear up a bit in which Yotsuya got a little nervous and Hanae actually felt a little remorseful. But Akemi got really defensive about her behavior until Kozue screamed in frustration on how Godai is not some shallow pervert. But Soun overhears some shouting going on at the Ichinose residence and demands and explanation from the trio on why is this girl crying. Then Soun apologizes to Kozue about the trio's behavior and gives her some money for some lunch and tells her that he will make sure that Godai knows that she was here when he gets back. Later on that day Godai is back home and was told about what happened to Kozue earlier today and is furious at the trio for how they treated her especially Akemi. While Hanae (and to a lesser extent Yotsuya) do apologize about the incident Akemi is incredibly annoyed by this as Godai calls her out on her shallow callous nature. But then some of the others at Maison Ikkoku do suggest Godai to give Kozue a chance a nicer visit at Maison Ikkoku in which he does agree to it. In which at the next day Kozue does visit Maison Ikkoku again in which Godai makes sure that this visit will go a lot better this time.

So folks what do you think? I am also thinking of starting a radioplay out of this series by sometime this year. I admit I am not entirely sure whether if I should wait until I get these episodes done or not but still what do you folks think?            
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