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This is a rather nice and stylish depiction of one of the most unique (and slightly difficult) boss battles in a 2-D Brawler ever. Whil...

For those who have been enjoying my installments of my Neo Geo Saga stories I thought I work on a list in which these will be the special opponents with pre/post-battle banter for each of the future episodes. For those who don't already know Neo Geo Saga is basically my attempt at a new KOF story with a bunch of characters in which I have placed in 4 sections namely Fatal Fury, Art of Fighting, King of Fighters and Other SNK games. During these Arcade Modes there will be 12 battles in total in which every 3rd match will have special Pre (and if you win) Post Battle Dialogue between the character your playing as and a certain opponent except for the 12th and final battle which you get Pre-Battle banter and then your character's Arcade Mode ending. (Though those who are familiar with fighting games such as the Blazblue series will probably know what I am talking about.) In which each of these opponents will be one character from each of the 4 sections. (Oh yes and of course each of these installments have plenty of win-quotes in which like games such as Street Fighter 4 and BlazBlue all the characters have particular win quotes against all the opponents they face.) Anyways this list will cover will give you all an idea how the future Neo Geo Saga Arcade Mode stories are going to go. But first do take a look at any previous episodes of this series especially if you have missed any of them...…

And now without further or adieu here is the list...

King- Jacques Ducalis, Hwa Jai, Angel (KOF), G Mantle
Lee Pai Long- Hanzo Hattori (WH), Choi Bounge, John Crawley, Tung Fu Rue
John Crawley- Jin Fu Ha, Lao, Clark Still, Marco Rossi
Mickey Rogers- Bobby Nelson, Heavy D!, Michael Max, John Crawley
Mr. Big- Fuuma Kotaro, Ramon, Fiolina Germi, Lao
Mr. Karate- Hwa Jai, John Crawley, Marco Rossi, Heidern
Yuri Sakazaki- Moe Habana, Cyber Woo, Mai Shiranui, Ryo Sakazaki
Temjin- Jack Turner, Sheen Genus, Goro Daimon, Cheng Sinzan
Eiji Kisaragi- Jin Fu Ha, Ramon, Joe Higashi, G Mantle
Jin Fu Ha- Sheen Genus, Duck King, Jhun Hoon, Iroha
Karman Cole- Rocky, Brocken, Robert Garcia, Cheng Sinzan
Gai Tendo- Sheen Genus, Goro Daimon, Rob Python, Duck King
Seo Yong Song- Kang Bae Dal, Gai Tendo, Brocken, Tung Fu Rue
Payak Sitipak- Shura, Heavy D!, Jack Turner, Joe Higashi
Rob Python- Fuuma Kotaro, Joe Higashi, Heavy D!, Mickey Rogers
Jacques Ducalis- Robert Garcia, Kim Kap Hwan, Goro Daimon, Ryoko Izumo
Goro Daimon- Ryoko Izumo, Moe Habana, Ryuhaku Todoh, Cheng Sinzan
Ralf Jones- Toy, Gai Tendo, Hwa Jai, Clark Still
Clark Still- Sheen Genus, Lao, Jack Turner, Heidern
Heidern- Leona, Mickey Rogers, G Mantle, Cheng Sinzan
Leona Heidern- Angel (ST), Blue Mary, Angel (KOF), Mr. Big
Whip- Cyber Woo, Jack Turner, Kim Kap Hwan, Leona
Chang Koehan- Brian Battler, Jubei Yamada, Jack Turner, Kim Kap Hwan
Choi Bounge- Brocken, Chang Koehan, Lee Pai Long, Tung Fu Rue
Heavy D!- Bobby Nelson, Michael Max, Lucky Glauber, Mickey Rogers
Lucky Glauber- Gai Tendo, Heavy D!, Bobby Nelson, Cheng Sinzan
Brian Battler- Richard Meyer, Rob Python, Heavy D!, G Mantle
Ramon- Angel (ST), Jubei Yamada, Rob Python, Angel (KOF)
Angel (KOF)- John Crawley, Mai Shiranui, Janne D'Arc, Fiolina Germi
Jhun Hoon- Jack Turner, Goro Daimon, Cheng Sinzan, G Mantle
Kang Bae Dal- Brocken, Temjin, Hokutomaru, Maki Kagura
Chae Lim- Seo Yong Song, Cyber Woo, Maki Kagura, Kim Kap Hwan
Moe Habana- Hokutomaru, Kisarah Westfield, Temjin, Goro Daimon
Rocky- John Crawley, Cheng Sinzan, Brocken, Ramon
Maki Kagura- G Mantle, King, Kim Kap Hwan, Heidern
Hyena- Duck King, Jacques Ducalis, Rocky, Mars People
Iroha- John Crawley, Angel (KOF), G Mantle, Mai Shiranui
Goddess Athena- Terry Bogard, King, Jhun Hoon, Iroha
Marco Rossi- Mickey Rogers, Cheng Sinzan, Toy, Ralf Jones
Fiolina Germi- Marco Rossi, John Crawley, Blue Mary, Angel (KOF)
Mars People- Whip, John Crawley, Cheng Sinzan, G Mantle
Janne D'Arc- Fuuma Kotaro, King, Ramon, Lao
Brocken- Hwa Jai, Temjin, Angel (ST), Rocky
Hanzo Hattori (WH)- Choi Bounge, Hokutomaru, Eiji Kisaragi, Fuuma Kotaro
Fuuma Kotaro- Fiolina Germi, Angel (KOF), Mai Shiranui, Eiji Kisaragi
Johnny Maximum- Sheen Genus, Jack Turner, Brian Battler, Raiden
Ryoko Izumo- Kisarah Westfield, Chae Lim, Jacques Ducalis, Mai Shiranui
Shura- Fuuma Kotaro, Seo Yong Song, Hwa Jai, Payak Sitipitak
Kisarah Westfield- Jack Turner, Ramon, Seo Yong Song, Kim Dong Hwan
Leonhalt Domador- Johnny Maximum, Clark Still, Karman Cole, Brocken
Sheen Genus- Hokutomaru, Jacques Ducalis, Toy, Angel (KOF)
Bobby Nelson- Johnny Maximum, Duck King, Rob Python, Heavy D!
Cyber Woo- Temjin, Moe Habana, Jubei Yamada, Iroha
Angel (ST)- Joe Higashi, John Crawley, Fiolina Germi, Angel (KOF)
Toy- Jack Turner, Kim Kap Hwan, Ralf Jones, Marco Rossi
G Mantle- Rocky, Mr. Karate, Geese Howard, Goddess Athena

I admit some of these opponent choices might change in the future but still this will give you a good idea of what I am planning for this series. Oh yes and for those who are familiar with SNK's handiwork and are a little surprised I didn't use certain opponents for certain characters keep in mind I am still hoping I can do regular Story Modes for this series and I will most likely use them then (more on that later). But still these will be the future special opponents for the rest of the Neo Geo Saga Arcade Mode stories.
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