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Technodrome: Elevator by GarthTheDestroyer

This is a rather nice and stylish depiction of one of the most unique (and slightly difficult) boss battles in a 2-D Brawler ever. Whil...


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(Contains: violence/gore)
Theme Song Guy:





Hey there folks here comes Shrek!
I’m here to keep this pampered punk’s ego in check!
I’m one of the strongest Ogres ever as I can make your bones crunch.
As I can easily knock your head off with one punch.
But perhaps that’s not a fair comparison as you’re a skinny little wimp.
Who is also an arrogant pompous little simp.
I am one of the Founding Fathers of Dreamwork’s Animated Fame.
I am use to putting you Disney has-beens to shame.
Now who starred in the first animated Oscar winner in History?
Oh that’s right, me.

Ah man your raps are so the worst.
First of all Greenie, when it comes to Snarky Animated Comedy, I was here first.
You brag about your Oscar, but should that matter in the least?
Oh yes I’ll be sure to tell that to the Beauty and the Beast.
So bring it on you big fat wannabe Scottish Hulk.
I am living my life in royalty while you constantly sulk.
Your franchise was big but you’re no longer Dreamwork’s biggest star.
You’ve been pretty much replaced by Po and the Penguins of Madagascar.
But hey I suppose I should give you some credit where it’s due.
You did help Mike Myers out after The Cat in the Hat and The Love Guru.

You think that’s going to leave me dismayed?
Oh yes like I would get career advice from someone played by David Spade.
My Franchise was easily bigger than yours by far.
You got one DTV movie and your TV series quickly fell under the Radar.
It’s a shame that Pacha and Kronk are not here for this fight.
They would be a better match to come up against my might.
But then again even my kids and Pacha’s tykes are manlier than you.
Here is one final thought before I bid you adieu.
Blame Yzma all you want but it’s easy to surmise.
At the first part of your movie you were one of the bad guys.

Wait your giving me a lecture? Did you hear that Ladies & Gentlemen?
What was that “Layers” lesson about again?
You are an Anti-Social Creep who can be a big fat ball of rage.
You have a family yet you still look for an excuse to go on a rampage.
Your franchise is bigger? Face it you big gas-bag you’re so out of touch.
Sure Shrek 2 was a big hit but everything else? Not so much.
When it comes to Merchandising your pretty much “Old Hat”.
Thanks to Netflix you rely on that Spanish-Accented Cat.
But hey at least I am willing to try to live the life of Royalty.
A shame you didn’t feel the same way otherwise we wouldn’t have Shrek 3.

Theme Song Guy:



ERB Shrek Vs. Kuzco
Alright folks here is my first ERB for 2015 and it shall be for none other than Shrek the eponymous star of the Shrek movies and Kuzco from Disney's Emperor's New Groove. Oh yes and this ERB will also have a different special guest namely the Theme Song guy from Emperor's New Groove (for those who never saw the movie just picture the famous singer Tom Jones as the Announcer).
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes and ideologically sensitive material)
[Title Clip of “Cyborg 009: Legend of the Super Galaxy”]

Jet Link/002 (Cyborg 009): Cyborg 009: Legend of the Super Galaxy, heh… Got to be honest you guys, I’m a little surprised we are talking about this old relic at all.

Dr. Isaac Gilmore (Cyborg 009): Well I wouldn’t quite put it as cynically as 002 did but I too am a little surprised that we will be talking about this. Oh yes what I mean is… greetings ladies and gentlemen I am Dr. Isaac Gilmore from Cyborg 009. For those who do not already know Cyborg 009 was an anime/manga series about a group of ethnically diverse individuals who were turned into weaponized cyborgs by the evil organization Black Ghost. However the Cyborgs were freed by the Scientists such as me who regrettably were working on that project at the time but the Cyborgs now fight the forces of evil such as Black Ghost.

John Stewart/Green Lantern (Green Lantern): Ah yes years before Cyborg 009 had a TV series on Cartoon Network during the early 2000’s there was their 1980 anime film “Legend of the Super Galaxy”.

Ivan Whiskey/001 (Cyborg 009): Cyborg 009 Legend of the Super Galaxy was the 3rd Cyborg 009 Animated Feature. In this movie a man by the name of Dr. Cosmo tells Dr. Gilmore and I that he has discovered an infinite source of energy that he called “The Vortex”. However my psychic abilities were starting to act up as I have noticed that an Evil Emperor by the name of Zoa was going to invade our world. So Dr. Gilmore and I decided to put the band back together and by that I mean get the other cyborgs out of their normal lives and go back to fighting the forces of evil once more with the help of a friendly alien named Saba with his spaceship.

[We are now seeing a montage of the Cyborgs in their normal lives. Namely Jet Link/002 as a Matador, Francois Arnoul/003 as a Ballerina, Albert Heinrich/004 as a Skier, Geronimo Junior/005 as a Cowboy, Chang Changku/006 as a Chinese Restaurant Cook, Great Britan/007 as a Tuxedo-wearing Dancer in a Top Hat, Pyunma/008 dressed as a “Big Game Hunter” in Africa and Joe Shimamura/009 as a Race Car Driver.]

(Albert Heinrich/004 and Jet Link/002 from Cyborg 009)
Albert Heinrich/004: Okay there has something that has always bugged me a bit about that montage. I mean okay most of these do make sense as they definitely do seem like things we would do on our off time. Except for 002 that is, I mean seriously Jet? You were a Matador?

Jet Link/002: Yes I have dabbled in doing a little bit of Bull-fighting, is that so strange?

Albert Heinrich/004: Yeah it kind of is, I mean you were what? A punk that was a part of some gang in New York before Black Ghost got their hands on you? How did a New York street thug become a Matador?

Jet Link/002: Alright so I have no idea either why the studio wanted me to be a Matador, okay? I dunno maybe it was a little something for our European fans since our show was pretty popular in places like Italy, Germany and Spain during the 70s. Besides Albert keep in mind this movie came out in the early 1980s and well New York was not exactly at its best at the time to put it REALLY mildly. So in other words I doubt I would’ve had all that much work back in my old home turf in New York.

Albert Heinrich/004: Well okay I suppose I will give you that. Anyways while “Legend of the Super Galaxy” was our third movie in general this was actually the first movie to be given an English Dub and American Release in the late 1980s.

Jet Link/002: Oh yes the English Dub, I remember that…

[Montage of Clips from “Cyborg 009: Legend of the Super Galaxy”- 007: Ach, Alright I’ll fix the Dirty Coward! 007: Oh and all this time I thought me Guardian Angel has deserted me because I became a Cyborg, thank ye very much. 006: Old Chinese Proverb say “It is useless to shoot after bird has flown”. 006: Aiyah! A big fish! Will make wonderful Chinese Dish for everyone to enjoy.]

(Great Britian/007 and Chang Changku/006 from Cyborg 009.)
Great Britain/007: Ah yes the English dub of our 3rd movie, it was a… interesting experience. While the dub itself was not too bad for an old English dub but it did have some strange oddities. The biggest head-scratcher of course was the fact that I was renamed O’Shaugnessy and was given an Irish accent. Why? What they couldn’t find anyone who can do a halfway decent British accent and rewrite me as an Irishman instead?

Chang Changku/006: Yeah the dub for that movie did have a somewhat questionable grasp in accents. I mean sure I actually have a Chinese accent this time but I was practically turned into a goofy Chinese stereotype.

Great Britain/007: Eh heh heh heh oh you mean you normally are not a goofy Chinese stereotype Mr. Pork-Chaser?

Chang Changku/006: Ha ha very funny cue-ball, very funny. Anyways the English dub of this movie was done by the late Willaim Ross’ Frontier Enterprises and was commissioned by Toho for an International Release. While Celebrity Entertainment released the movie in 1988 as a part of their “Just For Kids” line but they edited a lot of content out of the movie for time and content and called it “Defenders of the Vortex”. However when Celebrity Entertainment died out in the 90s, Best Film and Video released an uncut and complete showing of the movie’s English dub in 1995.

Jet Link/002 (Cyborg 009): You guys weren’t the only ones who had a wonky accent as well, sure I sound like a New Yorker but I also sound like I had a head-cold as well. Anyways the accents weren’t the only strange thing about the dub’s voice work. There was also how 009 got that ridiculously deep voice as well.

[Clip from “Cyborg 009: Legend of the Super Galaxy”- 003: A penny for your thoughts.
009: Francis, can't you guess? 003: You know I can't. I don't have 001's gift of telepathy, I just have the power to hear distant sounds or to detect the existence of things.]

(Francois Arnoul/003 and Joe Shimamura/009 from Cyborg 009)
Francois Arnoul/003: Oh I don’t know there Jet, it may seem a little strange to hear Joe with a deep voice since he normally has a soft youthful voice. But in a way it does suit Joe’s heroic nature though.

Joe Shimamura/009: Thank you 003, though I do think that Michelle Hart’s performance as you was probably one of the better performances in that dub.

Francois Arnoul/003: Why thank you Joe, that was really nice of you to say that.

Joe Shimamura/009: You’re welcome Francois.

(Jet Link/002 and Albert Heinrich/004)
Jet Link/002: Tch, oh isn’t this adorable? Anyways folks those two do get a little mushy scene or two but they were just hugging. Because Joe, being the little boy that he is, is in the “Hand Holding” phase with Francois that he is normally in.

Albert Heinrich/004: Oh don’t mind Jet there Joe, his usual attitude is his way of compensating for the fact that you’ve been a lot closer to a woman than he has.

Jet Link/002: Eh heh very funny, though I suppose it is true that those two weren’t always in the “Hand-Holding” phase. I’m trying to remember, how did that little incident between 003 and 009 in the “Battle with the Gods” arc in the manga go again?

(Francois Arnoul/003 and Joe Shimamura/009 from Cyborg 009, both are quite flustered.)
Joe Shimamura/009: Eh… that’s kind of a different story there Jet.

Francois Arnoul/003: Yes and we are talking about our movie “Legend of the Super Galaxy” so lets try to say on topic here people!

[Clip of “Cyborg 009 Legend of the Super Galaxy”- Clip of the big Space Ship taking off from the Sea and heading to the sky.]

Jet Link/002 (Cyborg 009): Well folks say what you will about how the movie’s plot may’ve been a fairly generic “Sci-fi Adventure” story but seeing the ship go like that did feel pretty boss.

Peter Quill/Starlord (Guardians of the Galaxy): Well yeah the movie was fairly cool and all but since when were you guys Galactic Patrol? I mean its no wonder why the English dub of the movie called you guys “The Galaxy Legion”.

Jet Link/002 (Cyborg 009): Ah yeah I never understood that either especially with our new team name we got from the English dub. I mean “The Galaxy Legion”? What B-Movie did they get that from?

Ivan Whiskey/001 (Cyborg 009): Oh I don’t see what's so strange about it I mean Cyborg 009 is well established as a Sci-Fi Action Adventure series. I mean sure we normally stay on Earth but is Intergalactic Travel really that strange considering some of the adversaries we’ve had in the past?

Jet Link/002 (Cyborg 009): Well okay I suppose you do raise a pretty good point there 001, though the movie was okay but it was kind of generic. I mean you know those anime movies that were based off of anime TV shows that feature new characters and new villains that will never be seen outside of the movie? Not too mention having a plot where most of the show’s cast was negligible to the point of how they almost seemed shoehorned in? Yeah this was one of those movies. Oh yeah and the only cyborgs who really had all that much of any considerable screentime in the movie were 00s 3, 4 and 9. While the rest of us had only about a scene or two that was remotely memorable. Oh what's that? You don’t remember all the lines I had in that movie? Heh that’s okay neither did I.

[Clip of “Cyborg 009 Legend of the Super Galaxy”- We see a brief clip of the Space Ship flying in space and a shot of the planet Kadets/Gadats.]

(Pyunma/008 and Geronimo Jr./005 from Cyborg 009)
Pyunma/008: While I normally ignore 002’s whining but I suppose he does have a point this time. After all 005 do you really remember having all that many lines in that movie?

Geronimo Jr./005: No I admit I can’t say I have.

Pyunma/008: Yeah neither do I… However… To be fair there was something fairly distinct about this movie regarding our franchise in general. Namely how this movie was the first production to use my current more realistic character design so I guess that certainly counts for something.

Geronimo Jr./005: Oh yes that is indeed true, in fact if I remember correctly the reason why is that one of the movie’s co-writers was an American by the name of Jeff Segal and he suggested the team behind the movie to give 008 here a new design. I’m sure you remember that meeting you had with the movie’s crew before we began filming for the movie.

Pyunma/008:  Indeed I do 005 and I must say I always liked on how they made me look like a younger Sidney Poitier in that movie. However I am aware of the real reason why they gave me a new design in that movie. I remember how Jeff Segal told the movie’s crew about how my original design was a definite case of “Blackface” and that if they wanted the movie to be more successful then they should redesign my appearance so I would be a lot less offensive. So in other words I got a new design in this movie because my original design was and still considered to be really racist.

Luke Cage/Power Man (Marvel Comics): Yeah… to be honest 008 I really understand what Mr. Segal means here and agree that it was really for the best that they redesigned you as your old look was a bit much. Now don’t get me wrong I am perfectly well aware that the Cyborg 009 manga is a very Anti-Racist story and it does that part pretty well but still. Anyways like I said before 008 it really was for the best that this movie gave you your current design.  

Dr. Light (Mega Man): While I do agree with Mr. Cage’s assessment, Cyborg 009: Legend of the Super Galaxy was a rather entertaining Sci-fi Action Adventure movie. Granted this movie may not have been one of the best stories in the Cyborg 009 franchise but it was an entertaining movie in its own right.

Dr. Isaac Gilmore (Cyborg 009): Indeed Dr. Light while the story may’ve been rather divisive amongst the fanbase the film did well at the box office and it became another fine example of the adventures of the Cyborgs of Cyborg 009.

[Clip of “Cyborg 009: Legend of the Super Galaxy”- A group shot of all the Cyborgs along with Dr. Gilmore, Dr. Cosmo and Saba.)
ILT80sB1: Cyborg 009 Legend of the Super Galaxy
This segment will be for one of the more obscure subjects namely the 1980 anime film "Cyborg 009 Legend of the Super Galaxy". I admit that most of the commentary is done by the cast of Cyborg 009 (in which I made sure that all of them had at least more than one line) but I did add in a little bit of commentary from other characters though.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes)
[Now we are seeing the “coming up” screen.]

Narrator: Coming up, everybody’s favorite rag-tag team of anime cyborgs is on a Super-Galactic adventure.

[Clip of “Cyborg 009 Legend of the Super Galaxy”- Clip of the big Space Ship taking off from the Sea and heading to the sky.]

Jet Link/Cyborg 002 (Cyborg 009): Well folks say what you will about how the movie’s plot may’ve been a fairly generic “Sci-fi Adventure” story but seeing the ship go like that did feel pretty boss.  

Narrator: And how do you like your legendary stand-up comics, medium or well done?  
[Clip from “Richard Pryor Live On the Sunset Strip”- Richard Pryor: Do you know what this is?' *lights a match* It's Richard Pryor, running down the street.]

Wade Wilson/Deadpool (Marvel Comics): You know folks one could wonder why nobody thought of using news footage about Richard Pryor lighting himself on fire via freebasing in one of those Anti-Drug PSAs that were all the rage back then? I mean yeah sure there could be potential legal issues and all that but it would be one way how to get kids off of drugs. Besides even if there was an Anti-Drug PSA that referenced that incident then Pryor would’ve just did a joke about it. Much like what Pryor did for everything else about that whole freebasing incident.

Narrator: And speaking of galactic adventure, here is our 2nd or shall I say 5th look at a Galaxy Far, Far Away.

[Clip from “Star Wars Episode V: Empire Strikes Back”- Darth Vader: Impressive. Most impressive. Obi-Wan has taught you well. You have controlled your fear. Now, release your anger. Only your hatred can destroy me.]

Joe/Viewtiful Joe (Viewtiful Joe): Ah yeah Darth Vader, a truly classical movie villain. You know when someone is truly a classical movie villain if they try to come up with the most eloquent way of saying “Bring it on little boy! Bring it!”  

Narrator: All of this and more at “I love The 80s: Book One” but first…

(Segment Title Screen pops up
Narrator: The Rockin’ Movie Soundtracks of 1980.

(We are now seeing Jazz and Blaster from Transformers.)

Jazz: Hey there Ladies and Gents this is Jazz…

Blaster: And Blaster!

Jazz: Coming at ya from Cybertron to tell you…

Blaster: The Rockin’ Movie Soundtracks of the Year!

Jazz: Let’s Begin!

[Cover of the “Blues Brothers” Soundtrack is shown here.]
Jazz: The Blues Brothers!

Blasters: Featuring Highlights such as Sweet Home Chicago and Jailhouse Rock done by the Blues Brothers themselves.

[Cover of “Flash Gordon” Soundtrack is shown here.]

Jazz: Flash Gordon!

Blaster: Featuring Highlights such as the Flash Gordon theme song done by Queen.

[Cover of “Animalympics” Soundtrack is shown here.]

Jazz: Animalympics!
Blaster: Featuring Highlights such as “Go For It” and “We’ve Made It To The Top” by Graham Gouldman.

[Cover of “Xanadu” Soundtrack is shown here.]

Jazz: Xanadu!

Blaster: Featuring Highlights such as “I’m Alive” by the Electric Light Orchestra the ELO and “Xanadu” by Olivia Newton John and Jeff Lynne from ELO.

[Cover of “Fame” Soundtrack is shown here.]

Jazz: And of course last but so not the least is… Fame!

Blaster: Featuring Highlights such as “Fame” and “Out Here On My Own” by Irene Cara.

Jazz: Well Blaster, this has been the…

Blaster: Rockin’ Movie Soundtracks of…

Jazz & Blaster: 1980!

(As we are now seeing the title of the show)
Soundwave (Transformers): I Love the 80s: Book One, I Love the 80s…  

[Commercial Break]

[Back from the Commercial Break]

(Segment Title Screen)
Soundwave (Transformers): Babes of ‘80

(Now we are seeing Tony Stark wearing his Iron Man Suit holding his Helmut.)

Tony Stark/Iron Man: Hey folks this is Tony Stark here but many of you know me as Iron Man and I’m here to tell you the Babes of 1980, here we go.

[Picture of Brooke Shields from her Calvin Klein Ads]

Tony Stark/Iron Man: Brooke Shields, Calvin Klein & Blue Lagoon Babe.

[Picture of Catherine Bach as Daisy Duke]

Tony Stark/Iron Man: Daisy Duke, Dukes of Hazzard Babe.

[Picture of Dolly Parton in 9 to 5]

Tony Stark/Iron Man: Dolly Parton, “9 to 5” Babe.

[Picture of Cyborg 003 from Cyborg 009]

Tony Stark/Iron Man: Francoise Arnoul A.K.A Cyborg 003, Cute French Anime Cyborg Babe

[Picture of Raven & Starfire from Teen Titans]

Tony Stark/Iron Man: Raven & Starfire, the Teen Titans Babes.

[Picture of Alison Blaire/Dazzler]

Tony Stark/Iron Man: Alison Blaire as Dazzler, X-Men’s Musical Babe

[Picture of Emma Frost/White Queen]

Tony Stark/Iron Man: Emma Frost, the White Queen Babe

[Picture of Jennifer Walters/She Hulk]

Tony Stark/Iron Man: And of course one of my personal favorites, She Hulk, Hulk’s Hot Cousin Babe.

Tony Stark/Iron Man: And there you have it, the Babes of 1980 and I ought to know. These ladies can admire my Iron Rocket anytime.

Soundwave (Transformers): I love the 80s: Book One, I love the 80s…
ILT80sB1: Rockin Movie Tunes and Babes of 1980
Okay folks this will be the first "Rockin' Movie Soundtracks" and "Babes" segments of this series in which I also added in the "Coming Up" preview as well.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes and violence/gore)
Soundwave (Transformers): DEJA VIDEO

[Clip from the first few seconds from the music video of Queen’s “Another One Bites the Dust”.]

Tony Stark/Iron Man (Iron Man): Ah yes Queen, they have always been one of the best bands ever and “Another One Bites the Dust” is one of the various reasons why. After all I even got to use this song in my 2nd movie.

(Oliver Queen/Green Arrow and Clint Barton/Hawkeye from DC Comics and Marvel Comics)
Oliver Queen/Green Arrow: I got to agree with Stark here Queen has always been an awesome band. I mean one of the reasons why they were so awesome is that they had such a versatile sense of style when it comes to their music. I mean sure they have done plenty of more elegant songs over the years but this is one of their more good old fashioned rock songs.

Clint Barton/Hawkeye: Ah yeah I mean sure its not as known as oh say “We Are the Champions” or “We will rock you” but it’s a pretty well known song in its own right.

Oliver Queen/Green Arrow: True but while Queen may’ve have done songs that are a lot more epic and memorable this song will always have a special place in my heart. Namely because every now & then I sometimes like to hum this song every time I manage to successfully shoot down a bunch of enemy mooks with my arrows.

Clint Barton/Hawkeye: Heh you like to do that too?

[Clip on the music video of Queen’s “Another One Bites the Dust”- Freddie Mercury: Let’s go! Steve walks warily down the street, with the brim pulled way down low. Ain't no sound but the sound of his feet, machine guns ready to go. Are you ready, are you ready for this. Are you hanging on the edge of your seat? Out of the doorway the bullets rip, to the sound of the beat.]

Mario (Super Mario Bros.): This song really seems like the premise of a good old fashioned action movie. This guy named Steve is walking down the street seemingly minding his own business until the guns get drawn out and apparently a lot of people get shot. You know this would make a great song for a Charles Bronson movie.

(Ragna the Bloodedge from BlazBlue and Sol Badguy from Guilty Gear)
Ragna the Bloodedge: Yeah this was a pretty badass song sure it wasn’t one of Queen’s best songs but it was pretty cool in its own right. By the way thanks for that Queen soundtrack CD you got for me last Christmas there Sol.

Sol Badguy: Your welcome, I always did like to spread the word about the greatest band ever to all my co-workers in the Guilty Gear series and also to the BlazBlue cast as well.

Ragna the Bloodedge: Oh man you people have no idea how Sol can be pretty obsessed with that old rock band Queen.

Sol Badguy: Is there a problem with that Ragna?

Ragna the Bloodedge: Eh no sir… what I mean is I can certainly understand why since their music is indeed pretty awesome.

Sol Badguy: Good boy now let’s watch the master at work here.

[Clip on the music video of Queen’s “Another One Bites the Dust”- Freddie Mercury: Another one bites the dust… Another one bites the dust… And another one gone and another one gone. Another one bites the dust… Hey, I'm gonna get you too. Another one bites the dust.]

Thor Odinson (Mighty Thor): Oh yes many of my fellow Asgardians and I have always been quite fond of Queen’s music. However that being said this is only a fairly good example of their work. Now don’t get me wrong this is by no means a bad song but I have always preferred their more elegant music such as their epic songs such as “Princes of the Universe” and “The Show Must Go On” to their more somber songs such as “Who Wants to Live Forever”. This song is not bad but it seems a bit pedestrian compared to those classics.

Frank West (Dead Rising): Okay I suppose I can see where Ol’ Thunder God is coming from. “Another One Bites the Dust” is a pretty cool song but it does seem a bit basic compared to a lot of their other songs especially the music video. Yes I am aware that the whole idea of Music Videos was a really new concept back in 1980 but it still it was just footage of the band playing the song. The only thing all that unique about it was that the drum had a human face but with red eyes, I always did wonder what was up with that.

Buddy Baker/Animal Man (DC Comics): One of the things I remember the most about “Another One Bites the Dust” is that it inspired the Weird Al Yankvoic song “Another One Rides the Bus”.

[Clip from Weird Al Yankovic’s performance of “Another One Rides the Bus”- Weird Al: Riding in the bus down the boulevard. And the place was pretty packed. (Yeah!) Couldn't find a seat so I had to stand with the perverts in the back. It was smelling like a locker room. There was junk all over the floor. We're already packed in like sardines, but we're stopping to pick up more, look out.]  

(Ragna the Bloodedge from Blazblue and Sol Badguy from Guilty Gear)
Ragna the Bloodedge: Ah yeah I almost forgot about the fact that Weird Al did a song based off of “Another One Bites the Dust”.

Sol Badguy: It was alright, it was not one of Al’s best songs but it was fairly amusing nevertheless.

Ragna the Bloodedge: What I think its strange is that “Another One Rides the Bus” was basically the only Queen song that Weird Al ever used for one of his songs even nowadays. I mean yeah that song came out really early in Weird Al’s career but Queen had plenty of other songs in the 80s. Let me guess Sol would you prefer that the fact that Weird Al only used one Queen song for his parodies would stay that way?

Sol Badguy: Not really, Weird Al has always been known for his affectionate parodies as his songs rarely ever actually attack the original songs. Besides out of all of Queen’s songs “Another One Bites the Dust” was really one of the only songs of theirs that remotely lends itself to Weird’s Al satirical style.  

Ragna the Bloodedge: Now that you mention yeah that does sound about right.

Wade Wilson/Deadpool (Marvel Comics): Yeah… “Another One Bites the Dust” was indeed the only Queen song that Al Yankovic used for one of his song parodies that really is… weird.

Buddy Baker/Animal Man (DC Comics): Actually you guys that is technically not true well okay I mean really technically not true. During the 90’s Weird Al did do the song “Bohemian Polka” which is based off of the classic song “Bohemian Rhapsody”. However Al didn’t alter the lyrics at all and it was really more of a cover version but it was a Cross-Genre Cover Song as he played that song in such a highly energetic high-speed Polka tone. While “Another One Bites the Dust” is the only Queen song Weird Al ever used for his song parodies it wasn’t the only Queen song he ever used at all.  

[Clip on the music video of Queen’s “Another One Bites the Dust”- Freddie Mercury:  Are you happy, are you satisfied? How long can you stand the heat? Out of the doorway the bullets rip! To the sound of the beat! Look out!]

(Mike Haggar from Final Fight and Luigi from Super Mario Bros)
Mike Haggar: Ah “Another One Bites the Dust” that is indeed another classic song from Queen, if my game had a movie adaptation back in the late 80’s or early 90’s I would’ve loved to have that song in the soundtrack. I also noticed on how this is one of the first Queen songs in which Freddie took on his 80s look where he somewhat trimmed his hair and grew a moustache. Let’s just say Freddie Mercury has been fairly influential regarding my appearance as I can pull off his look rather well.

Luigi: With all due respect Mayor Haggar, but personally I can pull off Freddie Mercury’s look just fine.

Mike Haggar: Oh really? Well then my stache is more “Mercury” like than yours and my ensemble is very similar to what he has worn in some of his concerts.

Luigi: Oh please you look more like Tom Selleck than Freddie Mercury. I have a much more moderate & thinner build as Freddie wasn’t quite the tower of muscle that you are.

Mike Haggar: Perhaps… (As he raises his fists) But Men of action like us don’t settle our disputes with mere words don’t you agree?

(As Luigi raises his fists)
Luigi: Ah yes I would this is time for a…

(As their fists were about to be thrown)
Mike Haggar & Luigi: COSPLAY BATTLE!

[Now we are seeing Mike Haggar in a white muscle shirt and pants with Luigi in a yellow jacket with white undershirt and pants striking a pose.]

Mike Haggar: Alright people of the world…

Luigi: Who is the superior Freddie Mercury?

Mike Haggar & Luigi: YOU DECIDE!

Eagle (Street Fighter): *sigh* I really don’t know why those two like to argue who’s more Freddie Mercury, it’s really absurd. Besides I’m clearly more Freddie Mercury than those two are, wouldn’t you people agree?

[Clip on the music video of Queen’s “Another One Bites the Dust”- Freddie Mercury:  Hey! Its gonna get you too, Another One Bites the Dust!]
ILT80sB1: Queen's Another One Bites the Dust
This segment shall be the 1st one for a music video and it shall be for the Queen song "Another One Bites the Dust". While I did include a decent sense of variety of commentators (even playing up how Sol Badguy is actually a Queen fan) but also added in a little cosplay battle between Luigi and Mike Haggar.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes)
Soundwave (Transformers): MONDO COOL

[Title Screen clip of “Thundarr the Barbarian”]

He-Man (He-Man and the Masters of the Universe): Ah yes Thundarr the Barbarian, before I came into the picture he was one of the original animated swordsmen in a fantasy world in the 80s.

Deadpool (Marvel Comics): How does one describe a show like “Thundarr the Barbarian”? Hmm… Okay then take Conan the Barbarian & Flash Gordon and mix them together and add in a dash of Sci-Fi Post-Apocalyptic Earth then voila! Instant Thundarr!

Tony Stark/Iron Man (Iron Man): Basically in this post apocalyptic earth Thundarr the Barbarian travels the earth with his two trusted companions. There is Ookla the Mok who is kind of like the love child of Chewbacca and a Lion. Then there is Princess Ariel, yes nearly a decade before Disney’s Ariel there was Thundarr’s Ariel. A hot princess/sorcerer who knows a thing or two about light construct magic. Ah yes Princess Ariel quite a nice little piece of eye candy and unlike the red-headed Disney Ariel this one is perfectly legal.

Thundarr (Thundarr the Barbarian): Oh something tells me it was probably a good idea that I didn’t bring Ariel and Ookla here with me, especially Ariel considering what some of these guys are like.

[Clip from “Thundarr the Barbarian” – Opening Narration: The year 1994. From out of space comes a runaway planet, hurtling between the Earth and the Moon, unleashing cosmic destruction! Man's civilization is cast in ruin! ]

Wade Wilson/Deadpool (Marvel Comics): *snicker* 1994? Oh yes I remember that oh so wonderful year and it gave us so many memorable things. Such as The Lion King, Forrest Gump, Speed, Pulp Fiction, the planetoid that caused Earth’s destruction. You know little things like that, ah good times.

(Thundarr from TtB, He-Man from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe)
Thundarr: Hey! It was a perfectly common thing in the 80’s to have doomsday causing events to occur in the 90s such as the TV series Fist of the North Star and the video game Crystalis.

He-Man: Now now Thundarr he is just having some harmless fun with you. After all this is all in good fun.

Thundarr: *sigh* Yeah I know your right He-Man this is all in good fun.

Fred Flintstone (Flintstones): Ah yeah, Thundarr & Ookla those guys happen to be old pals of Barney and I. We often like to go bowling with them especially during the 90s, we normally have a good time especially when we go for drinks. Let me tell you now that Ookla is a lot easier to understand when you’re drunk, though the fact that he and I had the same VA probably helped. I of course remember this classic Cartoon Network commercial…

[Clip from “Cartoon Network” Commercial- Thundar: Wise Papa Smurf corrupted by his own power. CAN NO LEADER GO UNTAINTED?!]

Thundarr (Thundarr the Barbarian): Oh yes I remember that commercial in retrospection I kind of had mixed feelings about it. I mean sure a lot of people thought it was hilarious and yeah it was an amusing little comedic commercial but that’s all what WB really lets me do anymore. And even then CN only lets me occasionally appear in their programs like that award show they did. But at least I did get a nice guest spot in an episode of Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law.

Space Ghost (Space Ghost): Oh come on now Thundarr it’s not so bad sure I too use to star in a sci-fi animated series like you did back in the 60s. But my popularity with the younger generation practically skyrocketed in the 90s when I became a comedy star with Space Ghost Coast to Coast. Why I’m practically the Adam West of 60s animated super hero stars back in the 90s.

Papa Smurf (The Smurfs): Well Thundarr if it’s any consolation I too have mixed feelings about that commercial from CN. Sure I know it’s just a mildly amusing innocuous little commercial but it definitely helped fuel the “communist theories” that people still like to make about my people.

Dr. Light (Mega Man): Alright people lets not loose track of what we are talking about here. Anyways Thundarr the Barbarian is one of Ruby Spears Productions earlier works in which while Ruby Spears has done a few comedic shows at the time Thundarr the Barbarian was their first “serious” TV series.

[A Promotional Image Artwork Shot of Thundarr the Barbarian from 1980 is shown here.]

Mister Miracle (DC Comics): Well folks say what you will about how Thundarr the Barbarian was a moderately successful TV series from the early 80s but the show does have an impressive pedigree. For starters the late great Jack Kirby whom was a legendary name with both DC and Marvel comics was a known character designer in the show.

Space Ghost (Space Ghost): Ah yes the legendary Jack Kirby was indeed involved in Thundarr’s show but he wasn’t the only known name in comics that was involved. While the ol’ King of Comics did plenty of character designs in that show, the also late great Alex Toth was the original character designer. Yes folks Alex Toth the man who was known as a comic artist but did character designs for animated shows like the Herculoids, Birdman, Super Friends and my original series. Alex Toth designed the main cast of the show while Jack designed a bunch of the secondary characters.

Matt Murdock/Daredevil (Daredevil): While Alex Toth and Jack Kirby were character designers in Thundarr, the show was created by the also late Steve Gerber. Steve Gerber was also a prominent force in the comic book industry as he was a known writer in the comic book industry especially for Marvel as he was involved with a lot of known superhero comic franchises and was the co-creator of Howard the Duck.

(Thundarr from Thundarr the He-Man from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe)
He-Man: You see Thundarr old friend, you do come from a very good pedigree if I do say so myself.

Thundarr: Well yeah granted its a little weird that I share a creator with Howard the Duck but other than that, yeah you are indeed right old friend.    
[Clip from “Thundarr the Barbarian”- Brief snippet of Princess Ariel using her light magic.]

Wade Wilson/Deadpool (Marvel Comics): Ah Princess Ariel from Thundarr, one would think that yours truly being an American Superhero Comic Book character would be tired of seeing half naked chicks with big racks. I know I know that’s probably the stupidest thing you’ve ever heard but still. Anyways unlike other kids’ shows, Alex Toth knew very well what kind of audience he would attract with her and has done some rather naughty artwork of her.

Space Ghost (Space Ghost): Oh yes that is very true that my creator Alex has done some rather naughty artwork of dear Princess Ariel. I remember those pics rather well, oh how I have enjoyed admiring Alex’s artwork there even though it’s probably the reason why Ariel has never returned my calls.

Shana O’Hara/Scarlet (G.I Joe): You know folks in retrospection Princess Ariel is a fairly progressive for her time. I mean sure say what you will about her being a fairly well endowed woman running around in tights, I mean hey who am I to talk? The show doesn’t hide the fact that she is “the token chick” of the group and she seems to be pinning for a guy who eternally friendzones her. But still her magic powers are rather versatile and useful and she is a genuinely capable ally of Thundarr’s. Despite the radically different genres she would fit in pretty well with G.I Joe.

[Clip from “Thundarr the Barbarian”- Clip of Thundarr activating the power of his Sun Sword.]

Peter Parker/Spider-Man (Spider Man): You know folks say what you will about how Thundarr is practically the lovechild of Conan the Barbarian and Flash Gordon. Though the fact that he had the same VA as Flash did at the time namely the late Robert Ridgely didn’t help. But still while Thundarr may not have been a big name like He-Man but at least he is still a way bigger name than Blackstar. What you don’t remember that 1981 animated series from Filmation that was practically the pre-He Man? Heh don’t feel bad not many people do.

(Thundarr from Thundarr the He-Man from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe)
Thundarr: *sigh* Oh He-Man my show may’ve been fairly known but my fame is no where near as big as yours. I mean my show came first and yet it looks like a second-rate derivative compared to yours.

He-Man: Oh c’mon Thundarr, you know I’m not that big of a name. I mean sure yes I had plenty of merchandising back in the 80s but it’s been over a decade since the last time I ever got a TV series.  

Thundarr: Yeah well it’s been over 3 decades since I had a TV series! Not too mention that you still have an active toyline and comic book series.

He-Man: Well yes that is true… But like it’s been said before there were some very talented people behind your show. Besides you may’ve not had a big toyline like I do, but your show did last for about 2 seasons. While an animated series lasting 2 seasons is not that big of a deal nowadays. However back in the early 80’s lasting for 2 seasons is actually a pretty good achievement at the time. Not too mention on how Cartoon Network did actually give your show plenty of attention back in the mid 90’s. So trust me Thundarr old friend your legacy is stronger than you think it is.

Thundarr: Yeah perhaps you’re right.

(With his arm around Thundarr’s shoulder)
He-Man: I know I am, but c’mon Thundarr after when we are done filming this episode how about I take you, Ookla with Fred & Barney to a guy’s night out at this local BBQ pit that opened recently. It’ll be my treat of course.

Thundarr: Really? That sounds fantastic; sure I’ll be glad to old friend.

[A group shot of Thundarr, Ookla and Ariel that was drawn by Jack Kirby is displayed here.]
ILT80sB1: Thundarr the Barbarian
Okay folks in this segment we take a look at the 1980 Ruby Spears TV series "Thundarr the Barbarian". Yeah I suppose I did make Thundarr a rather bit whiny but I figured it would be only natural that he would have a slight inferiority complex He-Man as while Thundarr came first but He-Man got way more popular.
Hey folks I know its a little late but happy 2015, here is my first Journal entry for the year. Remember a while back when I said that I was going to do episode summaries of future episodes of my Takahashi Trifecta series? Well here they are, I admit I did originally say I was going to give you a summary list of episodes 11-20 but since this was taking long than I originally anticipated I went with 11-15 instead. I was writing down highly detailed summaries for myself (which I felt uncertain about doing long summaries at first but then I figured it would be for the best). But not too worry folks I will of course give you folks some shorter summaries of these upcoming episodes. But first for those who are unaware of my Takahashi Trifecta series or haven't read all of my episodes yet you can take a look here at...…

Anyways here is the episode summaries...

Episode 11- Its the day after Ikuko's welcoming party in Episode 10 and the folks at Maison Ikkoku are wanting to relax. Godai has a nice little man-to-man chat with Ryouga as Godai tries to be supportive to him. (In which Kyoko overhears Godai's chat with Ryouga and thought it was nice until she hears about who does Godai have feelings for then frets about it as she heads back to her room.) Then Ryouga confides with Godai that he has a certain secret as well. Kentaro tells Ranma how the party they were in yesterday was fun. But there was something that Kentaro and Ikuko were curious about yesterday namely who is that red-haired girl with a big Panda bear who was seen in some of the pictures with the Tendo sisters in the Tendo family album. Meanwhile later on that day as the adults of Maison Ikkoku were at the Chachamaru Shun Mitaka shows up and asks Kyoko out in which she felt a bit overwhelmed and uncomfortable. Mitaka was then informed about how Kyoko recently became a widow in which Mitaka gave Kyoko plenty of sympathy, understanding and support. (In which Mitaka and Godai even have a little debate about the fact that Kyoko still has trouble letting go of her late husband Soichiro and what she should do about it.)

Episode 12- This will be Kozue Nanao's debut episode. But first things first this episode will begin with Ranma and Ukyo having a little chat as Ranma is nervous about the fact that Kentaro has seen pictures of his "other self" Ranko and wonders what to do about it. While Ukyo understands Ranma's dilemma she does try to tell him that it would really be for the best to be more open and honest to Kentaro. Meanwhile a little later on that afternoon Godai finally has the courage to go ahead and try to ask Kyoko out on a date but he was too late as she was getting dressed and ready to go on a date with Shun Mitaka. Naturally Godai feels a bit disheartened by this until he meets Kozue Nanao a cute short young lady who goes to the same university that he does. The two had a pleasant idle chat until she noticed the movie tickets Godai has in his hand in which he invites her to come with him in which she gladly accepted. Though while Godai and Kozue were on their way to the movies they ran into Kyoko and Mitaka as the latter couple were having a little bit of car trouble. Godai was rather nervous about this awkward situation while Mitaka was rather amused while Kyoko was confused. (In fact Kyoko spent most of her date with Mitaka wondering what is Godai doing with this young lady and believes that something about this is not adding up.) But while Godai felt nervous about the idea of dating Kozue he does actually enjoy the date and while he claims this changes nothing about Kyoko he admits he would like to see that Kozue girl again.

Episode 13- Earlier that day in Furinkan High, Ukyo, Akane and Nabiki were having a chat about a few issues. Namely how Ukyo is trying to encourage Ranma to tell Kentaro about his Jusenkyo Curse and that Godai is dating this girl by the name of Kozue. Meanwhile at Sanryu University Sakamoto has heard that Godai was on a date last night and asked Godai about it. Though they did run into Kozue in which Godai did at least have enough time to introduce Sakamoto to her since she had to get to class. Then Sakamoto teases Godai in which he went from pining for a cute babe like Kyoko to a cutesy little munchkin like Kozue in which Godai was a little annoyed by that. But a little while later Godai notices that a pretty young woman with long dark hair has been pursuing him and is kind of intrigued yet creeped out by that. But as soon as he tries to confront this young woman she reveals to him that she is Sayoko Kuroki and she is trying to recruit him for the school's Puppet club in which Godai was surprised but he accepts. (In which a little later on that day he finds out that Kozue just recently became a new member as well as they get to see what the Puppet Club is like.) However a little later on that day most of the Puppet Club members play a little prank as they call Maison Ikkoku asking for Godai in flirty voices as Kyoko gets increasingly annoyed by this. Then Kyoko frets about this as she wonders how many girls are Godai seeing and does that girl Kozue know about this? But rest assured Godai does explain this situation to Kyoko later. Oh yes and in this episode Ranma and Ukyo do sit Kentaro down as they try to explain to Kentaro about Ranma's "Jusenkyo Curse" problem and try to get him to understand.

Episode 14- This episode also starts in Furinkan High as Ukyo, Akane and Shinobu have been talking about whats been going on lately. Then they found Megane's lackeys Perm, Kakugari and Chibi and asked them what were they doing here. While Megane's cohorts were rather nervous about that (especially when Ranma came in and wanted to interrogate them) they claim they haven't been doing anything wrong lately and don't know what Megane has been doing lately and left. Then Ataru casually walked in and greeted Ranma and the ladies and asked what was going on. Then a mysterious young man came flying in a sci-fi flight suit who calls himself the Great Cyber-Man whose presence must be a shocking sight to behold. Until Ataru quickly pointed out that its just Megane in a cosplay suit in which Megane is infuriated that Megane sees through his disguise so quickly. But then Megane brags about how he has made his new cybersuit from tech that he borrowed from Mendo industries and is now picking a fight with Ranma and Ataru in which Ranma gladly obliged. While Ranma was definitely able to get some hits in Megane's suit was surprisingly durable as Megane is not out of the fight yet. However the fight does get an intervention by Shuutaro Mendo and Tatewaki Kuno, the former being annoyed at Megane for stealing some MendoTech as Megane has no intention on giving Shuutaro's family any credit for the tech.

Episode 15- Godai was out on another date with Kozue in which she was fascinated by these stories that Godai has been telling her about life at Maison Ikkoku and wants to visit him. While Godai is a little uncertain about it at first but does agree to it and tells her that she will get to visit. Meanwhile the next day Kozue gives Godai a surprise visit earlier that afternoon but finds out he is not home but is then approached by Hanae as she invites Kozue in then introduces her to Yotsuya and Akemi. Their little meeting does go pretty at first until the trio start cracking jokes about what Godai is really like as the spineless dope that he is. Then Akemi started mocking Kozue about her body and is surprised that a pervert like Godai would even go for a short flat-chested runt like Kozue. Akemi kept harassing Kozue long enough until she started to tear up a bit in which Yotsuya got a little nervous and Hanae actually felt a little remorseful. But Akemi got really defensive about her behavior until Kozue screamed in frustration on how Godai is not some shallow pervert. But Soun overhears some shouting going on at the Ichinose residence and demands and explanation from the trio on why is this girl crying. Then Soun apologizes to Kozue about the trio's behavior and gives her some money for some lunch and tells her that he will make sure that Godai knows that she was here when he gets back. Later on that day Godai is back home and was told about what happened to Kozue earlier today and is furious at the trio for how they treated her especially Akemi. While Hanae (and to a lesser extent Yotsuya) do apologize about the incident Akemi is incredibly annoyed by this as Godai calls her out on her shallow callous nature. But then some of the others at Maison Ikkoku do suggest Godai to give Kozue a chance a nicer visit at Maison Ikkoku in which he does agree to it. In which at the next day Kozue does visit Maison Ikkoku again in which Godai makes sure that this visit will go a lot better this time.

So folks what do you think? I am also thinking of starting a radioplay out of this series by sometime this year. I admit I am not entirely sure whether if I should wait until I get these episodes done or not but still what do you folks think?            
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