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Technodrome: Elevator by GarthTheDestroyer

This is a rather nice and stylish depiction of one of the most unique (and slightly difficult) boss battles in a 2-D Brawler ever. Whil...


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I am the Dark Knight, The Caped Crusader and the World’s Greatest Detective.
Who is up against Anthony Stark, a man whose Moral Compass is often defective.
You got a whole army’s worth of Weapons in one Super Suit.
Sadly it’s wasted on this egotistical womanizing man-child brute.
Yes I too use tech but you’re a Jack of all Trades but a Master of None.
All you need is some armor plating and a utility belt to get the job done.
I also use my brains and martial art skills while you rely on your toys.
I have been a Superhero ever since Stan Lee was a teenage boy.
I can defeat just about anyone with some time to Plan.
For I am Vengeance… I am the Night… I AM BAT-MAN!

Iron Man:
So you think I am being childish, is that true?
That’s funny if anyone here is the Man Child I’m sure it would be you.
So why so serious Bats, is it because my suit is state of the art and second to none?
Or is it because unlike you I know how to have fun?
With my suit’s weapons I can take on just about any villainous squad.
Then later I’ll be giving Selina and Talia a taste of my Iron Rod.
But seriously man when it comes to personality I have a lot more appeal.
You pretend to be a wealthy playboy while I am the real deal.
Also when it comes to sidekicks I won’t make any rants.
I got a well-trained and armed army man while you have a boy with no pants.

So you wish to goad me with your vulgar humor is that your ploy?
I’m not surprised; you always had the mentality of a teenage boy.
You think you have the superior suit and gadgets? Oh please…
With a special Batarang I can disable that suit with ease.
You claim to no longer being a Merchant of Death but I am no fool.
Nowadays you have a tendency to be the Government’s Favorite Tool.
You say that you’re a fun-loving guy while I’m a brooding bore.
Then how come you and the Cap keep dragging the Avengers into a Civil War?
You love to claim that when it comes to ladies you always get lucky.
Yet you seemed awfully sore that Steve dumped you for Bucky.

Iron Man:
Wait you’re gay-baiting me?! HAHAHA! Oh that is rich, that is so clever.
Since the 50s everyone thought you and Robin are the gayest duo ever!
You are one of the biggest Pedo jokes long before Michael Jackson.
Good thing your face was never as waxen.
Though seriously Bruce what’s with you and those boys and Gordon’s Daughter?
Namely how many times you end up leading them into the Slaughter?
I admit the Avengers maybe infighting too much nowadays but don’t play dumb.
At least I don’t constantly treat my fellow Super Heroes like potential evil scum!
So you try to prevent the League from doing anything bad I see.
Riddle me this Bats how come you don’t do the same to your Rogue’s Gallery?

Not true! I don’t hate the Justice League, they just need some self-control.
Though, perhaps I can at times be a bit overzealous on that goal.
You claim that my Contingency Plans are not something to condone.
Yet I never placed my allies in a dark dimensional prison zone.
My Wards have become some of the world’s finest heroes amongst their peers.
While you’re Force Works lasted like what? Two years?
I’ve heard all the Pedo Jokes before Stark that much is true.
Yet Jim can trust Barbara with me a lot more than you.
I am one of the most popular heroes in DC History.
This Rap Battle will wound your pride more than Iron Man 3.

Iron Man:
Really Bruce, want to bring up movies? Is that what you’re going to do?
Do the words “Joel Schumacher” ring a bell to you?
So you want to control the Justice League isn’t that a little extreme?
What? Are you just butt-hurt that they won’t let you lead the team?
Like a clown once said you’re just a boy in a play suit crying for Mommy & Daddy.
You’ve been obsessed with Vengeance ever since that night on Crime Alley.
Then again I’ve got my Parental Issues too so who am I to talk about that?
But I’ve got my way to end this little musical spat.
I liked you better in the Adam West TV series as it’s easy to see.
It’s one of the only times Gotham was actually a safe place to be.




ERB Batman Vs. Iron Man
Hey there Ladies and Gents as for my 40th ERB is for the battle of Wealthy High-Tech Superheroes namely The World's Greatest Detective Batman Vs. Ol' Shellhead himself Iron Man! Who will win this bout between Multi-Billionaire Playboys in Fancy Crime-Fighting Suits? You decide!

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So you are the Mad Titan and the Avatar of Death, is that correct?
*tch* You truly are a bloated lowly insect.
I am En Sabah Nur, I am the first Mutant for I am destined to rule!
And unlike you I don’t rely on gimmicky power jewels.
You may love to think of yourself as quite Infernal.
But it makes no difference to me for my rule is Eternal.
You foolish weakling you better get on your knees and bow!
For the Age of Apocalypse is right here and right now!
It would be wise of you to give the First One his due.
For I am as far beyond Mutants as they are beyond you!

Heh, first of all fool you grossly overestimated your own kind.
For I Thanos am Genocide and Destruction, redefined.
I am truly the greater conqueror as anyone can see.
While you try to rule earth I conquered the entire Galaxy!
As only a fool would underestimate the Infinity Gauntlet’s Power!
So tell me En Sabah Nur, why do you seem to be so dour?
Tell me are you feeling envious and incensed?
Oh good perhaps now you know who you’re up against.
I assure you all that I shall be the victor in this musical fray.
So your rule is Eternal huh? Not according to Jean Grey.

So you wish to talk about movies is that so?
I can easily out-match you in that way just so you know.
So far you have barely done anything in the MCU.
Not to mention how all your minions betrayed and left you.
You brag about the Infinity Gauntlet but why is it not in your hand?
Did Magneto use it to build his promised land?
You like to use the Black Order to reinforce your reign.
But they are far from invincible, just ask your son Thane.
Thanos has slaughtered his own kind just to sit on his intergalactic throne.
Blissfully unaware that Death, at best, puts him in the “friend-zone”.

Now you have sealed your fate in this Musical Brawl!
You have turned all sorts of heroes into your horsemen in the past.
But against my Black Order, none of them would last.
So when it comes to galactic-scale destruction I am well versed.
All things considered, I was here first.
When it comes to beating you I won’t need that certain glove.
Nobody gets between me and Lady Death, my one true love.
My name shall be the one that even you will fear!
Ah Lady Death! But she is with… Grrr… DEADPOOL GET BACK HERE!

(Then Deadpool blows a raspberry while giving Thanos the finger with his left hand and grabbing Lady Death’s breasts with his right hand. Then he gets into a silly pose as he is about to run.)

Deadpool (in his best Snaggle Puss impression): Exit Stage Left.

(Then Thanos chases Deadpool around as both Lady Death and Apocalypse facepalm at this scene here. Until the sky turned dark and stormy and a certain Dark Blue Warlord makes his grand entrance.)

Do you all know who I am? Then I suggest you read my lips.
For I am none other than the True Lord & Master of Apokolips!
Oh don’t you dare glare at me like that you big blue sod.
For in my world I am God!
As for you Thanos you’re just a mild Irritation.
Even Jim Starlin knows that you’re just my imitation.
I am the most monstrous villain in all of DC History!
Even Superman and Batman would want to destroy me!
I am so powerful and vile I can make the Justice League run and hide.
For am I none other than Darkseid!




ERB: Apocalypse Vs. Thanos
In honor of a recent X-Men movie this Epic Rap Battle shall be The First One Vs. the Mad Titan as a certain known villain from DC makes a special guest appearance later.

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*yawn* Another one of these Rap Battles, well then let’s begin.
When it comes to these things, I always win.
Now “Marvel” at my Mad Rhyming and Dancing Skills.
As this “Merc with a Mouth” has had plenty of kills.
My sense of style is obviously so much greater.
But I’m not such a bad guy, want some Chimichangas later?  
But seriously of all my potential opponents I ended up with you?
You’re not exactly well known; even you know it’s true.
In fact even your homeboy Bat-Mite said it best, just so you know.


(Brief clip from Bat-Mite in “Batman: Brave and the Bold” Series Finale)

Ambush Bug? You’re an obscure character, even for this show.

Ambush Bug:
Oh I dunno, I am not entirely devoid of fame.
I am sure some MMO and Lego Gamers would know my name.
I’m a one of a kind while you’re a Xerox of Ol’ Deathstroke.
And yeah I know I kind of stole one of your official ERB jokes.
I know that your reputation of insanity is very well nursed.
But dude when it comes to 4th wall breaking I was here first.
After all She Hulk was the Queen of showing that 4th Wall some force.
Not to mention she has a far prettier face, among other things of course.
True I too was a one-note baddy before I become a Heroic Nutjob.
But you were a Generic Grimdark Baddy thanks to Ol’ Rob.

Yes, yes I was a blatant Deahstroke rip-off, yes I know.
Geez and I thought the X-men were bad at letting things go.
Though times like this make me want to appreciate Ol’ Joe Kelly.
But I’m still way more famous so you are so Jelly.
Don’t get me wrong dude I’m all for admiring She Hulk’s huge rack.
But I’m the current king of the 4th wall break, that’s a fact, Jack!
Seriously when it comes to crazy awesome style I got it in spades.
Now hold still while I make you a greasy smear on my Katana Blades.
I’m an Internet Darling while hardly anyone knows what you are.
After all thanks to Ryan I am 2016’s first big Comic Book Movie Star.

Ambush Bug:
Yes Wade your movie did win a lot of financial success and fame.
It did way more than your fairly decent game.
So sure your movie did great but we all know the score.
It wasn’t hard for you to make up for 2015’s Fantastic Four.
So you claim you never lost a Rap Battle are you sure that is wise?
I dunno a lot of Boba Fett fans sure say otherwise.
Sure a lot of people find you to be so endearingly impulsive.
But some of your darker “kill the universe” comics are a tad bit too repulsive.
So the X-men don’t let things go, is that right?
Well you did KO poor Kitty Pryde just to pick a fight.

Hey! I’m still an Anti-Hero so don’t bad mouth me Sonny!
Besides a lot of my fans thought my “Shoryuken!” was funny.
So knock off that “Holier than Thou” attitude before I squash you flat.
Though as for “Kills the Marvel Universe” *sigh* Okay I’ll grant you that.
But with my blades and guns I never miss my mark.
While your biggest actor was Mr. “Jump the Shark”.
Heeeeeeey don’t get me wrong I love the Fonz as much as the next guy.
But do you think these really dated references are going to fly?
DC rarely uses you anymore while I am one of Marvel’s biggest stars.
Shame this is no game, otherwise I’d whack ya with my Health Bar.

Ambush Bug:
It’s true my screen time is lacking but I am still pretty existent.
Besides at least my morality is a lot more consistent.
But when it comes to Modern Comics I am the original Meta Guy!
Not to mention I can also be quite the Gadfly.
I am an old Master of the Meta that is an undeniable fact.
I’ve been palling around with Speech Bubbles long before you got in on the act.
So your biggest star is Ryan Reynolds, sorry am I supposed to be scared here?
But hey it was awfully nice of you to help revive his career.
So you think your one of Marvel’s “Best of the Best”, heh since when?
Remind me how did your fight with Squirrel Girl go again?

Seriously do you have any idea what that Slayer could do?
Bring her up again and you’ll get a Katana up the Spine.
Or perhaps I can make sure you have a face like mine.
You’ll have more pointy things in you than a Cactus.
Or perhaps Cable and I should use you for Target Practice.
But your just a one-trick pony who only knows how to teleport.
I got one more trick up my sleeve as a last resort.
A shame you weren’t in Injustice oh that would be such a dream.
I’m sure your Mind would be so blown by the Regime.




ERB Deadpool Vs. Ambush Bug
In honor of today being Free Comic Book Day (and that the first combatant's movie is out on DVD next week). This ERB is the battle of the Meta Guys, namely the current King of Meta from Marvel Deadpool versus DC Comics' Ambush Bug the original Meta Guy!

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Ah greetings Shere Khan the so-called “Tiger King”.
So you believe you can best me then please do step in the ring.
I am the most brilliant Lion in all of the Pride Lands.
As I have my ways in making sure my subjects follow all my demands.
I have led all the Hyenas upon the Pride Lands in Africa.
While you only have Tabaqui, oh sorry I meant the Snake Kaa.
I am the true king of Price Rock! That will be undisputed!
As I shall be respected and saluted!
Yes my teeth and ambitions are bared!

Shere Khan:
So you are the true king of Pride Rock and you claim that is undisputed?
Oh so sorry but I find that claim to be rather easily refuted.
So tell me Scar or shall I Taka why do you act so brash?
It’s rather odd to hear such boasts from one who’s named after trash.
They say Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
Do keep that in mind as you’re obviously inspired by me.
But is that really true I wonder? After all strength and stamina is what you clearly lack.
Oh yes and Loki Laufeyson called, he wants his whole MO back.
A shame Mufasa is not here, he’d be a far worthier opponent for a brawl.
Unlike you who would be a lot easier to maul.

Of course you’d like my brother more, you’re both brawny brutes.
While I am a conniving genius, that is something nobody can refute.
Though Shere Khan I will be happy to point out your little Faux Pas.
Keep in mind that these Rap Battles are won by words not teeth and claws.
But what can I say? When it comes to Brains I have the Lion’s Share.
Besides I always knew how to do things with more flair.
So you like to boast about how strong you are and how you’ll give me a good drub.
Big Talk, that’s coming from someone who couldn’t kill a Man Cub.
Trust me Shere Khan I can knock you down a peg.
Tell me Ol’ Khan how’s your leg?

Shere Khan:
Oh it’s just fine thank you, certainly better than your scarred eye.
Oh was that a bit much? I didn’t mean to pry.
You say that intelligence is importance that is indeed true.
But for such a “brilliant” Lion you don’t really seem to have a clue.
I quite frankly excel at both Brains and Brawn.
Both are equally valuable for a King and deep down you know that I’m not wrong.
You claim that you were a great ruler that should be respected by your subjects.
That could’ve been true if it wasn’t for your crippling inferiority complex.
It’s almost a pity we come from different lands which is why we’re never in the same cast.
But perhaps it’s for the best, in my jungle you would never last.

Yes, yes Khan you’re the most feared animal in your Jungle that much is evident.
But in your original book you’re more known as the most arrogant.
So trust me Khan this “Battle” won’t be so easy for you to prevail.
Say isn’t that a Burning Bush nearby your tail?

(Then Shere Khan quickly looked behind but then quickly glared back at an amused Scar.)

Though as for Mufasa and Simba perhaps I was rather cruel.
But I am not like Loki; if I were loyal then I never would’ve got to rule.
I brilliantly schemed my way to the top as the True King.
Which is something you have yet to do, oh my does the truth sting?
You love to call me a weakling but I really don’t know what you mean.
After all unlike you I have killed a certain someone on-screen.

Shere Khan:
Oh Scar you do know how to obtain power that I will admit.
A pity that when it comes to Power your utterly incompetent in using it.
Through treachery and murder you were indeed crowned.
But it wasn’t long until you ran the Pride Lands right into the ground.
A pity you didn’t bring those Hyenas they would’ve given me a good bout.
I know you can’t say the same I mean we all know how well that turned out.
I may seem boastful but you’re far more arrogant as anyone could see.
But then again you’re such a classic example of Envy.
Though Scar I must say I do know how to end this musical fray.
Even if Simba never came back your reign would’ve failed anyway.




ERB Scar Vs. Shere Khan
Hey there folks here is my latest Epic Rap Battle namely the Battle of the Disney Feline Big Bads namely Scar from the Lion King and Shere Khan from Jungle Book. This ERB was made on how I have noticed that I have been doing these ERBs for 3 years now ever since yesterday.

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Neo Geo Saga 1 Mickey Rogers Arcade Mode

Vs. Terry Bogard: So you’re the famous “Lone Wolf of South Town” that I’ve heard so much about. Not bad but I came out on top this time.

Vs. Andy Bogard: This blonde-haired white guy is supposed to be a Master Ninja, seriously?

Vs. Joe Higashi: Well at least I managed to shut this loud-mouth up. I mean seriously does this guy ever shut up?

Vs. Tung Fu Rue: Okay seriously old man, what old Kung-Fu movie did you come out of?

Vs. Duck King: Mickey Mouse jokes? Seriously, trust me dude, I’ve heard them all before.

Vs. Richard Meyer: So you’re going to open up a Café huh? Well all things considered you should probably stick with that plan.

Vs. Michael Max: Well it looks like I won this time old pal, what have I been doing lately? Well…

Vs. Hwa Jai: Ugh this guy reeks of booze, well that would probably explain that nasty temper.

Vs. Raiden: This old guy kind of sounds familiar… Hey didn’t you use to go by the name of “Big Bear”?

Vs. Billy Kane: I know your Geese’s Right-Hand Man but you rely on that stick way too much there.

Vs. Geese Howard: Well Mr. Howard, think of this as my resignation. I know about what I did in the ring, but being a lackey to a guy like you is not my thing man.

Vs. Mai Shiranui: This lady is Japanese? Then why does she have long Brunette Hair? Well… among other things…

Vs. Cheng Sinzan: *sigh* I’ve heard the stories about Mr. Howard, but I didn’t exactly have anywhere else to go. Especially ever since how that match ended…

Vs. Jubei Yamada: You tried to knock me out with Rice Crackers? Okay, I think it’s time for you to get back to the Rest Home old man.

Vs. Kim Kap Hwan: Why would a guy like me work for Geese Howard? *sigh* Because I already became a Criminal before I joined his syndicate.

Vs. Blue Mary: Sorry Lady, I know you’re just doing your job as a P.I, but sadly in a way so am I.

Vs. Hokutomaru: Not bad kid, but you might want to consider not relying on your Ninja toys so much.

Vs. Kim Dong Hwan: Ah man and people use to call me a cocky little punk…

Vs. Kim Jae Hoon: Sorry pretty-boy but your fancy fiery kicks are no match for some good old-fashioned Sweet Science!

Vs. Lao: Sorry Big Guy but that huge jaw of yours was such an easy target.

Vs. Ryo Sakazaki: This guy is supposed to be the “Invincible Dragon”? I don’t know about the Dragon but needless to say you’re far from Invincible.

Vs. Robert Garcia: Look man, I don’t know what you’ve heard about me but I was just out here minding my own business as I was just doing some sparring. Honest!

Vs. Ryuhaku Todoh: Wait a minute I remember now, this guy is supposedly an old friend of Mr. Howard’s… Ah man I got to get out of here…

Vs. Jack Turner: Yo Big Guy! Maybe if you lay off the Junk Food you might actually have a shot in beating me. Key phrase here is “might”.

Vs. King: You are one messed up chick, how did this lady manage to hide… those is beyond me.

Vs. Lee Pai Long: You move fast for an old fossil, but once I was able to get a good strike in it was all over.

Vs. John Crawley: Thanks for the help John, but I am really not sure if I should be doing this anymore.

Vs. Mickey Rogers: They say that Imitation is the sincerest form of Flattery. You don’t seem so sincere, or flattering for that matter.

Vs. Mr. Big: Don’t worry I won’t bother your Ladies Mr. Big, but do you know where I can get some stylish threads like yours?

Vs. Mr. Karate: Ah man I can see why this guy is known as “The Secret Weapon” I feel like I am lucky to be alive right now.

Vs. Yuri Sakazaki: Wait a minute this young lady is… No, I shouldn’t go for it… I mean it looks like somebody is coming this way; I got to get out of here.

Vs. Temjin: I had no idea Mongolia had their own version of Sumo Wrestling, learn something new every day.

Vs. Eiji Kisaragi: This young Boxer has just defeated a Ninja! Ah man that does feel so awesome!

Vs. Jin Fu Ha: This big guy is supposed to be a Ninja, seriously?

Vs. Karman Cole: This guy is supposed to be the Bodyguard for the Garcia Family? You would think Rich boy’s family would’ve hired someone a little better than this.

Vs. Gai Tendo: So you’re an upcoming big-shot MMA fighter huh? Here is some advice, be careful of what you do in the ring otherwise your might end up like me.

Vs. Seo Yong Song: I shouldn’t enjoy beating up kids, but man did it feel good to knock this smug little punk around.

Vs. Payak Sitipitak: I can see why you’re known as an Old Pro in Muay Thai, man that was intense.

Vs. Rob Python: Leave me alone Rob, I still got things I need to do.

Vs. Jacques Ducalis: Heh, I had no idea that Judo was popular in France…

Vs. Goro Daimon: This guy is supposed to be the #1 Judo Champ right now? Heh goes to show you how Boxing is so much better then.

Vs. Ralf Jones: This hot-head is a member of a top-notch Mercenary squad? Geez was your squad that hard up for troops?

Vs. Clark Still: That’s the thing with you grapplers, sure you may’ve been a lot stronger than me but you are a lot slower too.

Vs. Heidern: This guy is supposed to be a Big-Shot Mercenary Leader and he got beat by someone like me. Hey Old Man, does the phrase “I’m getting too old for this” ring a bell?

Vs. Leona Heidern: Man this chick was intense, seeing the way she fights I was beginning to wonder if this lady is even human.

Vs. Whip: Say uh Kid? If you insist on using a weapon you might want to consider using something that’s a little better than a whip okay?

Vs. Chang Koehan: Thanks for the exercise you enormous cue-ball, you made a swell punching bag.

Vs. Choi Bounge: Okay did I just accidentally wander into a Horror Movie Convention here? I mean seriously?

Vs. Heavy D!: So you’re the guy Lucky told me about, I got to say you’re not bad. Granted your haircut is a little much but still…

Vs. Lucky Glauber: So you’re still trying to be a Karate student huh Lucky? Heh maybe you should try something else like Boxing.

Vs. Brian Battler: Sorry Big Guy but think of this as proof that it takes more than having a big bulky body in order to win a fight.

Vs. Ramon: Hey man I’m just a hired grunt in the Syndicate, so even if you got me down it wouldn’t do you any good anyways.

Vs. Angel: Ah man this lady likes to call herself Angel? Oh wow, if that’s not Irony I dunno what is…

Vs. Jhun Hoon: Man this guy is an even bigger Nutjob than that other “Hero of Justice” Kim.

Vs. Kang Bae Dal: Well kid at least your saner than that Nutjob teacher of yours, I’ll give you that much.

Vs. Chae Lim: Oh don’t look at me like that kid I am just doing my job, besides you were the one who tried to attack me.

Vs. Moe Habana: Wait this kid is a Girl? Okay this is getting a little mixed up here…

Vs. Rocky: Ah Man, what Sci-Fi Movie did this thing come from?!

Vs. Maki Kagura: Orochi? Hakkeshu? Eh sorry lady, I have no idea what you’re talking about here.

Vs. Hyena: Go work for you? Yeah… No, I may be hitting Rock Bottom but I’m not that desperate.

Vs. Iroha: What is up with this chick? I mean what's with all these Feathers?

Vs. Goddess Athena: Okay lady seriously what are you supposed to be? A Bikini Model who’s into LARPing?

Vs. Marco Rossi: Heh amazing, you got all those weapons and I still came out on top, go figure.

Vs. Fiolina Germi: Eh no offense lady but are you supposed to be a member of a Mercenary Squad, because you sure don’t seem like it…

Vs. Mars People: What in the… Did I just punch out a Martian? Okay I think I’ve had enough Training for Today…

Vs. Janne D’Arc: I dunno if I am up for Marriage yet… However I think there is a good restaurant nearby that we can go to.

Vs. Brocken: Okay what are supposed to be, a German version of Robo-Cop?

Vs. Hanzo Hattori (WH): Hey man, your Ninja Weapons are kind of cool and all. But dude, seriously, lay off the Hair Moose.

Vs. Fuuma Kotaro: So you’re a Ninja who can turn into a Blonde White Yuppie huh? Why would you brag about something like that?

Vs. Johnny Maximum: So you got kicked out for “Unnecessary Roughness” huh? Oh don’t tell me about getting in trouble on the job for being a bit too violent.

Vs. Ryoko Izumo: Not bad kid, but with my energy attacks you were a pretty easy target.

Vs. Shura: Wait a minute, you’re a Muay Thai fighter in Training but you came here by yourself? That’s… slightly unique.

Vs. Kisarah Westfield: I just knocked this rich White Girl down… ah man I got to get out of here before someone else notices.

Vs. Leonhalt Domador: Heh don’t worry big guy, I won’t tell everyone that I ran into you, I got enough problems as it is.

Vs. Sheen Genus: Sheen Genus… Are you sure you want to go by that name?

Vs. Bobby Nelson: Not bad kid, but you got a ways to go before you can beat someone like me.

Vs. Cyber Woo: Okay I know that Japan is all into Technology and Robots, but man this is just getting crazy here.

Vs. Angel (ST): Well at least you’re not like the other “Angel” that has been running around here.

Vs. Toy: Really man really? You call yourself Toy huh? Wouldn’t “Tool” be a better codename for you?

Vs. G Mantle: Alright I’ve played your little game, now tell me do I… do I have a future outside of being one of Geese Howard’s thugs?

(Match 3 Vs. Bobby Nelson)

Bobby: Hey there, I recognize you; your name is Mickey right? My pal Lucky told me about you.

Mickey: Lucky? Oh yeah I remember you, you were that kid who likes to hang out with Lucky. Been a little while since the last time I saw you, then I haven’t really done much in South Town until recently.

Bobby: Yep, name’s Bobby Nelson, and like Lucky I am an aspiring Martial Artist.

Mickey: Oh really?

Bobby: Uh-huh, but I haven’t really joined a Karate class yet. I thought I try to focus more on Street fighting than Karate.

Mickey: I see, but you might want to be careful out here kid. There are some rather dangerous people out here lately.

Bobby: Oh I know, but that is kind of one of the reasons why I want to train.

Mickey: Hmm… I suppose I can see what you mean there.

Bobby: Yeah, say, I remember hearing from Lucky that not only are you a Boxer but you even went pro.

Mickey: I was a Pro, kid. *sigh* I’d… rather not talk about it.

Bobby: I see… But I am an aspiring fighter so I thought how about I get a match with you Mickey?

Mickey: A Match? Eh I dunno kid…

Bobby: Oh c’mon man, oh I get it you don’t want me to get really hurt huh? Well don’t worry, all I am just asking is a nice sparring match. It’s not like anyone would get really hurt here.

Mickey (under his breath): You could be surprised what could happen in a match.

Bobby: Besides I figured it would be a good idea for me to get to test my skills against opponents with all sorts of fighting styles. So I figured why not test my skills on a Boxer like you.

Mickey: Alright I suppose a little Sparring Match could be okay, you ready Kid?

Bobby: Oh yeah!

Mickey: Alright, then let’s go!

(If you win)

Mickey: You okay Kid?

Bobby: Yeah, I’m fine; man that was a pretty cool fight. I can see why you became a Pro Boxer.

Mickey: You really think so?

Bobby: Oh yeah, you got some sweet moves Mickey.

Mickey: Thanks, you’re not so bad yourself Kid.

Bobby: Really? Awesome, thanks for the Match there Mickey.

Mickey: You’re welcome, now you run along now, okay?

Bobby: Okay, see you later Mickey.

Mickey: Yeah… see ya kid.

(Match 6 Vs. Heavy D!)

Heavy D!: Yo, you must be Mickey right? Mickey Rogers?

Mickey: Yeah that’s me, who are you?

Heavy D!: The name is Heavy D!, I am one of the hottest smoothest and stylish boxers around. Lucky Glauber has told me about you.

Mickey: Wait you know Lucky?

Heavy D!: Yeah I know him, met him at a Martial Arts Tournament recently. He is a pretty cool guy he told me about all the folks he knows about in Southtown, namely that he has told me about his pals and fellow fighters here such as you.

Mickey: Yeah Lucky is a pretty cool guy…

Heavy D!: Uh-huh but anyways I have heard that you’re a fellow Pro Boxer like me. Unfortunately we never had a match in the ring, but I suppose we can have a match right now if you like.

Mickey: Eh that’s “former” Pro Boxer, and I think I’ll pass; I probably got things to do.

Heavy D!: Really? Well that is a little disappointing, I mean considering what I’ve heard about you I thought you would be more willing to spar a little.

Mickey (slightly annoyed): Oh Really?

Heavy D!: Yeah and I was looking forward to it too but oh well…

Mickey: You know what on second thought I think I will be a little more willing to oblige.

Heavy D!: Cool man, well then let’s get it on.

(If you win)

Mickey: Alright Heavy what’s going on here? What did you mean by “considering what I’ve heard about you”?

Heavy D!: Whoa peace there Mickey, I was only referring to the fact that I already knew that you were a former pro. Namely how you used to be a Pro until you went a little too far in a boxing match. Believe it or not I admit I’m in a similar boat as I kind of got in trouble for really beating a guy in a professional boxing match not too long ago. The poor guy is probably still eating through a straw even as we speak.

Mickey: *tch* Yeah well at least the guy you fought is still alive to tell about it. I can’t exactly say the same thing now can I?

Heavy D!: Look calm down Mick, I get it you feel really bad about accidentally killing someone in a match. I admit I probably would be feeling pretty down if that happened to me too. But these things have happened man, people have died in the boxing ring for decades. So trust me you’re not the first boxer whose opponent died during a match.

Mickey: Yeah I know…

Heavy D!: Let me guess, that doesn’t change the fact that you still feel pretty guilty huh? Well okay then I understand but still do be careful Mickey; otherwise you might end up giving yourself more reasons to feel guilty. Know what I mean?

Mickey: Yeah… Yeah I do…

Heavy D!: Well alright I guess it’s time for me to go, see ya Mick.

(Match 9 Vs. Michael Max)

Michael: Mickey? Hey Mickey!

Mickey: Oh hey there Mike, whassup man?

Michael: Not much, been training, still trying to be the best boxer I can be. What about you? I haven’t seen you around lately Mick.

Mickey: Yeah well I have been kind of busy lately trying to get to do some work.

Michael: Ah let me guess, you’re trying to get a job since you’re not pro anymore.

Mickey: Yeah I suppose that’s one way how to put it yeah…

Michael: Well that’s cool, I’m sure you’ll be fine Mick, besides your still a Boxer at heart right?

Mickey: Yeah… Yeah I am.

Michael: Cool then, alright Mickey Ol’ Pal; it’s been a while since the last time we sparred. After all I want to see if you are still at the top of your game there buddy.

Mickey: Sure thing Mike, I’ll be happy to prove you that I haven’t got rusty yet.

Michael: Awesome, alright then let’s begin!

(If you win)

Mickey:  *panting* Man that was pretty cool, you okay there Mike?

Michael: Yeah I’m fine but that was a sweet match there, buddy, it’s good to see that you’re still at the top of your game there.

Mickey: Well I dunno about that but that was a good match there.

Michael: Yeah it was… however, say Mickey there is something I got to warn you about.

Mickey: Warn me about?

Michael: Yeah I have recently been hearing some nasty rumors about you Mick. Some people have tried to tell me that you were working for that crimelord Geese Howard.

Mickey: What?

Michael: I know I was surprised, I mean sure I know you have been having some hard times lately ever since that match you were in. But still I dunno why anyone would say that about you, you’re a perfectly decent guy Mick.

Mickey: Yeah…

Michael: But still it’s been really fun to get to spar with you again Mick. Man all of this is starting to get me hungry, want to grab something to eat nearby?

Mickey: Eh thanks Mike but no thanks, I’m not all that hungry now, perhaps some other time.

Michael: Well alright, anyways see you later Mick.

Mickey: Yeah… see ya…

(Match 12 Vs. John Crawley)

John: Hey there Mick, how’s it going?

Mickey: Okay I guess…

John: Funny you don’t sound like your okay…

Mickey: *sigh* Okay I guess that was obvious, I was just doing some thinking while I was exercising today.

John: Oh really?

Mickey: Yeah… lets just say I had some things in my mind today…


Mickey: Uh?

*Mickey dodges the attack*

Mickey: Whoa! What was that for John?!

John: Oh relax even if that attack did hit you it would’ve done very little damage. Anyways I am not going to just let you stand around and mope.

Mickey: What do you mean?

John: You know very well what I mean here, your exercise isn’t over until I say it is, so put them up Mickey.

Mickey: Okay… if you say so…

John: Oh I do say so… Let’s go!


John: *Ugh* Not bad Mick, not bad.

Mickey: Thanks but mind telling me why you suddenly wanted to pick a fight with me?

John: Isn’t it obvious? You were acting so moody and depressed I had to make sure your head was still in the game Mick.

Mickey: Yeah well considering what happened in my past and what’s going on with me in the present… I… I just can’t help but wonder if I even have a good future or any future at all.

John: Oh I see where this is going, Mickey Rogers, disgraced former Pro Boxer who got tossed out from the ranks because he accidentally killed someone. Now he is an errand boy for the Howard Connection’s Syndicate because he had nowhere else to go. How the mighty have fallen huh?

Mickey: Yeah…

John: You don’t think I have been told things like that Mick? After all I was not only a Marine, but I was the Martial Arts Instructor for the Marines. Now I’m just some two-bit thug for inner-city Crime-lord. And all for what, because I got injured in the line of duty, so trust me I do know what you mean.

Mickey: You do?

John: Uh-huh, that seems to be the story for us. A disgraced former Boxer and former Marine who are now just lowly criminal thugs… However, things are not what they seem Mick.

Mickey: Really?

John: Yep, I know you think that everything has gone downhill for you now Mick but if you stay out of trouble I have a feeling that things are going to turn out okay for you.

Mickey: Really? What do you mean by that?

John: Oh you will know more about it later, but first want to grab a bite to eat? It’ll be my treat.
Mickey: Alright cool, say can we go to that place that serves that really spicy curry? I tried that the other day and it was so good.

John: Heh you and your spicy foods, alright I’m sure I could find something while you chow down on that curry.

Mickey: Well I suppose we could go somewhere to get something for dessert afterwards.

John: I’ll pass you know I hate sweets.

Mickey: This coming from the guy who loves Jelly Beans and those fancy Scotch Cakes?

John: Heh heh Touché, alright fair point but let’s focus on Dinner so let’s go Mick.

Mickey: Alright.

Neo Geo Saga 1 Mickey Rogers Arcade Mode
Hey folks its been a while but here is the latest installment of my Neo Geo Saga Arcade Mode stories and this one is for the former Pro Boxer who turned to a life of crime from Art of Fighting... MICKEY ROGERS! Hopefully the next installment won't take so long.
*Warning: This summary contains some slight spoilers to Kid Icarus: Uprising*

Here is another story idea I had in mind when I was playing Kid Icarus: Uprising recently not too long ago which I have been meaning to tell but have not got around to til now.

My story idea is a Kid Icarus: Uprising story which is a crossover, mainly a crossover with Marvel Comics, particularly the Mighty Thor. Where young angel Pit with the Goddess of Light will be facing against Medusa and the forces of the Underworld.

While this story will start off normally, but the story won't diverge until Pit battles with the Hound Twinbellows. But just as Pit was about to finish off Twinbellows then suddenly Pit was attacked by the Fire Demon Surtur. Pit tried to fight Surtur off but Surtur was easily able to overpower him until Thor came in and saved Pit after fighting Surtur off. Thor and the other Asgardians (along with their ally Hercules) are here to aid Pit and Palutena against the forces of the Underworld. So in other words Thor, along with Sif, Valkyrie, Balder and the Warriors Three along with Hercuels will aid young Pit & Palutena. (In which all of the Asgardians will take turns who will be providing some Banter along with Pit, Palutena and Thor depending on the Chapter.) Here are some other details as well...

- Surtur, Ymir and Malekith with be revealed to be working for the Underworld to aid Medusa then later Hades. While Malekith and the Dark Elves with be working with Pandora, Surtur and Ymir will have their own areas.

- Loki along with Amora the Enchantress and Skurge the Executioner will be aiding the Forces of Nature as Loki will become Viridi's right-hand man and advisor. (Though the two don't exactly get along well especially when Loki caught Viridi having a little private moment regarding her feelings about Pit in which she tries to make sure he'll never tell.) However Amora and Phosphora get along rather well enough (even though Phosphora gets a raging hormonal crush on Thor shortly after she teases Pit for how cute he is.) Though Pit will be facing Skurge and Arlon seperately. Though will Loki spar with Pit for a bit as Pit tries to stop the Reset Bombs as Loki gleefully taunts Pit and questions why would Palutena send a mere child to try to fight the Underworld until Thor comes into save Pit. Oh yes and during the battle of Arlon, Arlon is still a loyal affable gentleman to Viridi but one difference is that Palutena tries to warn Arlon about whether its a good thing for Viridi to work with someone like Loki since the other Asgardians has told her many things about him. Arlon remains calm as he tries to reassure Palutena that he is not worried about that at all and he will make sure that Loki doesn't try anything on Viridi.

- As for Dark Pit he will be having a bit more to do as after he has his rematch with Pit, he is still busy trying to evade Malekith's Shadow Elves as they have been pursuing him ever since Dark Pit left Pandora's palace. He will also be fighting the likes of Hercules' brother Ares and Loki as well. Loki at first taunted Dark Pit about how Pittoo tries so hard to be little Pit's edgier counterpart. (However when Dark Pit mentions about how he hated the fact that he was created to be a "Rotten Counterpart" to a Goody goody Hero like Pit which makes Loki feel a bit unconfortable. In which Loki tries to relate to Dark Pit in his own way. Ares also had some similar feelings but he was a bit better at hiding his emotions than Loki.)

I do have one plot twist that I would like to share so if I do make this story then consider it a spoiler warning. Anyways Loki along with Amora and Skurge were aiding the Forces of Nature with the Reset Bombs to try to wipe out mankind to save Nature from the Human's wars. But soon after Viridi's debut she wanted to use her Forces of Nature to fight Hades and his Underworld forces since she thinks Hades is so much worse than the Humans. (Since Hades wants to slaughter as much life as he can just so he can feast on their souls.) However instead of Pit destroying the Reset Bomb Pod something a little different happens. As Viridi & her Forces of Nature's battle with Hades' forces intensifies, Loki makes a sudden play. Loki is now claiming that the Reset Bombs and all the destruction they have caused are a gift to Lord Hades, in which this shocks Viridi at first. Then Loki mercilessly taunts Viridi about how much of a stupid brat she is and then gleefully tells her about despite how she claims to hate Hades' evil destructive plans her Reset Bombs were very beneficial to him. Viridi at first tried to defend herself claiming that she was trying to save Nature from getting destroyed by the Human's wars so her bombs were justified. But then Loki retorts about how it doesn't change the fact that she is causing a lot of destruction and killed off a lot of living creatures and not just humans. Viridi, now scared, tried to point out that Loki said that the Reset Bombs would only harm humans and that no other living creatures would get hurt then Loki coldly said that he lied. Then Loki sadistically said that the Reset Bombs has slaughtered a lot of woodland creatures such as Fish, Dogs, Cats, Horses and Rabbits which scared Viridi to the point of tears as she tries really hard not to have a breakdown. As Pit is seeing this event take place he feels really sorry for Viridi as he watches her crying her eyes out. But then Loki taunts Viridi as he asks her how is it like to slaughter so many innocent animals in which Pit in a furious rage attacks Loki. Pit then yells at Loki about Viridi trusted him and how Loki was so cruel to betray Viridi like his and on how Viridi was misguided compared to a treacherous monster like Loki. But after Loki was done blocking Pit's attacks he used one of his spells to bind Pit down and brag about how absolutely infamous he is for his treachery. (Not too mention how Viridi has no one to blame but herself for her misfortune here.)

Hades on the other hand was absolutely impressed with Loki's Bravado and Impeccable Showmanship, while pointing out how Loki always did seem like such a kindred spirit to him. Then Hades gloated about how victorious he is right now as he gladly accepts Loki's gift of souls from that just used Reset Bomb. But just as Hades raised his hand to get all the souls from that Reset Bomb there was a bit of an awkward pause as he realizes that no souls are coming out. Hades tried to move his hand as he tries to figure out why is he not getting any souls with Pit and Viridi looking a little confused. Then Loki with a wicked grin asked Hades to check to see if he can see any souls in the Reset Bomb and while he is at it check to see if he can find any souls in the other Reset Bombs as well. In which Hades did oblige as he checks within the Reset Bombs as he notices that all the people and creatures inside are actually still alive and inside leafy pods within the foilage. Then after realizing this both Hades and Viridi's mouths gaped in shock as Loki then gleefully pointed out that he tricked them both and that the Bombs actually saved the people in the towns from Hades' forces. Now Hades who is still rather shocked and a little embarassed by this and tries to save face as he claims that he knew the whole time and was just playing but in a matter of moments he leaves the scene.

Then Thor along with the other Asgardians and the Forces of Nature and Palutena come in the scene as Thor along with the other Asgardians try to explain to Pit that Loki and his cohorts were actually on their side this whole time. Both Pit and Viridi were a little surprised and confused about this until Thor explained that Loki and his cohorts have been trying to reform for some time and it was a part of the All-Father Odin's plan for Loki to aid Thor by pretending to deceive Viridi into the Reset Bomb plans to hopefully get Viridi to see the error of her ways while saving lives from the Underworld's dstructive ways. So in other words it was just one big "Scare'em Straight" plan on Viridi. It was then revealed that while Phosphora did not know of this plan and was also surprised, Arlon on the other hand knew all along about it and played along to the deception. When Pit and Phosphora asked why would Arlon do such a thing stated how it necessary it was especially since Viridi would never have been allowed to actually try to destroy mankind in which they did understand that. Pit did ask Palutena if she knew but while she said no she did have her suspicions. But as Pit and Phosphora were being a bit more understanding about this situation it appears thar Viridi was still rather upset and started calling Loki names as she still has tears in her eyes as she tries to pound her fists at him in which Loki with a understanding smirk just stands there and lets her do it. That is until Viridi kicked Loki in the shins then did multiple other attacks such as jumping on his back, pulling on his hair and tried to chew on his head in which the Asgardians were a little amused to watch Loki like this. In which after a little while Thor does calmly convince Viridi to let Loki go as they will soon regroup at Viridi's palace. In fact here are a few more points...

- Shortly after this occurs, Malekith, Surtur and Ymir learn of the above mentioned events they get a bit annoyed at Hades about how utterly gullible he was for falling for Loki's deception so easily. Hades got very defensive that it wasn't his fault that he got so caught up by Loki's stylish showmanship and also asked them where they were when this happened. Then they responded that they were busy fighting the Asgardians in which Malekith did surmise that this would explain why the Asgardians were especially willing to fight their forces whenever a Reset Bomb made landfall. While Hades in a slightly desperate attempt at saving did ask them if they wanted to watch footage of Loki getting beaten up by a little girl... in which after a brief pause they all said yes to that.

- The Marvel characters who do appear in this are primarily from The Mighty Thor as they get prominent to small appearances (namely those like Heimdall and Odin for the latter). But not all of the Marvel Characters are from Thor, there will be certain others that would make occasional appearances such as Dr. Strange, Ghost Rider, The Guardians of the Galaxy and Deadpool. This also applies to the Villains as well such as Dormammu and Shuma Gorath who will make an appearance later on in the story during the Chaos Kin Arc. While I am not sure about putting the Fantastic Four in I admit there will be a little running gag of the Marvel Heroes mistaking Pyrron for Human Torch.

- Oh yes and as for Magnus, don't worry I didn't forget about him, while he will first meet up with Pit like he did in the original story. However they will soon meet up with Thor and Hercules fighting off the Underworld Hordes in which they were soon impressed by how Magnus can certainly hold his own in battle as well. (In which Thor even briefly wonders why Magnus does slightly remind him of a certain Jade-Jawed Avenger he knows all too well.) Anyways Thor and Hercules provide back-up to Pit and Magnus as they get a clear path to face Gaol. I actally am thinking of giving Magnus a somewhat bigger role as when he is not aiding there is a fairly good chance he is aiding the Asgardians.

- Pit (and to an extent Dark Pit) gets a bit annoyed at how there is a running gag about how he is frequently mocked and condescended by the Marvel Villains (and to a slightly lesser extent Marvel Heroes) for being a small boy. (Though it doesn't help that a few of them mistake Pit for a little girl whose in a cute little white skirt.) However there are those such as Thor and Hercules who are genuinely nice to Pit though as they are willing to fight alongside him as equals (though the former does it a lot more often than the latter).

- One more thing, I admit I am indeed a Pit X Viridi shipper in which I will indeed intend to play around with Viridi's not-so subtle little crush on Pit. Though I will also play up Viridi's love of Nature a bit by having her be very fond of Groot (both big and small) and not too long after Palutena and Viridi join forces admire Valkyrie's horse Aragorn as she happily wants to pet the pretty horse.

And there you have it folks, what do you think?
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