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Technodrome: Elevator by GarthTheDestroyer

This is a rather nice and stylish depiction of one of the most unique (and slightly difficult) boss battles in a 2-D Brawler ever. Whil...


Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes and violence/gore)





Seriously guys, I am up against Bill & Ted?
I think I’d probably get smarter lyrics from that box of Lead.
You guys call yourselves Wyld Stallyns? Oh please!
I can out-guitar both you dopes with the greatest of ease!
Trying to sit through your short-lived Franchise can be such a Bogus Journey.
While I have one of the biggest franchises in 1980s history!
I can rock out to Chuck Berry and I got songs from Huey Lewis and the News.
You idiots still think your Rock Stars, yet after this you two will be singing the Blues.
Besides my gal Jennifer does deem me to be quite the lover.
Winning this Rap Battle will be easier than Bill’s Step-Mother.

Gosh, Marty there is no need to be so rude.
Yeah why are you so cranky man? Is it because you’re such a short dude?
We use our Time Machine to go through Time to see History’s biggest Successes.
While you only use yours to fix you and Doc Brown’s many messes.
Our Band may not be huge but our music has given History some joy.
After all we are the Wyld Stallyns, you’re more like an “Angry Chicken Boy”.
Say Marty what are you saying about Bill’s mom? Wouldn’t Jennifer get mad?
Heh Marty was never much of a Hubby to Jen and that’s just sad.
So trust me Marty when it comes to your Movies we are not so slow.
When it comes to pleasuring someone’s mom, you’re a real pro!

You morons shouldn’t anger me. Why? Well because…
I can easily take down this Neo Has-Been and the Wintery Never-Was!
So you two idiots still use your goofy “Surfer” voices I see.
Hey geniuses you guys are not Mikey from TMNT!
But hey perhaps I shouldn’t be feeling so much stress.
Over these losers who are trying to cash in on my success.
Oh don’t look at me like that you Doctor Who wannabes you both know it’s true.
Besides I have Skate Boards that have more Brain Cells than the both of you.
So bring it on, you Brain-Dead Chumps!
Call me Chicken again and you two will get some Black Eyes and Lumps!

Wow Bill, Marty sure gets awfully violent when he gets mad.
Yeah Ted, are we sure Biff is not his real Dad?

(Then we briefly see Marty’s mouth gape in shock as his left eye twitches.)

But we’re obviously not scared at all just so we’re clear.
Yeah we took on Lewis and Clark, we can easily handle Stuart Little here.
After all when it comes to Time Travel we Wyld Stallyns know how to thrive!
Say Ted, you think we should do a little performance in 1955?
That could be cool Bill but we shouldn’t pick on Ol’ George McFly.
That’s true Ted, George maybe quite the nerd but he seems to be a decent guy.
Alright Marty, we know someone who will make you feel like quite the Doofus.
Time for the Wyld Stallyns to leave the stage, take it away Rufus!

(Then Rufus comes in from his Time Travel Phone booth.)

Greetings boys, perhaps it is time for me to join in on this Musical Fight.
Though I must say you boys have shown a keen amount of insight.
But look at Marty’s comments here so ill-tempered and snide.
Sadly Marty has yet to learn his lesson regarding Pride.
Whenever someone taunts you, you want to punch them in the jaw.
One day you will see that is your most fatal flaw.
Don’t get me wrong Marty I know that you’re a good boy alright.
Although Marty you do have a slightly compulsive tendency to fight.
You also have a lot of other issues that are easily detected.
This is probably why your movie’s script was at first frequently rejected.

(Then Doc Brown makes his stylish entrance with his Time Travel DeLorean.)

Doc Brown:
So you’re all ganging up on Marty huh? Is that how this is going down?
Well then it’s time to even up the odds, here comes Doc Brown!
Great Scott! I can easily out-rap the three of you!
This Rap Battle will be way easier than the one I had with Doctor Who!
You think this mellow G-Rated George Carlin can beat me in this battle of rhyme?
I am one of Christopher Lloyd’s most famous roles of all time!
Not to mention how my Franchise is the bigger and better one by far.
I can easily smash your little Phone-booth with my Time Travelling Car.
So come on Marty lets go, after all we’ve defeated these fools in every way.
But don’t worry you three; I’m sure that your 3rd movie will come out some day.




ERB Marty McFly Vs. Bill and Ted
Well folks here is my latest ERB and this one is for Marty McFly from Back to the Future who is going up against Bill & Ted from Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure. (Oh yes and Doc Brown and Rufus from Back to the Future and Bill & Ted respectively also appear.) Here is my Pre-Independence Day ERB that is made in honor of the fact that today is the 30th Anniversary of the original Back to the Future movie..
Say folks I am thinking of making a new TV Tropes Page for one of my works like how I did a while back for one of my Disney's The Weekenders​ fanfics a while back namely "A Glimpse Into The Future" here at...…

So far I am thinking either doing one for my Epic Rap Battles of History​ or my series "Takahashi Trifecta". (I also considering one for my Neo Geo Saga series but I am not sure if it has enough to warrant a TV Tropes​ page yet though.) So what do you folks think? Which of my works should be the next to get a TV Tropes page?
Say folks I am thinking of making a new TV Tropes Page for one of my works like how I did a while back for one of my Disney's The Weekenders​ fanfics a while back namely "A Glimpse Into The Future" here at...…

So far I am thinking either doing one for my Epic Rap Battles of History​ or my series "Takahashi Trifecta". (I also considering one for my Neo Geo Saga series but I am not sure if it has enough to warrant a TV Tropes​ page yet though.) So what do you folks think? Which of my works should be the next to get a TV Tropes page?
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes, violence/gore and ideologically sensitive material)





I am the one of the deadliest Kunoichi, in Mugen Tenshin History!
Watch as I take down the Tyrant Princess of Honnojo Academy!
You have far too many issues to count over the course of your show.
Such as why you wore your slutty “Wedding Dress” when you first fought Ryuko?
But don’t bother trying to fight me with your precious Junketsu.
When it comes to me, you and your Elite Four fools are simply no threats.
You ruled Honnoji Academy with an Iron Fist as you crushed your opposition down flat!
Oh wait your actually not evil? And you expect anyone to believe that?
Oh yes and before you bring up your depraved mother in this battle of rhymes.
Keep in mind you and your cohorts committed various war crimes.
Shall I keep talking about how you horribly oppressed the students some more?
Or that when you go into battle you look like a 90’s Sci-Fi Anime Whore?

Oh I have many questions I’d like to ask upon this Musical Fray.
Such as why am I getting a modesty lecture from one of the stars of D.O.A?
Do you really think your little “Moral High Ground” is going to last?
So are you going to ignore all the people I have aided in the past?
You call my rule over Honnoji evil, you jealous fool? Is that your best plan?
Yet you hunt down your sister to appease your corrupt ninja clan.
You fight for your Ninja Clan who never wanted you anyway.
That is the real reason why your “Dear” Sister Kasumi is your eternal prey.
So I assure you, your “Moral High Ground” is something I can easily refute.
You are nothing more than an assassin who’s most likely a glorified prostitute.
So is it true you desire Elliot that naïve young British Mister?
Of course not, with your issues, we all know you’d rather bed Kasumi your “dear” sister.

Oh I have heard all the incest jokes, is that the best you can do?
Or are you just jealous that Ryuko likes Mako a lot more than you?
Oh yes and I can say I have the Moral High Ground, more than you ever could.
Why in the Ninja Gaiden games I have always been on the forces of good!
Your talk about refuting Moral High Grounds proves that you’re an arrogant fool.
As you were an oppressive dictator and an absolute tool.
Oh you may claim it’s because of your mother who has a lot of depraved quirks.
But it was all for a plan that didn’t even work.
Yes you did make a so-called “good” scheme full of oppression and carnage.
Yet you got tossed out by your mother like some Genetic Garbage.
So tell me, you think I have too many familial issues to have a lover?
That’s rich, coming from Miss “Lost your virginity to your mother”.

You think people ignore my vile past misdeeds? I can say the same thing about you.
Such as how you were known for killing Helena’s Mother in Dead or Alive 2.
Oh wait, that’s not true! Christie was the real killer after all she is a lot more vicious.
Yet you never denied Helena accusing you for that which is awfully suspicious.
Why would you help Christie like that? Do I need to spell it out some more?
Are the rumors true that you are secretly Christie’s little whore?
We all know that seductive killer likes Teens and the Ladies too.
I wouldn’t be surprised if she had her way with you.
Still deem me a monster? Oh you haven’t thought this through.
I have made peace with my sister, which is something you have yet to do.
So admit defeat you whore daughter of a brutish rapist!
Now kneel down and bask in my greatness!




ERB Ayane Vs. Satsuki Kiryuin
Alright folks here is another one of my Epic Rap Battles and this one is for Ayane from Dead or Alive Vs. Satsuki Kiryuin from Kill La Kill in the battle of the Not-so-Big Bad Sisters!
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes)
Takahashi Trifecta Episode 12: One slightly Tangled Evening of Romance, Kozue Nanao enters the stage.

(One Morning at Furinkan High School, Ukyo Kuonji is being approached by her dear boyfriend Ranma who is feeling a little apprehensive.)

Ukyo: Good Morning Ranma Honey… Hmm? Is something wrong dear? You seem a little uneasy there.

Ranma: Oh… hey there Ucchan, and yeah I have been feeling a little uneasy lately…

Ukyo: Want to talk about it Ranma Honey?

Ranma: Actually… yeah I guess I would… Anyways remember that little party we had last Saturday?

Ukyo: Oh yes that was rather fun huh Ranma Honey?

Ranma: Indeed it was… however yesterday I was talking about it with my little buddy Kentaro our little chat was nice at first, especially when he told me that he did get to spend some time with Ikuko.

Ukyo: Aww….

Ranma: Ah yes, anyways, there was one little question Kentaro asked me that has left me a little bothered, He… apparently found pictures of my “other self” with the Tendo Sisters in the Tendo Family Album. Then he asked me who that red-haired girl with the Tendo Sisters was.

Ukyo: I see…

Ranma: Oh I did tell him our old cover story how my “other self” is a red-haired girl by the name of Ranko who’s an old acquaintance of ours. Fortunately he seemed to have bought it, granted he kind of wondered how did she get a Panda here in Japan but then I told him that she has been to China before. *sigh* Oh Ucchan, I hope Kentaro doesn’t get too curious about this because I don’t know what to do here.

Ukyo: Oh Ranma Honey, maybe you should try to be more honest to him about this; you know sit him down and try to explain this whole situation to him, okay?

Ranma: I… I don’t know Ucchan, I’ll have to think about this…

Ukyo: Well please do consider it, okay Ranma Honey?

Ranma: Alright Ucchan, I’ll try to see what I can do…

(Meanwhile a little later on that morning Godai was heading room with a couple of Movie Theater Tickets in his hand.)

Godai (thinking): Alright! I’m finally going to break the ice with the Manager with these two Movie Tickets here I can finally ask the Manager out! Oh I hope she will say yes, especially since I spent good money on this. Wait would she even want to see a Horror Movie like this? Well according to some of the sites I was reading while looking for those tickets the film did pretty well with Critics, besides Horror Movies are usually where you take someone on a date anyways. Yeah, I can make this work, alright Yusaku Godai, it’s time to finally be a man and go for it!

(Then Godai excitedly hurried home to Maison Ikkoku, unfortunately his excitement quickly turned to severe disappointment when he saw the doors to Maison Ikkoku open and find Kyoko and Mitaka coming out.)

Godai: *gulp* What the…  

(Now Godai sees Mitaka and Kyoko in rather fancy clothes heading over to Mitaka’s car as Godai panics about this trying to hide nearby so hopefully he won’t be seen.)

Mitaka: Oh Ms. Otonashi you look exquisite today.

Kyoko: Why thank you sir, you’re not so bad yourself. I figured it would be nice to go out on a little road trip for today so thank you Coach Mitaka.

Mitaka (as he opens the car door): Your quite welcome Milady, shall we be off?

Kyoko: Oh yes, lets…

(Then we see Kasumi Tendo and Hanae Ichinose at the front door.)

Hanae: Have a good time you two.

Kasumi: Oh yes do have a good time, but I hope you will be back soon Manager.

Kyoko: Oh I will be back a little later on tonight Kasumi.

(While Mitaka was smiling at first until Soichiro popped his head out of his doghouse and was barking at Kyoko. In which then Mitaka tried really hard to hide the fact that he is nervous by looking and staring straight at the road.)

Kyoko: Oh hello there Soichiro dear, I’ll be home tonight Soichiro, say Kasumi? Would you be a dear and make sure Soichiro is well fed while I am out?

Kasumi: Will do, Manager.

Kyoko: That’s good, so shall we be off Mitaka?

Mitaka: Yes! Eh… yes, yes we should… Sorry about that… got a little excited there, anyways yes let’s go.

(Now Godai feels utterly defeated as he tries to get away from Maison Ikkoku unseen, now he is walking the streets sulking and wondering what is he going to do now.)

Godai (thinking): Ah man what am I going to do?! This sucks! I spent a fairly good amount of money on those tickets and I was going to surprise the Manager with them. *sigh* Figures, I actually get to do something like surprise the Manager with these Tickets and then something like this happens. However in retrospection I guess I really shouldn’t be too surprised considering everything that happened yesterday that the Manager would be with Mitaka right now. I guess I just got too caught up in the idea of trying to do a nice surprise plan for the Manager to realize this was going to happen.

But I can’t let these Tickets go to waste since I spent a pretty good amount of money on them. Maybe I should just head back home at Maison Ikkoku and see if anyone wants to go to the movies with me. Then again maybe I shouldn’t, after all I’m sure somebody especially the “Drunkard Trio” is going to ask what I was going to do with those Tickets and when they find out then I’ll never hear the end of it. But I am sure I still have… other options I can still consider.

(Then Godai was on a nearby Pay Phone calling his old pal Sakamoto.)

Godai: Say Sakamoto Ol’ Buddy I just recently got tickets to that Horror Movie that just recently came out, want to come with me? It would be my treat.

Sakamoto (phone): Treat huh? Nice! So are you going to pay for my snacks too? I mean you know how hungry I can be.

Godai: Fat chance! Get your own snacks you cheapskate.

Sakamoto (phone): Oh I’m sorry what was that about you treating me out? Hmm?

Godai: I’ve spent plenty enough money to get those tickets so I wouldn’t have the money to feed you either so you can just smuggle food into the Theater like everyone else.

Sakamoto (phone): Heh that figures, besides who are you calling a Cheapskate, Mr. “still doesn’t have a Cell Phone”?  But hey I guess you’re lucky that you’re in Japan which still has plenty of Pay Phones that you can use. Heh heh heh…

(In which Godai is now getting increasingly annoyed at Sakamoto’s jokes.)

Sakamoto (phone): Besides since when were you into Horror Movies? What were you hoping that you would hold on to me during the Scary Scenes huh? Heh heh heh…. So are we going to pick curtains together after when we’re done with the movie? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Godai: Will you stop laughing you stupid jackass?! Besides I am probably going to be the closest thing you have to a date anyways… *then he notices that someone is behind him* Oh wait a minute Sakamoto, somebody else is waiting for the phone. I’ll call you back.

(Then he sees a nice young lady by the name of Kozue Nanao with short brown hair kind of like his standing there.)

Godai: It’s alright Miss you can go ahead and use the Phone if you wish.

Kozue: What? Oh no I didn’t need to use the phone, hey wait a minute I think I recognize you. Your name is Godai right?

Godai: That’s right, well I am Yusaku Godai to be more precise but my friends normally just call me Godai. Anyways, who are you?

Kozue: Oh of course how silly of me to not do this first, anyways I am Kozue Nanao. We go to the same school at Sanryu University.

Godai: Oh we go to the same school? Interesting, I am not sure if I remember seeing someone like you there though.

Kozue: Yeah but the reason why you don’t recognize me is probably because I use to wear glasses until I just recently started to wear Contact Lenses.

Godai: Oh I am sorry I didn’t mean anything bad about that, besides I have only been a student there fairly recently. The only student there that I really know of is my old pal Sakamoto.

Kozue: Oh its okay Godai, I wasn’t trying to give you grief honest. Besides I only became a student at Sanryu recently as well and I don’t know anyone there yet. *brief pause* Hmm?

(Then Kozue notices a couple of tickets on Godai’s shirt pocket.)

Kozue: What's that in your pocket there Godai?

Godai: Oh these? Well these are just a couple of Movie Tickets it’s for that Horror movie that came out just recently.

Kozue: Oh I always wanted to see this one! I heard it’s pretty popular with the girls right now.

Godai (thinking): Yeah I know, I was hoping I can take the Manager to see that movie with me.

Kozue: *sigh* But that reminds me, I’ve been looking forward to see that movie but after I spend the money to get these contacts I am not sure if I can afford to get a ticket. Oh well maybe I can just wait until the movie comes out on DVD.

Godai: Well… Why don’t you just come and see the movie with me?

Kozue: Really?! Thank you!

(Then as we now see Godai and Kozue walk together on the street.)

Kozue: Oh I’m sorry Godai, I now feel that I manipulated you into taking me to the movies.

Godai: It’s alright I have been thinking of trying to see if I can get to know anyone else at Sanryu so I figured this would be a nice start. Besides this is just a nice friendly little outing between two classmates at Sanryu right?

Kozue: Right.

Godai: Good, well I do have the tickets, though I suppose I will tell you now that I don’t think I will be able to get anything else though. I mean these tickets cost me a fairly good amount of money, I hope that’s not a problem.

Kozue: Oh that’s okay Godai, I suppose I can pitch in and at least get a drink that we can share.  Besides you did get the tickets and that is what really matters.

Godai: That’s true, thanks Kozue.

Kozue: You’re welcome Godai.

(Godai was happily on his way to the Theater with Kozue. That is until they were about to make one turn from an alleyway onto a street. Then Godai sees Mitaka and Kyoko standing nearby as Mitaka tries to look over his car in which seems to be having some trouble here.)

Mitaka: I am so sorry Ms. Otonashi, my car is normally more reliable than this.

Kyoko: It’s alright Coach Mitaka, I’m sure this is something that you can easily handle.

Mitaka: Well yes that is true I do feel that I can handle this…

(Godai is suddenly getting very nervous.)

Godai (thinking): Ah man I didn’t expect to see those two here, oh what am I going to do?

(Then suddenly Godai has his hands on Kozue’s shoulders as he tries to push her away.)

Kozue: Godai, wha… what are you doing?

Godai: I uh… I just thought we go ahead and take a nice little shortcut to the theater. That’s all.

Kozue: But Godai isn’t this the shortcut to the Movie Theater?

Godai: Eh I uh… I might’ve walked to a wrong turn, I think this is the way Kozue, now let’s go.

(Then Mitaka notices Godai at that Alleyway Corner.)

Mitaka: Hmm? Hey Godai is that you?

(Now Godai is really nervous as he now realizes that Mitaka has noticed him, and now feeling really apprehensive he lets go of Kozue as they approach Mitaka and Kyoko. In which while Mitaka seems rather amused by seeing Godai and Kozue, Kyoko seems to be rather confused here.)

Kozue: Oh hi there! Say Godai, do you know these people.

Godai: Who me? Well yeah I… I do.

Mitaka: Oh come now Godai, there is no need to be so nervous. Oh yes I am Shun Mitaka, Tennis Coach and Former Pro Tennis Player. This lovely young lady here is Kyoko Otonashi. Ms. Otonashi is not only my finest student but she is also the Manager of Maison Ikkoku, which is your associate Godai’s humble abode.

Kozue: Oh really that sounds neat.

Mitaka: Indeed, and not only am I Ms. Otonashi’s Tennis Coach but I am also taking her to a nice night out on the town tonight. Granted I am having a little car trouble right now but that will be taken care of shortly.

Kozue: I see, though that’s a really pretty outfit you are wearing Ms. Otonashi.

Kyoko: Eh thank you, and I suppose that’s a cute outfit Ms… uh, Ms…

Mitaka: Ah yes, what is your name little lady?

Kozue: Oh I am sorry, I forgot to introduce myself my name is Kozue Nanao.

Mitaka: Ah Kozue, that sounds like a nice name. Say Godai you never told us that you have a cute little girlfriend you lucky guy. What with you having your arm on her shoulder like that.

Godai: Oh… well I uh… I uh….I just thought I take Kozue here on a nice little outing since she happens to be one of my classmates. Isn’t that right Kozue?

Kozue (as she now holds on to Godai): Right, we were on our way to the movies. We really should be going.

Godai: Yeah that’s true…

Mitaka: Just the movies? I mean that would only cover a part of the Afternoon.

Kozue: That is true but I am not sure if we can really afford to do anything more than that.

Godai: Well yeah…

Mitaka: Not too worry, since I am in such a good mood, I thought I would help you two out. In fact here you go.

(Mitaka then gives Godai and Kozue a 2000 Yen Note leaving the both of them surprised.)

Godai (shocked): Is that a 2000 Yen Note?

Kozue: Oh wow thank you Mr. Mitaka, but you didn’t need to go through the trouble here.

Mitaka: Oh it’s no trouble at all young lady, besides its not much but I’m sure this can at least help you get a nice dinner sometime after the movie.

Kozue: Thank you very much for being so generous Mr. Mitaka, oh wait we should be going now. Bye!

Godai: Eh yeah… Bye!

(Godai and Kozue have now hurried off.)

Mitaka: My, what an adorable young couple. Isn’t that right Ms. Otonashi?

Kyoko:  Oh uh… yes I suppose that is true.

(Kyoko now sees Godai and Kozue running off to the Movie Theater.)

Kyoko (thinking): This… this is strange, just yesterday I overhear Godai telling Ryouga how he is in love with me. But now he is practically on a date with that cute young girl? There is something strange going on here….

(Meanwhile at the Movie Theater in which Godai and Kozue were at they were watching the Horror Movie that Godai purchased Tickets earlier that day. Kozue was having a good time watching the movie with a cheerful little smile on her face.)

Kozue (thinking): Heh heh, this is fun! Oh this movie is so funny… Hmm?

(Then Kozue notices how scared Godai was as he was trying really hard not to appear scared but he was so obviously nervous as his eyes bulged in shock and was sweating. Then Kozue noticed how all the other young couples there as the girls are busy holding on to their boyfriends in terror.)

Kozue: (thinking): Hmm… I suppose this is a little strange, Godai is just sitting there by himself looking so frightened. Poor guy, he’ll probably be embarrassed once he realizes this especially considering on how everyone else here is holding on to each-other. Alright Godai I’ll make sure you won’t feel left out.

(Then Kozue immediately hugs him pretending to be scared.)

Kozue: WAH!

(In which Godai was initially surprised by this in which then Godai smiled and hugged her back.)

Kozue (thinking): Wow…. that scream did sound pretty fake, good thing Godai didn’t seem to notice… *as she is starting to blush a bit* But still… being held by him like this does feel pretty nice….

(Then a little later on that afternoon Akane and Ryouga were walking at a nearby street enjoying the nice day out as Akane was on her way back home.)

Akane: Ah today is such a nice day huh Ryouga?

Ryouga: Yeah it sure is Akane… Hmm?

Akane: What's the matter Ryouga?

Ryouga: I think I see someone over there…. I think its Mr. Godai… yeah in fact I think I’m sure that it’s Mr. Godai over there.  

Akane: Really? Hmm… yeah I see him too, say let’s say hi to Mr. Godai on our way to my home.

Ryouga: Okay

(Then as Ryouga and Akane were getting closer to approaching Godai just as they were about to call out his name they noticed Godai walking with a new girl namely Kozue laughing while Godai has his arm on her shoulder.)

Kozue: Boy that movie was so much fun Godai.

Godai: Well that movie was a… interesting experience. But it was a nice experience to get to see it with you Kozue.

Kozue: Aw thank you Godai.

(Then Akane and Ryouga looked rather surprised to see Godai out and about with another girl in which they tried to hide somewhere and made Godai didn’t see them, which he didn’t.)

Akane: That was too close

Ryouga: Yeah…

Akane: But still that was Mr. Godai but who is this new girl that he is with? I mean I thought he was in love with the Manager.

Ryouga: That’s what I thought too, I mean just yesterday he was telling me about how he wasn’t going to give up on wanting to date Ms. Otonashi so why is he walking around with this other girl?

Akane: Yeah this is really strange…

Ryouga: Hmm… Though on the other hand maybe we are jumping the gun here? I mean maybe there is another reason why Godai is walking around with that other girl.

Akane: I don’t know, the way those two were talking to each other definitely seemed like a date to me.

Ryouga: Well that is true…

Akane: We should head back to my home and tell the others.

Ryouga: Okay, we might even get an explanation over what's going on when we get there.

Akane: Alright then Ryouga, let’s go!

(Meanwhile a little later on that day as Mitaka and Kyoko are on the road in town as Mitaka is driving. Kyoko has a rather melancholy look as she is still thinking about how she saw Godai with that new girl Kozue earlier today.)

Kyoko (thinking): *sigh* I just don’t get it, why it was just yesterday I overheard Godai telling that boy Ryouga about how he was in love with me. But now he is walking around dating a cute little lady like that girl he was with? Maybe there is another explanation here, I mean maybe this young lady is Godai’s kid sister? After all they do look rather similar as she does look like she could be his kid sister…

*Brief Pause*

Kyoko (thinking): Oh no, wait a minute that can’t be it at all. I mean that girl referred to herself as Kozue Nanao so in other words they have different last names. Though they could still be relatives, I mean maybe this Kozue is from Godai’s Mother’s side of the Family. On second thought that’s probably not the case otherwise either Godai or that Kozue girl would’ve said so when Mitaka teased Godai about Kozue, unless Godai is into that kind of thing… Oh I’m probably just over thinking this but something about this is just not adding up…

Mitaka: Ms. Otonashi?

Kyoko (slightly startled): Hmm? Yes?

Mitaka: Is something wrong Ms. Otonashi? You seem to be so quiet. Is something troubling you?  

Kyoko: Oh uh… its nothing really, it’s just that I am normally not out and about on Down Town, especially like this. I guess I was just doing a little sight-seeing.

Mitaka: I see, well if you like we can do some sightseeing before we get our dinner, after all we can think of this as making up for lost time. Especially since getting the car repaired did take a little longer than I originally anticipated in which I still do apologize for that.

Kyoko: It’s alright Mitaka I understand, after all it’s not like it really took a long time in order to get your car fixed. I mean we still have plenty of time to be out and about here on town. So in other words to answer your question Mitaka then yes I suppose a little sight-seeing could be fun.

Mitaka: Splendid, I have a few ideas of where we can go to first. Let’s go…

(Back at Maison Ikkoku, Akane rushed home with Ryouga in which Akane was panting while Ryouga was giving her support by putting his arm on her right shoulder, which when they got in they were approached by most of the tenants at Maison Ikkoku when they got inside.)

Soun: What's going on out here? Oh hello there Akane, your home a little bit later than usual.

Nabiki: Hey there Akane, is Ryouga the reason why you were home a little late? What with his arm on your shoulder and all that.

Ryouga (slight blush and looking away): Eh no, of… of course not…

Akane (slight blush and angry): Shut up Nabiki!

Soun: Now girls settle down.

Kentaro: Say Ms. Akane is something the matter? You are a looking a little bit spooked there Ms. Akane.

Genma: I gotta say that the kid is right Akane, you are looking a little stressed out.

Onsen: Indeed, is something the matter Akane?

Soun: Yes, Akane is something wrong?

Akane: Alright, alright I’ll tell you all just give me a moment okay? *brief pause* Anyways yes Father there definitely seems to be something going on. I admit I am not sure if it’s something wrong but there definitely seems to be something going on here.

Hanae: Well then why don’t you tell us then? C’mon Akane there is no need to keep us in suspense.

Akane: Alright Mrs. Ichinose, I’ll tell you all. Anyways it happened shortly after school so I was spending some time alone with Ryouga as we were walking together.

Nabiki & Akemi: Ooooohhhhh….

(As Akane and Ryouga’s faces are a little red again.)

Akane: Shut it!  *ahem* Anyways, while Ryouga and I were walking and minding our own business until we saw Mr. Godai on the street, naturally we were going to run up to him to say hello.  But as soon as we got close enough to see him, we saw him walking around with another girl. In fact it seems that Godai is on a date right now!

(Now most of the Tenants that are in the hall are rather surprised by this news.)

Genma & Onsen: Really?

Soun: Oh my…

Hanae: Okay I admit I did not see that coming…

Yotsuya: Indeed, this is a slightly surprising turn of events.

Akemi: Yeah…

Kentaro: So all of this was because Godai is out on some date? Is that all?

Ranma: Yeah I definitely got to agree with my little buddy here I mean really you two? You two rushed back here just to gossip about whose dating who? I mean what were you two going to braid each-other’s hair and paint each-other’s toenails?

Akane: Shut up Ranma!

Ryouga: Yeah!

Nabiki (thinking): Heh, really Ranma? That is some awfully big talk, coming from a guy who gets an impromptu sex change every time he gets some cold water.  

Soun: Now children settle down.

Nabiki: Yeah Akane besides are we even sure that Godai is even on some sort of date or are you just jumping to conclusions here? After all you don’t exactly have the best grasp of romance there; after all I’m sure Ryouga of all people would know that all too well.

(Ryouga face faults and whimpers in shame.)

Akane: That’s enough Nabiki! Besides I have a perfectly fine grasp of romance thank you very much.

Ryouga: Eh… yeah! Besides I can vouch for Akane on how Godai seems to be on a date with this other girl. I mean they seem to be laughing as Godai has her arms around this girl.

Akane: Yeah and they were talking about some movie they say so apparently Mr. Godai took this girl to the movies recently.

Ranma: Even if that is really the case here Akane, don’t you think your making a big deal out of nothing? I mean so what if that dope Godai is out on a date now.

Akane: Well I was just being a bit surprised, that’s all, besides I figured if I asked you all about this then I figured somebody might give me an answer over what's going on here.

Hanae: Alright Akane I think I got an explanation here.  You see earlier this morning, probably not too long after you kids went out to school, the Manager was getting all dolled up because she was heading out to be on a date with Ol’ Shun Mitaka. Apparently the Manager is having a nice little night on the town with Mitaka and won’t be home until later on tonight.

Akane: The Manager is on a date with Mr. Mitaka right now? Oh my…

Akemi: So the Manager is having a night out on the town with Mitaka and won’t be home until later on tonight huh? Hmm… I wonder how much later…

Nabiki: Oh yeah heh heh…

Soun: Oh yes I remember on how just a short while ago, Kasumi told me that the Manager is on a little outing with Coach Mitaka before she went out to get some Pet Food for the Manager’s Dog Soichiro.

Hanae: Yeah so another words Godai probably saw the Manager going out with Mitaka so that is probably the reason why he is on a date with some other girl.

Ryouga: I have to admit that does kind of make sense over why would Godai be on a date with some other girl now.

Akane: Yeah…

Genma: Hmm… I gotta say if that is true, then I’m a little surprised that Godai seems to be taking this rather well.

Onsen: Yeah, if he really knew that the Manager is out on a date with Mitaka I would’ve figured that I would find him at the Chachamaru later.

Yotsuya: Indeed, the Godai we know would normally be sulking at a time like this.

Akemi: I don’t see why you all are acting so surprised, I mean even if Godai didn’t know that the Manager is apparently out on a date with Mitaka it doesn’t matter really. I mean it’s not like Godai ever had a chance with the Manager to begin with. Perhaps even Godai has finally realized that.
Nabiki: Oh yeah that’s definitely true.

Yotsuya: Indeed, perhaps young Godai is starting to understand his limits.

Soun: Alright that’s enough everyone let’s not be too judgmental here. After all I am sure both the Manager and Godai will inform us about their respective outings by later on tonight if not tomorrow. And I’m sure they will tell us about their outings when they want to so let’s not over-crowd them about this later alright?

Akane & Nabiki: Yes father.

Ryouga: Yes sir.

Ranma: Whatever.

Kentaro: Yeah…

Genma: Alright Soun, I got the message. C’mon you three lets go get some booze, say Soun and Onsen want to join us?

Onsen:  Heh sure why not?

Soun: Perhaps later, you four go have your fun.

(A little later on that evening after walking around town, Godai and Kozue are now having a nice little dinner at a local small restaurant in which Godai and Kozue have now received their meals.)

Kozue: Oh wow this looks so good!

Godai: Ah yeah this does look nice; anyways it’s a good thing I suggested that we saved the money we got for our dinner while we were walking around town. Not only did it help get us this meal but we might even be able to get a little something for dessert afterwards. This place has a nice selection of Red Bean Paste Treats, does that sound any good?

Kozue: That sounds yummy!

Godai: Good, now let’s eat.

(In which Godai and Kozue did indeed dig in, though Kozue was being a bit of a noisy eater.)

Kozue: Nomnomnomnomnomnom…. Hmm! This Yakitori is so delicious! And this Tempura is so nice and crisp too. Oh this is so yummy!

(Then Godai had a nice little smile as he had a little chuckle as he is now patting Kozue on the head.)

Godai: Heh heh you are just so cute there Kozue.

(In which Kozue was slightly surprised by Godai’s little gesture.)

Kozue: You… you think I’m cute?

Godai: Sure do. I mean how could anyone not? You are practically adorable.

Kozue: Really?

Godai: Uh-huh

(In which Kozue briefly looked away with a bit of a blush.)

Kozue: Oh my….

Godai: Hmm? Is something wrong Kozue?

Kozue (startled): Eh?! Oh uh… *as she regains her composure while now facing Godai* It’s nothing, I guess I just needed to slow down a bit. I was just eating a bit too fast but this food is so good.

Godai: Ah yeah this food is very good; it kind of reminds me of the food I use to eat when I was with my family back in Hokkaido.

Kozue: Really?

Godai: Oh yes my parents owned a nice little restaurant like this one as they were the cooks there. I used to help out doing chores for the Restaurant back when I was a kid but if I did my chores and school work well I would get some nice treats from their restaurant. However while you feel like wolfing down your meal because it’s so good, I want to make sure I take this nice and slow so I can savor it.

Kozue: Let me guess its a little habit you got from your Restaurant Cook parents?

Godai: Well yes that is true, however it’s really because it’s been a while since the last time I had a meal like this.

Kozue (starting to get concerned): Really?

Godai: Uh-huh, ever since I moved out of my home to my current place so I can get into College I have been living in a low-rent boarding house. My dinners are usually just a cup of ramen or two and if I am lucky I would get a bit more than that.

Kozue: Oh…

(In which while Kozue looks sad now she takes a look at what's left of her meal and pushes her plate towards Godai.)

Kozue: Here, if you want you can have what's left of mine, I know it’s not much but still…

(Now Godai has a nice warm smile on his face because of Kozue’s little gesture here.)

Godai: Thank you but its okay; you can finish your meal Kozue.

Kozue: Really?

Godai: Really, besides I want to make sure I still have some room for our dessert, remember?

Kozue: Oh yeah that’s right.

Godai: That’s okay, I suppose I was getting a little melancholic there but things aren’t that bad for me. I mean sure I still mostly get Ramen cups for dinner but I do occasionally get some food from some of my neighbors every now & then, especially nowadays.

Kozue: Aw that sounds nice!

Godai: Uh-huh so I take it you have been enjoying yourself today Kozue?

Kozue: I sure am, I never thought I would be having an outing like this. Oh I guess this might sound a little silly to you I mean I am sure a guy like you have taken plenty of girls out to places like this.

Godai (feeling slightly embarrassed): Actually… No, I haven’t this is the first time I have been on an outing like this too.

Kozue: Really?

Godai: Uh-huh, but this is has been really nice Kozue this really does feel nice.

Kozue: Yeah this really does feel nice Godai, it really does.

(Meanwhile at a nice really fancy restaurant Mitaka and Kyoko are enjoying a nice meal. Well Mitaka is, Kyoko still seems to be thinking about how she saw Godai with that new girl Kozue, and is still rather puzzled about it.)

Kyoko (thinking): I just don’t get it, I mean the more I think about the fact that Godai is dating this other girl despite supposedly being in love with me the more it just doesn’t add up.  I mean I overhear Godai talking to Ryouga about how he is in love with the Manager yesterday and now today he is out with this other girl? It just doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. There is also on how Godai really nervous when Mitaka and I noticed him with that girl Kozue, it’s like he is trying to hide something from me.

(Then Kyoko’s eyes widen in shock and she is now starting to scowl.)

Kyoko (thinking): Or he is trying to hide something from her! I mean Godai seems to be secretly harboring feelings for me yet he panics when I am in front of the girl he is dating. So how come Godai is so nervous about the idea of his date meeting me huh? Oh Godai you ought to be ashamed of yourself pining for an older curvier woman like me while you’re dating a cute young girl like her. Well I for one will have no part of it!

(Then Kyoko makes a fist and pounds on the table slightly startling Mitaka a bit, in which Kyoko now starts to calm down a bit.)

Kyoko (thinking): Wait a minute; I should be careful about this. I mean there are still some things about this that I don’t know so I shouldn’t be jumping to conclusions here. Besides now that I think about it I don’t really know much about what Godai does when he is not at Maison Ikkoku, though I suppose that’s also the problem as well.

Mitaka (slightly nervous) Um… Ms. Otonashi? Is something the matter?

Kyoko: Hmm?

Mitaka: Well something seems to be bothering you Ms. Otonashi.

Kyoko (nervous): Oh uh… it’s nothing really I mean I am here on this rather nice date here with you having a good time. So feel free to go back to your meal alright Mitaka?

Mitaka: O…kay then sure.

(Then as Mitaka resumes eating Kyoko seems to be now feeling a little epiphany here.)

Kyoko (thinking): Wait a minute… I have been having a nice date with Mitaka today so maybe THAT is why Godai is out with this new girl Kozue. Of course! Why didn’t I see this before? Oh I feel like such a fool…

(Kyoko is starting to feel a bit insecure.)

Kyoko (thinking): Wait if that is the case then, did Godai get over me that quickly? *then she starts to feel a little nervous* I shouldn’t be thinking things like that! *then she calms down* Besides now that I think about it perhaps I shouldn’t have been so bothered by this. Why in fact I should be glad, I mean when I first overheard Godai’s secret feelings for me I panicked and thought I had to try to turn him down later. Who knows, maybe I won’t have to after all. Yeah, besides I suppose it’s for the best that I not worry about this… for now at least.

Kyoko: Say… Mitaka?

Mitaka: Yes Ms. Otonashi?

Kyoko: I’m really sorry that I have been a bit distant to you all throughout today. I… have been having other thoughts in my mind lately. You see it has been a while since I have been out on a date like this, so I have been having thoughts about other things lately. I hope you understand, but still this has been a nice time Mitaka.

Mitaka: It’s alright Ms. Otonashi I do understand, there have been a few times when I have had my mind on other things as well during a date so I do understand.

Kyoko: Thank you Coach Mitaka, and I assure you I try to be a lot less distant the next time we go out.

Mitaka: Ah the next time we go out huh? Well that’s good to hear, well if there is anywhere else you want to go in the near future then do let me know alright?

Kyoko: Alright I will, oh yes and that was very nice of you to give some money to Godai and that young lady he was with earlier today.

Mitaka: My pleasure Ms. Otonashi, granted I figure that while 2000 Yen is definitely not much for a guy like me but I figured it would help someone like Godai out.

Kyoko: Why yes I suppose they would appreciate that Mitaka, though it seems we are about done with our meals. Shall we order something for dessert?

Mitaka: Why yes that does sound nice Ms. Otonashi that sounds very nice.

(Meanwhile Godai and Kozue are out and about on the street at night as their little date is about to come to an end.)

Kozue: Oh that meal was so nice Godai.

Godai: Yeah that really was nice, today turned out to be a really nice day after all.

Kozue: Oh yeah, I got to see a movie I have been waiting for and a really yummy dinner too. I had a really good time Godai.

Godai: Yeah, me too Kozue me too. You know I really am glad that I met you Kozue.

Kozue: Really?

Godai: Uh-huh you are one of the nicest girls I ever met today has really been nice.

Kozue: Oh Godai you are one of the nicest boys I know, I’m really glad I met you too.

Godai: Why thank you Kozue.

Kozue: You’re welcome Godai.

(Godai and Kozue walk a little more until they find a little fork in the road.)

Godai: Hmm? Why are you stopping here Kozue?

Kozue: Oh that street to the right leads to my house, it’s getting late I should be getting back home.

Godai: Okay then good night Kozue, I guess our date is over….

Kozue: Yeah I guess it is…

(Then after this little realization Godai and Kozue look at each-other as they start to feel a little tense as they both wonder how are they going to end this date. Their cheeks start to redden up a bit as they know how dates normally end but what will they do?)

Godai: Well… I uh… I…

Kozue: Uh…. I… I…

(Then Godai extends his hand to her as he tries really hard to smile despite his panic-stricken eyes.)

Godai: Well this was a pleasant encounter; let’s have another pleasant encounter sometime in the future.

(Kozue is now shaking his hand as she has a very similar expression on her face.)

Kozue: Oh yes that encounter was pleasant; we should have another pleasant encounter some time. Good night Godai .

Godai: Yes good night Kozue, farewell for now.

(Then as the two went their separate ways.)

Godai (thinking): Oh come on, a handshake?! Really?! This was a date not a business meeting you moron!  Okay I got to calm down I mean this was a first date, so I suppose it’s not that big a deal.

Kozue (thinking): Ah! I can’t believe I am being such a scaredy cat again! Oh I got to show him that I am not such a little girl, no matter what everyone else thinks. Okay calm down, it’s not that big a deal I mean we had a really nice time out today. So I suppose this was a nice first date, yeah! It was a nice first date, besides I will be seeing him tomorrow at school anyways.

(Then Godai is now as Maison Ikkoku in which he was about to enter inside the building until he got startled by a barking Soichiro.)

Godai: AH! *brief pause*Oh it’s just the Manager’s dog…

(Then as Godai notices that the Manager’s office is the only room that is still lit.)

Godai (thinking): Oh I see the Manager probably just got back from her date with Mitaka… Oh man I can’t believe it, I was having such a good time today I almost forgot about the fact that Kyoko pretty much spent the day out with Mitaka.

(Godai notices that Soichiro has been looking at him.)

Godai: Now you listen here dog, this doesn’t necessarily change anything alright?

(Soichiro gives out one more bark.)

Godai (thinking): Yeah after all I told Ryouga that I wasn’t going to give up on the Manager so I shouldn’t give up so easily! Though… that being said I would like to see that Kozue girl again. But as for now I need some sleep…

(Then Godai goes inside as he tries to get back up to his room hoping that nobody would notice him. Apparently someone was watching Godai namely Yotsuya who was watching Godai nearby within the shadows.)
Yotsuya: Hmm… It appears we will soon be having another player upon this fine stage; perhaps it is time that I inform a certain acquaintance of mine.


Godai: On the next episode of Takahashi Trifecta, I get to be a bit more involved in School’s activities as I get to be in the School’s Puppet Club.

Sakamoto: Oh there is no need to be so modest Godai, in this episode you get to be pursued by a young babe for once. I mean you went on a date last night, now you are being pursued by this smoking hot young lady. Oh Godai you lucky dope, what's your secret?

Godai: Eh secret? Well uh… I don’t know what you are talking about but yes I do get to join the mostly female Puppet Club on the next episode of Takahashi Trifecta along with a certain someone that I know of.

Kyoko (thinking): More College Girls? Seriously what is going on here?

Ukyo: Hey there Ranma Honey.

Ranma: Oh uh hey Ucchan!

Ukyo: So have you told Kentaro about your “condition” yet?

Ranma: Well I uh… I uh… *gulp* No, not yet.

Ukyo: *sigh* Oh Ranma Honey, well okay then I will be coming over to Maison Ikkoku after school on this next episode of Takahashi Trifecta to make sure you do. Anyways the next episode of Takahashi Trifecta will be…

“The Mistress of the Puppet Club, the Mysterious Beauty”

See you soon!

Godai & Sakamoto: Bye for now!

Ranma: Yeah… see you all later.
Takahashi Trifecta Episode 12
Takahashi Trifecta Episode 12: One slightly Tangled Evening of Romance, Kozue Nanao enters the stage.

In this episode of Takahashi Trifecta, Kozue Nanao makes her appearance. Godai originally was going to try to ask Kyoko out to the movies he finds out that he is too late as she is already heading out for a night on the town with Mitaka. While Godai was of course initially frustrated with this turn of events he meets up with a young lady by the name of Kozue Nanao in which they ended up hitting it off. This episode is in many ways alike the 12th episode of Maison Ikkoku where Kozue also made her debut. (However there is some key differences like how while Kyoko is bothered by seeing Godai with Kozue its for somewhat different reasons).

Anyways the next episode will hopefully be up soon.  
Hey folks I know its a little late but happy 2015, here is my first Journal entry for the year. Remember a while back when I said that I was going to do episode summaries of future episodes of my Takahashi Trifecta series? Well here they are, I admit I did originally say I was going to give you a summary list of episodes 11-20 but since this was taking long than I originally anticipated I went with 11-15 instead. I was writing down highly detailed summaries for myself (which I felt uncertain about doing long summaries at first but then I figured it would be for the best). But not too worry folks I will of course give you folks some shorter summaries of these upcoming episodes. But first for those who are unaware of my Takahashi Trifecta series or haven't read all of my episodes yet you can take a look here at...…

Anyways here is the episode summaries...

Episode 11- Its the day after Ikuko's welcoming party in Episode 10 and the folks at Maison Ikkoku are wanting to relax. Godai has a nice little man-to-man chat with Ryouga as Godai tries to be supportive to him. (In which Kyoko overhears Godai's chat with Ryouga and thought it was nice until she hears about who does Godai have feelings for then frets about it as she heads back to her room.) Then Ryouga confides with Godai that he has a certain secret as well. Kentaro tells Ranma how the party they were in yesterday was fun. But there was something that Kentaro and Ikuko were curious about yesterday namely who is that red-haired girl with a big Panda bear who was seen in some of the pictures with the Tendo sisters in the Tendo family album. Meanwhile later on that day as the adults of Maison Ikkoku were at the Chachamaru Shun Mitaka shows up and asks Kyoko out in which she felt a bit overwhelmed and uncomfortable. Mitaka was then informed about how Kyoko recently became a widow in which Mitaka gave Kyoko plenty of sympathy, understanding and support. (In which Mitaka and Godai even have a little debate about the fact that Kyoko still has trouble letting go of her late husband Soichiro and what she should do about it.)

Episode 12- This will be Kozue Nanao's debut episode. But first things first this episode will begin with Ranma and Ukyo having a little chat as Ranma is nervous about the fact that Kentaro has seen pictures of his "other self" Ranko and wonders what to do about it. While Ukyo understands Ranma's dilemma she does try to tell him that it would really be for the best to be more open and honest to Kentaro. Meanwhile a little later on that afternoon Godai finally has the courage to go ahead and try to ask Kyoko out on a date but he was too late as she was getting dressed and ready to go on a date with Shun Mitaka. Naturally Godai feels a bit disheartened by this until he meets Kozue Nanao a cute short young lady who goes to the same university that he does. The two had a pleasant idle chat until she noticed the movie tickets Godai has in his hand in which he invites her to come with him in which she gladly accepted. Though while Godai and Kozue were on their way to the movies they ran into Kyoko and Mitaka as the latter couple were having a little bit of car trouble. Godai was rather nervous about this awkward situation while Mitaka was rather amused while Kyoko was confused. (In fact Kyoko spent most of her date with Mitaka wondering what is Godai doing with this young lady and believes that something about this is not adding up.) But while Godai felt nervous about the idea of dating Kozue he does actually enjoy the date and while he claims this changes nothing about Kyoko he admits he would like to see that Kozue girl again.

Episode 13- Earlier that day in Furinkan High, Ukyo, Akane and Nabiki were having a chat about a few issues. Namely how Ukyo is trying to encourage Ranma to tell Kentaro about his Jusenkyo Curse and that Godai is dating this girl by the name of Kozue. Meanwhile at Sanryu University Sakamoto has heard that Godai was on a date last night and asked Godai about it. Though they did run into Kozue in which Godai did at least have enough time to introduce Sakamoto to her since she had to get to class. Then Sakamoto teases Godai in which he went from pining for a cute babe like Kyoko to a cutesy little munchkin like Kozue in which Godai was a little annoyed by that. But a little while later Godai notices that a pretty young woman with long dark hair has been pursuing him and is kind of intrigued yet creeped out by that. But as soon as he tries to confront this young woman she reveals to him that she is Sayoko Kuroki and she is trying to recruit him for the school's Puppet club in which Godai was surprised but he accepts. (In which a little later on that day he finds out that Kozue just recently became a new member as well as they get to see what the Puppet Club is like.) However a little later on that day most of the Puppet Club members play a little prank as they call Maison Ikkoku asking for Godai in flirty voices as Kyoko gets increasingly annoyed by this. Then Kyoko frets about this as she wonders how many girls are Godai seeing and does that girl Kozue know about this? But rest assured Godai does explain this situation to Kyoko later. Oh yes and in this episode Ranma and Ukyo do sit Kentaro down as they try to explain to Kentaro about Ranma's "Jusenkyo Curse" problem and try to get him to understand.

Episode 14- This episode also starts in Furinkan High as Ukyo, Akane and Shinobu have been talking about whats been going on lately. Then they found Megane's lackeys Perm, Kakugari and Chibi and asked them what were they doing here. While Megane's cohorts were rather nervous about that (especially when Ranma came in and wanted to interrogate them) they claim they haven't been doing anything wrong lately and don't know what Megane has been doing lately and left. Then Ataru casually walked in and greeted Ranma and the ladies and asked what was going on. Then a mysterious young man came flying in a sci-fi flight suit who calls himself the Great Cyber-Man whose presence must be a shocking sight to behold. Until Ataru quickly pointed out that its just Megane in a cosplay suit in which Megane is infuriated that Megane sees through his disguise so quickly. But then Megane brags about how he has made his new cybersuit from tech that he borrowed from Mendo industries and is now picking a fight with Ranma and Ataru in which Ranma gladly obliged. While Ranma was definitely able to get some hits in Megane's suit was surprisingly durable as Megane is not out of the fight yet. However the fight does get an intervention by Shuutaro Mendo and Tatewaki Kuno, the former being annoyed at Megane for stealing some MendoTech as Megane has no intention on giving Shuutaro's family any credit for the tech.

Episode 15- Godai was out on another date with Kozue in which she was fascinated by these stories that Godai has been telling her about life at Maison Ikkoku and wants to visit him. While Godai is a little uncertain about it at first but does agree to it and tells her that she will get to visit. Meanwhile the next day Kozue gives Godai a surprise visit earlier that afternoon but finds out he is not home but is then approached by Hanae as she invites Kozue in then introduces her to Yotsuya and Akemi. Their little meeting does go pretty at first until the trio start cracking jokes about what Godai is really like as the spineless dope that he is. Then Akemi started mocking Kozue about her body and is surprised that a pervert like Godai would even go for a short flat-chested runt like Kozue. Akemi kept harassing Kozue long enough until she started to tear up a bit in which Yotsuya got a little nervous and Hanae actually felt a little remorseful. But Akemi got really defensive about her behavior until Kozue screamed in frustration on how Godai is not some shallow pervert. But Soun overhears some shouting going on at the Ichinose residence and demands and explanation from the trio on why is this girl crying. Then Soun apologizes to Kozue about the trio's behavior and gives her some money for some lunch and tells her that he will make sure that Godai knows that she was here when he gets back. Later on that day Godai is back home and was told about what happened to Kozue earlier today and is furious at the trio for how they treated her especially Akemi. While Hanae (and to a lesser extent Yotsuya) do apologize about the incident Akemi is incredibly annoyed by this as Godai calls her out on her shallow callous nature. But then some of the others at Maison Ikkoku do suggest Godai to give Kozue a chance a nicer visit at Maison Ikkoku in which he does agree to it. In which at the next day Kozue does visit Maison Ikkoku again in which Godai makes sure that this visit will go a lot better this time.

So folks what do you think? I am also thinking of starting a radioplay out of this series by sometime this year. I admit I am not entirely sure whether if I should wait until I get these episodes done or not but still what do you folks think?            
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