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Technodrome: Elevator by GarthTheDestroyer

This is a rather nice and stylish depiction of one of the most unique (and slightly difficult) boss battles in a 2-D Brawler ever. Whil...


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(Contains: sexual themes and violence/gore)




Doctor Doom:
Arise for you are in the presence of Doctor Doom!
My powers and prowess shall send you all to your tomb!
I have magical powers and technology that are second to none!
As of course my Comic Book Legacy can never be outdone!
So you truly do have the same powers as Superman?
Then why are you constantly bested by him and his Super Clan?
I am the undisputed ruler of Latveria as I sit upon my throne.
While you are too busy being trapped in the Phantom Zone.
You call yourself a General yet you’re not fit to clean my cloak.
As ever since the 80s you’re nothing but a bombastic S&M Joke.

General Zod:
Ah yes Doctor Doom, a classic example of Delusions of Grandeur.
Looks like it time that I put this arrogant fool out to pasture.
You accuse Terence Stamp of being too hammy? Oh, like you are one to talk.
As for me, I am General Zod and I am Krpyton’s Greatest War Hawk!
You rule your land with some powerful armor that much is true.
And yet that was never truly good enough for you.
Oh I know the real reason why you act so bombastic.
It’s because you know you were never as smart as Mr. Fantastic.
Now accept your defeat you delusional sod!

Doctor Doom:
Fool! No one demands Doctor Doom to kneel!
All those who do will be crushed by Doom’s Vibranium Heel!
You accuse Doctor Doom of arrogance as if you are one to boast.
As for Superman’s adversaries you’re a C-Lister at most.
You have only had a few followers so we are far from equal.
While Doom has led the likes of the Syndicate and the Masters of Evil!
In fact Doom has appeared in more shows & games than the Fantastic Four.
You have appeared only a few times within Superman’s Lore.
Perhaps you shall keep some of your issues about your ego in check.
So please tell us all, Dear General, how’s your neck?

General Zod:
You accuse me of being too arrogant? Are you sure you have a case?
Then tell me, do you still blame Reed Richards about your face?
As some younger viewers would say you are so full of salt.
For your biggest flaw is that you’ll never think that it’s your fault.
We both know you have that problem that much is true.
It’s probably because you’ll never get to bed Reed’s beloved wife Sue.
You love to bring up my time in the Phantom Zone to give me chagrin.
Oh you don’t know what its like? I’ll be sure to tell that to Odin.
For I know a certain fact that will certainly make your eyes twitch.
That you’re the first villain to ever become Squirrel Girl’s Bit…

(Then suddenly both Doctor Doom and General Zod heard a loud rumble.)

General Zod: What in the…

Doctor Doom: Oh no…

(Then Doctor Doom immediately flew away from the scene while General Zod was getting trampled by a large army of Squirrels.)





ERB Doctor Doom Vs. General Zod
Alright folks its time for another Marvel Vs. DC battle and this one is for the battle of Megalomaniacs namely Dr. Doom from the Fantastic Four versus General Zod from Superman. Oh yes I will also admit that this is the 1st ERB that I have done that is actually made from a request namely from Firelord55555 namely as thanks for that vid of one of my earlier ERBs he did recently at...…
Hey folks, one of my previous ERBs was actually made into a Youtube vid recently. DeathKillers55 made a vid based off of my Sub Zero Vs. Mr. Freeze vid here at...…

Its an interesting little production and I do appreciate the fact that he is the first guy to actually make a vid out of one of my ERB battles. Oh yes and I am playing the role of the Announcer in that vid as well.

Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes)





B. Jenet:
I am B. Jenet the leader of the Lillien Knights!
My pirates are so famous our logo is up in lights!
With my wind attacks I can blow you both away with one Wind Gust!
As I have a more beautiful body such as my face, legs and of course enormous bust.
So bring it on then you noodle-armed tarts!
As I will defeat you both with my LK Arts!
But I am not such a bad girl I can be civil to you both as it would be a pleasure.
That is, before I relieve you all of your treasure.
After all getting rich stealing from criminals can be such a Joy.
As I am the Captain of my crew while you two follow a cute little rubbery boy.

Oh goody, well Robin it looks like we get to babysit this rich brat.
That is before our rhymes knock her down flat.
Oh come now Ms. Navigator we don’t need to be too aggressive.
After all I don’t know why she considers her wind powers to be all that impressive.
Ah yeah, after all I have my trusty Clima-Tact.
With it I have way more elemental powers than you and that is a fact!
Ah yes and of course there is the matter of my Devil Fruit.
And the powers I gained from it would make this discussion rather moot.
Oh yeah we easily have way more powerful and better attacks.
As we also have the sexier bodies and bigger racks.
Indeed, when it comes to piracy you think you’re a crown jeweled pearl.
But in reality you’re just a bored little Rich Girl.

B. Jenet:
Okay so I am in a really wealthy family so what that it’s true.
That doesn’t make me less of a pirate than either one of you.
Oh and Nami don’t bother trying to hype yourself up as some powerful chick.
Because all I have to do is break that gaudy looking stick.
And Robin before you can use your special limbs to knock me away.
I can use my wind to blow you into the sea, Miss All-Sunday.
As I have noticed how you close you two can be in your little Straw-Hat commune.
It is almost feels like I am up against Sailor Uranus and Neptune.
Oh I know you both had sad lives so filled with strife.
Gee Robin how about you go back to bed with your red-headed wife?

Hey! First of all my fair color is Orange you dumb Blond!
Besides you’ll never understand how Robin and I have a special bond.
Oh yes and I shall give you a little hint, Miss Young Lady with no Bra.
If you wish to arouse Nami you should wear glasses like Miss Kalifa.
Gee Robin what's the matter, jealous?
Uh but don’t get the wrong idea there fellas!
Oh calm down Nami I was having some fun and figuring out Miss Jenet isn’t too hard.
Sadly she seems so frustrated that she could never bed a certain Terry Bogard.
Ah yeah I guess that shouldn’t come as a big shock.
Why she does kind of remind me of a certain Ms. Hancock.
Indeed, but so sorry Miss Jenet I would so hate to see you crying.
You call Terry Bogard your first love? I’ll be sure to tell that to Miss Mary Ryan.

[Then suddenly a big pirate ship comes in as Ruby Heart from Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 comes out.]

Ruby Heart:
Alright its time that I put these sticks with Watermelons into some musical traction!
As its time for some Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 Action!
I once led the way into a New Age of Heroes!
Alas I am now stuck here with these Pilge-Rat Hoes.
Alright, I’m also a shapely beauty that much is true.
But I am still a far more Professional Pirate than any one of you.
Anyways do any of you still believe your any match for me, Ruby Heart?
Just as I figured none of you Sea Wenches were all that smart.
But I have one more question before I return to my ship.
Which one of you wenches want to be the first to taste my whip?




ERB B Jenet Vs. Nami and Nico Robin
Here is my latest ERB and it shall be the battle of the lady Pirates! As this match up stars B. Jenet from the renowned Neo Geo game Fatal Fury/Garou Mark of the Wolves versus Nami and Nico Robin from the highly popular Shounen Anime One Piece. Oh yes and this ERB also features a special appearance from a certain lady pirate from Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 namely Ruby Heart.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes)
Neo Geo Saga 1 King Arcade Mode

Vs. Terry Bogard: So you’re the famous “Lone Wolf of Southtown” huh? I suppose I am somewhat impressed.

Vs. Andy Bogard: You are certainly disciplined but you are also far too rigid, I can certainly tell that much from your fighting style.

Vs. Joe Higashi: So you’re a Japanese man who became a popular Muay Thai kick boxer in Thailand? *Hmph* The Muay Thai circuit wasn’t always so welcoming towards foreigners.

Vs. Tung Fu Rue: My path may have gone dark recently but I must fight for the sake of my younger brother.

Vs. Duck King: Dance Clubs? Not interested, I am much more partial to Jazz.

Vs. Richard Meyer: So you wish to open a Café here sir? *sigh* You should probably go back home where its safe.

Vs. Michael Max: Your tornados are a cute little trick but my Venom Strike is a lot more precise and deadly.

Vs. Hwa Jai: You deserve your current reputation as a has-been you arrogant misogynistic cretin!  

Vs. Raiden: You fight to reclaim your fame? You selfish oaf you should fight for the sake of those you care about not just for your self.

Vs. Billy Kane: I too came from a poor life as I have tried to raise a younger sibling. I am forced to serve Geese while you are one of his most loyal lap dogs!

Vs. Geese Howard: Think of this as my way to make sure my dear younger Brother Jan will remain safe and sound with me.

Vs. Mai Shiranui: I am aware of the stories of Kunoichi using their feminine wiles on their targets but don’t you think your taking this a bit too far?

Vs. Cheng Sinzan: So this is the Tycoon that used to be friends with Geese Howard? I wish I could ask him some questions but I doubt I could get away with that.

Vs. Jubei Yamada: *sigh* Vulgar old men like you are the reason why I normally try to dress like a man.

Vs. Kim Kap Hwan: So you’re South Korea’s Hero of Justice? *sigh* All I am going to say is good luck.

Vs. Blue Mary: *sigh* I’m sorry but I’m afraid I can’t answer any of your questions today.

Vs. Hokutomaru: This kid looks like he is about Jan’s age. Kid, please do us both a favor and just head home.

Vs. Kim Dong Hwan: Think of this as a reminder why you should always take your opponent seriously kid!

Vs. Kim Jae Hoon: You’re still rather inexperienced but at least you behave a lot better than those other boys who were with you.

Vs. Lao: I’ve heard stories that a big muscular oaf who happens to be a pirate is lurking around here. Apparently those stories are true…

Vs. Ryo Sakazaki: So this is the Invincible Dragon I’ve heard about, I must say he is not bad.

Vs. Robert Garcia: This guy is the “Raging Tiger of Kyokugen”? Look rich boy just because you can afford to buy a Tiger doesn’t mean you should call yourself one.

Vs. Ryuhaku Todoh: I understand the fact that you fight to support your family but the only reason why I fight for that man Geese is to save my dear little brother.

Vs. Jack Turner: A Fat Pig like you deserves to be slaughtered by my feet.

Vs. King: I know I have been rather depressed lately but perhaps now would be a good time to stop drinking at night.

Vs. Lee Pai Long: So you too have been forced to serve Geese Howard? I understand your pain.

Vs. John Crawley: You try to look like a well disciplined soldier but you’re just another vulgar womanizer!

Vs. Mickey Rogers: Look the only reason why I am still here is because I’m forced to, trust me young man trying to rely on a man like Geese Howard is not going to put you back on top.

Vs. Mr. Big: There is nothing more sickening than a man who treats women as nothing more than merchandise.

Vs. Mr. Karate: So the “Secret Weapon” is another man who has hid his shame with a Mask? What is this world coming to?

Vs. Yuri Sakazaki: Don’t worry I’m not going to capture you, but I do have to tell you that your not ready yet to take on the scumbags in this town.

Vs. Temjin: Mongolian Sumo? Well you certainly are a rather unique fellow I will give you that much.

Vs. Eiji Kisaragi: So even old fashioned Ninjas are here? This “King of Fighters” tournament is attracting all sorts of strange people here.

Vs. Jin Fu Ha: This muscular brute calls himself a Ninja? Seriously?

Vs. Karman Cole: Sorry sir, I normally am not one to strike down a gentleman but my current occupation has made me do things I would normally not do.

Vs. Gai Tendo: So this young man is the so-called “Rising Star of MMA”? Let’s just say I am not all that impressed.

Vs. Seo Yong Song: Here is a little lesson in reality you arrogant little brat, never take your opponent too lightly. Do you understand that now?

Vs. Payak Sitipitak: So you’re the old veteran Muay Thai champ Payak, I can see why you’re so renowned. Thank you for the Match sir.

Vs. Rob Python: Get lost I have no time for vulgar womanizers like you.

Vs. Jacques Ducalis: Vous étiez un adversaire digne monsieur. Il est bon de voir qu'il ya encore des combattants masculins qui savent respecter les femmes. (You were a worthy opponent sir. It is good to see that there are still male fighters who know how to respect a woman.)

Vs. Goro Daimon: Judo is not bad per say but its all brawn and grappling thanks to some of my special moves you’re a big slow target.

Vs. Ralf Jones: Oh great another hot-blooded muscle head, like Southtown hasn’t had enough of them by now.

Vs. Clark Still: You seem to be quite the professional huh? You’re so stern and serious but your fighting style was so rigid I saw plenty of openings.

Vs. Heidern: So Geese Howard and the infamous Arms Dealer Rugal Bernstein are old friends? That’s not surprising…

Vs. Leona Heidern: It’s strange on how someone so melancholic can show so much ferocity in battle.

Vs. Whip: I won’t begrudge you for using a weapon but you rely on that whip far too much young lady.

Vs. Chang Koehan: Another boorish oaf falls by the might of my kicks, how typical.

Vs. Choi Bounge: You remind me of a fairly old American horror movie I have seen recently.

Vs. Heavy D!: Next time spend a bit more time training and less time grooming that strange hairstyle of yours.

Vs. Lucky Glauber: Trust me you’re going to need more than a few Karate classes in order to survive in Southtown.

Vs. Brian Battler: Football? You don’t look like a Football Player… Oh wait you’re an American I understand now, though I never understood the American version of Football.

Vs. Ramon: Keep leering at me like that again and you will need another eye patch!

Vs. Angel: *sigh* Another drunken putain on the streets, I use to see women like you back home in France all the time.

Vs. Jhun Hoon: Alright sir I suppose I will believe you that your interest in this girl named Athena Asamiya is perfectly innocent… *under her breath* for now.

Vs. Kang Bae Dal: Kid you should do some more training with your master before you even think about trying to take on the vile criminals that are infesting this city.

Vs. Chae Lim: Oh this guy does remind me of when I was a young student; oh this brings back some memories. Even though most of them weren’t good ones…

Vs. Moe Habana: Now run along before you get hurt young lady, there are some very bad men out there who would really want to hurt so you better go somewhere safe child.

Vs. Rocky: Is this a Machine? I hope Geese Howard has nothing to do with this robot here.

Vs. Maki Kagura: So you think that Geese Howard might be interested in seeking this Power of the Orochi? That does seem to be quite plausible.

Vs. Hyena: Oh get lost I have had enough of shady men with tacky fashion sense like you to last me a life time.

Vs. Iroha: I suppose the idea of a Maid with Combat Skills is not too strange but there is something rather peculiar about this woman here.

Vs. Goddess Athena: Is this lady the actual Goddess Athena? But that couldn’t be true, could it?

Vs. Marco Rossi: So this man is the leader of this “Metal Slug” squad I have heard of back home in France. Interesting…

Vs. Fiolina Germi: You seem to have such a sweet and endearing presence but you seem to be more combat ready than I initially thought. That’s a good tactic to use against your enemies young lady.

Vs. Mars People: I know this Tournament seems to be attracting strange individuals but I never thought it would attract anything like this!

Vs. Janne D’Arc: Je vous assure que Madame Je Suis une femme!  *under her breath* Des moments comme cela me fait presque me demande si je dois montrer ma grande poitrine un peu plus souvent. (I assure you madam I am a woman! Times like this make me almost wonder if I should show my large bosom a bit more often.)

Vs. Brocken: I know very little German but I suppose your combat skills are “brauchbar“ at best.

Vs. Hanzo Hattori (WH): What can I say? My Venom Strike can overpower just about any Shuriken.

Vs. Fuuma Kotaro: *sigh* Why am I still being hit on by perverse womanizers? I’m starting to wonder if my outfit is not masculine enough.

Vs. Johnny Maximum: You have a slightly odd choice of a stage-name sir, course I suppose I am not one to talk.

Vs. Ryoko Izumo: A Valiant effort young lady but Judo is far too reliant on being close to your opponent and can make you an easy target for ranged attacks like my Venom Strike.

Vs. Shura: Now young man perhaps now you will realize the folly of underestimating the fairer sex in battle.

Vs. Kisarah Westfield: Go home; this place is far too dangerous for a young “Princess” like you.

Vs. Leonhalt Domador: Our situations may indeed be different but I do understand your pain, arriving in this country has given me nothing but trouble as well.

Vs. Sheen Genus: I assure you sir I am not from Quebec I am from France. However I have tried Poutine before and I admit it is rather good though.

Vs. Bobby Nelson: Go home child, you’ll need more than a basketball in order to be able to win a fight.

Vs. Cyber Woo: Calm yourself child, while yes there does seem to be plenty of women here who can be quite the exhibitionists you shouldn’t judge a woman by her appearance.

Vs. Angel (ST): Donc, vous êtes le soldat choc connu comme "armes en céramique" que j'ai entendu parler. Pas mal, même si vous semblez être une autre femme avec une série exhibitionniste un mile de large. (So you are the Shock Trooper known as "Ceramic Arms" that I have heard about. Not bad even if you seem to be another woman with an exhibitionist streak a mile wide.)

Vs. Toy: I do not know what is stranger, that a soldier squad like Shock Troopers would be here or that they would allow a strangely named fool like you in their ranks.

Vs. G Mantle: Get out of my mind Phantom! I fight only for the sake of my younger brother! You may only refer to me as King! Remember that!

(Match 3 Vs. Jacques Ducalis)

Jacques: Hello there.

King: *gasp* Jacques Ducalis, le célèbre maître de judo de mon pays natal la France?
(Jacques Ducalis, the famous Judo Master from my home land France?)

Jacques: Bonjour, oui je suis en effet Jacques Ducalis. Je ne pense pas que je trouverais une femme française ici, et encore moins celui qui me reconnaître. (Hello, yes I am indeed Jacques Ducalis. I didn't think I would find a French Woman here, let alone one that would recognize me.)

King: Eh bien oui, je l'avoue, je l'ai entendu des histoires sur vous. Comment vous êtes le maître de judo de la France qui a bien fait dans ces tournois d'arts martiaux dans le passé. Je pense que je l'ai vu votre photo au moins une couple de fois dans le journal à la maison dans le passé. (Well yes I admit I have heard stories about you. How you are the Judo Master from France who has done well in these Martial Arts Tournaments in the past. I think I've seen your picture at least a couple of times in the newspaper back home in the past.)

Jacques: Ah, je vois que vous avez lu sur moi dans le journal. Alors voulez-vous avoir un autographe de moi? (Ah I see so you have read about me in the newspaper. So do you wish to have an autograph from me?)

King: En fait, Monsieur Ducalis si cela ne vous dérange pas que je veux tester mes compétences contre le vôtre. (Actually Mister Ducalis if you don't mind I wish to test my skills against yours.)

Jacques: Eh bien ... Je dois avouer que je suis un peu mal à l'aise à l'idée d'annulation d'une femme. Mais pour être honnête, je suppose qu'il n'y a rien de mal à donner à une femme un bon match équitable. Très bien alors je l'accepte votre défi! (Well... I admit I am a little uncomfortable about the idea of striking down a woman. But to be fair I suppose there is nothing wrong with giving a woman a good fair match. Very well then I accept your challenge!)

King: Merci monsieur. Très bien alors, commençons! (Thank you sir. Very well then, let us begin!)

(If you win)

Jacques: *panting* Vous avez bien fait, Madame, vous êtes très habile. (You have done well Madam, you are quite skilled.)

King: Merci de bien vouloir monsieur. Vous étiez un adversaire plutôt digne ainsi.
(Thank you kindly sir. You were a rather worthy opponent as well.)

Jacques: Ah oui merci madame, dites aimeriez-vous être un de mes étudiants de retour en France? Je faire un bon retour en classe judo en France. (Ah yes thank you madam, say would you like to be a student of mine back home in France? I do have a good Judo class back in France.)

King: Je vous remercie de l'offre bon monsieur. Mais je suis un praticien de Muay Thai à cœur, d'ailleurs je dois ... entreprise ici en Amérique pour l'instant. (I appreciate the offer good sir. But I am a Muay Thai practitioner at heart, besides I do have... business here in America for now.)

Jacques: Ah je vois, très bien alors je comprends. Je vais peut-être sur mon chemin alors.
(Ah I see, very well then I understand. Perhaps I shall be on my way then.)

King: Attendre Monsieur ducalis! Avant que vous alliez peut-être que je devrais reconsidérer votre offre pour un autographe. Je dois un petit frère nommé Jan qui m'a dit qu'il a vu vos matchs à la télévision avant. (Wait Mister Ducalis! Before you go perhaps I should reconsider your offer for an autograph. I do have a younger brother named Jan who has told me that he has seen your matches on TV before.)

Jacques: Pourquoi je serais heureux de donner un autographe pour votre cher frère cadet. Je ne aime donner Autographes à mes jeunes fans. Son une honte que vous ne présentez pas votre frère cadet avec vous madame. (Why I would be happy to give an autograph for your dear younger brother. I do enjoy giving Autographs to my young fans. Its a shame you didn't bring your younger brother with you madam.)

King: En effet ... Eh oui, je veux dire, je suppose qu'il est une honte, mais je ne manquerai pas de lui dire que je l'ai rencontré la championne de judo de la France. Merci pour le bon monsieur Autographe. (Indeed... Eh I mean yes I suppose it is a shame but I will be sure to inform him that I have met the Judo Champion of France. Thank you for the Autograph good sir.)

Jacques: Vous êtes madame tout à fait bienvenue. Mais je dois y aller, madame adieu peut nous réunir à nouveau. (You're quite welcome madam. But I must be off, farewell madam may we meet again.)

(Match 6 Vs. Hwa Jai)

Hwa Jai: I am Hwa Jai the Dragon’s Tooth of Muay Thai! Who wants to be my next victim?! Oh it’s just some woman in a suit.

King (thinking): Oh for the love of… *sigh* At least some people haven’t already figured out that I am a woman. Is my outfit really not that masculine?

Hwa Jai: I have heard that there was a Muay Thai practitioner nearby but apparently that was blatantly wrong.

King: Actually that information is quite true as there is another Muay Thai practitioner, namely me.

Hwa Jai: Wait what? You, a snob European woman, you’re a Muay Thai fighter?! AHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh that’s a good one.

King (gritting her teeth): Oh I assure you sir I am quite serious.

Hwa Jai: I know that’s why I am laughing. Wait a minute… you look familiar…

King: Really?

Hwa Jai: Yeah I remember that some years ago, some foreign blonde-haired kid once managed to get in Thailand and tried to become a Muay Thai fighter. This kid had short blonde hair and talked in a funny accent and tried to act like a boy. Oh I admit plenty of us thought that kid was a boy at first until that kid lost a certain battle. Tell me am I getting warmer? Do you know what I am talking about?

King: Yes, yes I do. I remember what happened well; after I lost that battle my gender was revealed. I was laughed at as the other fighters and people in the audience mocked me, one of them spit on me and some of them even kicked me while I was down. It was one of the most painfully humiliating moments of my life!

Hwa Jai: HA! You deserved every bit of humiliation! Muay Thai is the national sport of Thailand! The Muay Thai Battle circuit is no place for a stupid foreign woman like you. It is such a shame that I wasn’t at that battle otherwise I would’ve joined in at that kicking after you lost!

(King absolutely fumes in rage.)

King: So you have a problem with foreigners? I have no idea why you would say such a thing… Oh that’s right it’s because you were once the Muay Thai champ in Thailand. Life seemed to be pretty swell for you for a while until you got defeated by a young Japanese Upstart Joe Higashi! Tell me? Is that the source of your anger, your blatant Xenophobia? And your supreme arrogance?! You just can’t accept the fact that there is someone better than you.


(If you win)

King: Oh words cannot describe how much you deserve this beating you vile repulsive misogynistic cretin! Part of me feels I should be giving you quite the kicking right now but I suppose I shouldn’t stoop to your level.

Hwa Jai: Ugh…

King: Oh I’m sorry what's that? You have nothing to say? Oh good, perhaps now you will see how much of a failure you truly are. Farewell for now you degenerate freak.

(Match 9 Vs. Angel [KOF])

Angel: Hey there, say aren’t you the Bouncer at the L’Amor Restaurant?

King: That is correct Miss, though I am not sure if I should let you in as judging by your smell you already seemed to have had plenty of alcohol recently.

Angel: So I may have had a tequila shot… or few. But I can still have some fun with you Ms. King.

King: Excuse me, miss, but that’s Mr. King to you.

Angel: Oh please I know that you’re clearly a woman.

[As Angel is behind King she grabs and feels up King’s breasts.]

King: AH!

Angel: It is such a shame you try so hard to hide your sexy body in that stuffy suit.

King: That’s enough of that! Now who are you?

Angel: Oh that’s right where are my manners? I am Angel, the sexiest female wrestler in all of Mexico. What's the matter? You didn’t want to be touched by an Angel?

King: Humph! You are far more of a Devil than an Angel!

Angel: Perhaps but I am not quite as Devilish as I use to be. But I still like to have a naughty good time. But let me guess is this the part where you ask me to leave?

King: No this is the part where I remove you by force!

(If you win)

King: Now get out of my sight you vulgar promiscuous gutter trash.

Angel: Oh my, such a nasty temper, but I can see why you seem to be in such a foul mood. What with the fact that you have been forced into serving Geese Howard and all.

King: How would you know that?

Angel: I have my sources, but I do understand where you are coming from. I use to work for some rather evil men in the past as well. But nowadays I am quite the Free Spirit with a love of adventure alongside some of the finer things in life. But still my point is that don’t worry and you should loosen up a bit, things are going to get better.

King: I see… thanks…

Angel: Your welcome, I think I’ve had enough fun here so see you later your Majesty.

(Match 12 Vs. G Mantle)

King: Hmm… it seems to be getting late, I should probably be heading back to the L’Amor… Hmm?

[Then King notices that the sky seems to be getting darker rapidly as there seems to be a dark moon in the sky.]

King: What in the… Why is the sky getting so dark so fast? I have heard of a Lunar Eclipse but I didn’t think it would ever be like this!

G: Heh heh heh heh… Why yes things are indeed not what they seem to be.

King: What in the… Who… What are you?

G: First of all I assure you I am a “Who” not a “What”. Anyways I am G Mantle but you may refer to me as G, Miss King.

King: I see… very well then “G”, are you one of Geese Howard’s men checking up on me? Alright you’ve had your fun with your little magic trick now turn off this dark screen you are using before I get even more agitated.

G: Oh rest assured Miss King I am no mere Illusionist, I also can easily assure you that I am no servant of Geese Howard though I know you are.

King: Not by choice I assure you…

G: Very true, though I assure you that you are not the only one who has been forced into serving Geese Howard’s empire. Though Miss King, I know more about your past so I can foretell your future.  

King: Foretell my future? I assure you I am quite skeptical that you know about my past.

G: I see… I am aware that you are here in the United States of America with your dear younger brother Jan from your homeland in France. The reason why you’re in this country was to make a fresh new life for you and your dear little brother. However one day an Agent from the Howard Foundation discovered that you are a skilled fighter. So later on that day you were approached by some of Geese Howard’s men as they offered you a job to serve Geese Howard as an enforcer. You refused; in fact you have even struck down most of those agents in retaliation for making such a vile offer. Unfortunately one of those agents informed that they have already have your younger Brother Jan in custody but assured you that he would be safe as long as you become more cooperative. And that my dear lady is the reason why you are in this predicament that you are in now.  

King: I see, so apparently you are some sort of Masked Detective. So you have found out why I am forced to serve Geese Howard. I suppose that is some decent Detective work but this doesn’t prove that you really know who I am though.

G: Oh rest assured Miss King I know more about you than you realize…  Miss De Colde.

King (Absolutely shocked): What?!

G: Ah yes you are from the old De Colde family, however ever since your childhood you have had a highly tumultuous relationship with your family. For starters your Father never approved of your attempts to travel in order to perfect your fighting skills as he deemed it improper for a lady to do such things. You were often quite angry as your father and other prominent members of the family were very controlling about your life.

King: Silence! Don’t you dare call me that!

G: You left home and disowned your family shortly after you had another argument with your father. After you screamed at your father that you are leaving the De Colde estate after being tired of his controlling ways he deemed you to be a disgrace to the family due to how disobedient you are. Your dear brother Jan tried to defend you and stood up for you but in a fit of rage your father struck Jan and demanded that he should be more respectful and obedient than his sister. Later on that night you left your old home and you took your dear brother Jan with you to protect him. But while you feel that your anger at your father is so justified. But deep down you fear that if you never left home then your brother would’ve been safe.

King: THAT’S ENOUGH! Listen to me… and listen to me well… I AM KING! That is my name!  I will make that my little brother is safe! YOU HEAR ME HE WILL BE SAFE! Oh yes and as for you… YOU’RE GOING TO PAY!


G: You have done well Miss King you are indeed a rather skilled fighter.

King: I care not for your empty praise, now release me from this dark world you have placed me in!

G: I see I do apologize for angering you though I was trying to convince you that I truly do know who you are. I understand that you’re angry that I have struck a nerve with you Miss King but I am not your enemy.

King: *sigh* Very well I understand… but while I do believe you that you know about my past so you know about my future?

G: Yes, yes I do… While you have been forced to serve under Geese Howard there are certain people in South Town who are powerful enough to stop him. Families such as the Bogards, the Sakazakis, the Garcias and their allies will triumph against Geese Howard’s forces. While it is quite possible that you may end up fighting at least some of these heroes but that does not mean they are your enemies. In fact while you may be forced to serve Geese Howard, Redemption is still well within your grasp.

King: Please tell me Mr. Mantle but my little brother Jan, will he be safe?

G: Oh yes I assure you Miss King, your beloved little brother will indeed be safe. But still do not be afraid, Miss King, for both you and your brother will have a great future ahead of you. So please do not lose hope.

King: I understand, thank you Mr. Mantle.

G: You’re quite welcome my dear, very well then I shall leave you, farewell for now Miss King.

(G Mantle disappears and the sky returns to normal.)

King: What a strange enigmatic man, but what is all a dream? How else could that man know so much about me? But this experience definitely felt real though… Regardless of whether that experience was all a dream or not I do know that I shall not lose hope. Jan, one way or another I will try to make sure that you are safe, that I promise.
Neo Geo Saga 1 King Arcade Mode
Alright folks here is another installment of my Neo Geo Saga Arcade Mode story series and this time its for this certain french lady Muay Thai kickboxer from the Art of Fighting series... KING!

King is a young woman whom France with a somewhat enigmatic past who moved to the United States with her dear younger brother Jan. Unfortunately she was discovered by Geese Howard's forces and then she was soon forced to serve Geese Howard as her dear brother Jan was held hostage. While she does serve the Howard Connection as an Enforcer (and the bouncer at the L'Amor Restaurant) but hopes she will find a way to make sure that her dear younger brother is safe.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes)




Marshall Lee:
Yo folks, Marshall Lee is here!
The hottest smooth talking Vampire from the Nightosphere!
I’ve already got fine shapely honeys like Fiona in my show.
Perhaps I can make my move on that cute busty Jiangshi Hsien-Ko.
But hey with my moves and rhymes my style is quite slick.
You on other hand you’re an ugly old homicidal prick.
Seriously you got no style in fact you’re quite a mess.
You’re old and rusty while I am the new hotness.
I’ve got a job to do since your chances of winning are going down the tubes.
And it’s to “Party Harty” dudes.

Lord Raptor:
*sigh* You know folks, some days I just get no respect.
For starters why am I stuck with this vampire One Direction reject?
Trust me you little punk I’m the Ultimate Zombie Rock Star!
You’re just another pretty boy wannabe Crooner that’s below par.
You think you can score with Hsien-Ko? Just for that I ought to slice you in half.
But you think you can out-rock me? Oh that’s good for a laugh.
So Scream in Harmony with the Devil’s Choir!
Your chances of winning are already going to expire.
So long you little punk it has been fun.
Now why don’t you go outside and sparkle in the sun?

Marshall Lee:
Twilight jokes? Really? Is that your Master Plan?
Now why don’t you sit down before you hurt yourself old man?
I’m telling you man this rap battle is leaving me kind of bored.
You’re obviously not a Dino and you’re not much of a Lord.
Trust me you has-been Zombie when it comes to the ladies I am no Pretender.
Besides I remember Hsien-Ko deeming you to be an obnoxious sex offender.
In life you were a nasty psycho who went down in flames.
You may’ve been an Anti-Hero in the Anime but you were a loser lackey in the games.
Gonna be trouble? Baby I'm a trouble man! Want a fighter come on, don’t you understand?
I’ll give you double! Baby I’m the trouble man!

Lord Raptor:
Oh you just had to go there you little punk!
Just for that I ought to give you a little “dunk”!
I would so hate to stop all of your joy.
You future prison pale boy toy…
But when it comes to Demonic Rock I’m Number One!
So sit down boy and let me show you how it’s done!
You wanna Rumble? How about Tonight?
You want a War? I’ll just let you try alright.
Gonna be trouble? Baby I'm a trouble man! Want a fighter come on, don’t you understand?
I’ll give you double! Baby I’M the trouble man!




ERB Marshall Lee Vs. Lord Raptor
Here is my latest ERB and this match up is Marshall Lee that smooth talking vampire from Adventure Time Vs. Lord Raptor the Hard Rocking Australian Zombie from Darkstalkers. Who will win in this epic dual of these undead musicians?
For those who have been enjoying my installments of my Neo Geo Saga stories I thought I work on a list in which these will be the special opponents with pre/post-battle banter for each of the future episodes. For those who don't already know Neo Geo Saga is basically my attempt at a new KOF story with a bunch of characters in which I have placed in 4 sections namely Fatal Fury, Art of Fighting, King of Fighters and Other SNK games. During these Arcade Modes there will be 12 battles in total in which every 3rd match will have special Pre (and if you win) Post Battle Dialogue between the character your playing as and a certain opponent except for the 12th and final battle which you get Pre-Battle banter and then your character's Arcade Mode ending. (Though those who are familiar with fighting games such as the Blazblue series will probably know what I am talking about.) In which each of these opponents will be one character from each of the 4 sections. (Oh yes and of course each of these installments have plenty of win-quotes in which like games such as Street Fighter 4 and BlazBlue all the characters have particular win quotes against all the opponents they face.) Anyways this list will cover will give you all an idea how the future Neo Geo Saga Arcade Mode stories are going to go. But first do take a look at any previous episodes of this series especially if you have missed any of them...…

And now without further or adieu here is the list...

King- Jacques Ducalis, Hwa Jai, Angel (KOF), G Mantle
Lee Pai Long- Hanzo Hattori (WH), Choi Bounge, John Crawley, Tung Fu Rue
John Crawley- Jin Fu Ha, Lao, Clark Still, Marco Rossi
Mickey Rogers- Bobby Nelson, Heavy D!, Michael Max, John Crawley
Mr. Big- Fuuma Kotaro, Ramon, Fiolina Germi, Lao
Mr. Karate- Hwa Jai, John Crawley, Marco Rossi, Heidern
Yuri Sakazaki- Moe Habana, Cyber Woo, Mai Shiranui, Ryo Sakazaki
Temjin- Jack Turner, Sheen Genus, Goro Daimon, Cheng Sinzan
Eiji Kisaragi- Jin Fu Ha, Ramon, Joe Higashi, G Mantle
Jin Fu Ha- Sheen Genus, Duck King, Jhun Hoon, Iroha
Karman Cole- Rocky, Brocken, Robert Garcia, Cheng Sinzan
Gai Tendo- Sheen Genus, Goro Daimon, Rob Python, Duck King
Seo Yong Song- Kang Bae Dal, Gai Tendo, Brocken, Tung Fu Rue
Payak Sitipak- Shura, Heavy D!, Jack Turner, Joe Higashi
Rob Python- Fuuma Kotaro, Joe Higashi, Heavy D!, Mickey Rogers
Jacques Ducalis- Robert Garcia, Kim Kap Hwan, Goro Daimon, Ryoko Izumo
Goro Daimon- Ryoko Izumo, Moe Habana, Ryuhaku Todoh, Cheng Sinzan
Ralf Jones- Toy, Gai Tendo, Hwa Jai, Clark Still
Clark Still- Sheen Genus, Lao, Jack Turner, Heidern
Heidern- Leona, Mickey Rogers, G Mantle, Cheng Sinzan
Leona Heidern- Angel (ST), Blue Mary, Angel (KOF), Mr. Big
Whip- Cyber Woo, Jack Turner, Kim Kap Hwan, Leona
Chang Koehan- Brian Battler, Jubei Yamada, Jack Turner, Kim Kap Hwan
Choi Bounge- Brocken, Chang Koehan, Lee Pai Long, Tung Fu Rue
Heavy D!- Bobby Nelson, Michael Max, Lucky Glauber, Mickey Rogers
Lucky Glauber- Gai Tendo, Heavy D!, Bobby Nelson, Cheng Sinzan
Brian Battler- Richard Meyer, Rob Python, Heavy D!, G Mantle
Ramon- Angel (ST), Jubei Yamada, Rob Python, Angel (KOF)
Angel (KOF)- John Crawley, Mai Shiranui, Janne D'Arc, Fiolina Germi
Jhun Hoon- Jack Turner, Goro Daimon, Cheng Sinzan, G Mantle
Kang Bae Dal- Brocken, Temjin, Hokutomaru, Maki Kagura
Chae Lim- Seo Yong Song, Cyber Woo, Maki Kagura, Kim Kap Hwan
Moe Habana- Hokutomaru, Kisarah Westfield, Temjin, Goro Daimon
Rocky- John Crawley, Cheng Sinzan, Brocken, Ramon
Maki Kagura- G Mantle, King, Kim Kap Hwan, Heidern
Hyena- Duck King, Jacques Ducalis, Rocky, Mars People
Iroha- John Crawley, Angel (KOF), G Mantle, Mai Shiranui
Goddess Athena- Terry Bogard, King, Jhun Hoon, Iroha
Marco Rossi- Mickey Rogers, Cheng Sinzan, Toy, Ralf Jones
Fiolina Germi- Marco Rossi, John Crawley, Blue Mary, Angel (KOF)
Mars People- Whip, John Crawley, Cheng Sinzan, G Mantle
Janne D'Arc- Fuuma Kotaro, King, Ramon, Lao
Brocken- Hwa Jai, Temjin, Angel (ST), Rocky
Hanzo Hattori (WH)- Choi Bounge, Hokutomaru, Eiji Kisaragi, Fuuma Kotaro
Fuuma Kotaro- Fiolina Germi, Angel (KOF), Mai Shiranui, Eiji Kisaragi
Johnny Maximum- Sheen Genus, Jack Turner, Brian Battler, Raiden
Ryoko Izumo- Kisarah Westfield, Chae Lim, Jacques Ducalis, Mai Shiranui
Shura- Fuuma Kotaro, Seo Yong Song, Hwa Jai, Payak Sitipitak
Kisarah Westfield- Jack Turner, Ramon, Seo Yong Song, Kim Dong Hwan
Leonhalt Domador- Johnny Maximum, Clark Still, Karman Cole, Brocken
Sheen Genus- Hokutomaru, Jacques Ducalis, Toy, Angel (KOF)
Bobby Nelson- Johnny Maximum, Duck King, Rob Python, Heavy D!
Cyber Woo- Temjin, Moe Habana, Jubei Yamada, Iroha
Angel (ST)- Joe Higashi, John Crawley, Fiolina Germi, Angel (KOF)
Toy- Jack Turner, Kim Kap Hwan, Ralf Jones, Marco Rossi
G Mantle- Rocky, Mr. Karate, Geese Howard, Goddess Athena

I admit some of these opponent choices might change in the future but still this will give you a good idea of what I am planning for this series. Oh yes and for those who are familiar with SNK's handiwork and are a little surprised I didn't use certain opponents for certain characters keep in mind I am still hoping I can do regular Story Modes for this series and I will most likely use them then (more on that later). But still these will be the future special opponents for the rest of the Neo Geo Saga Arcade Mode stories.
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