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Takahashi Trifecta Episode 13: The Mistress of the Puppet Club, the Mysterious Beauty

(One morning at Furinkan High, Ranma Saotome was being approached by his dear girlfiend Ukyo Kuonji.)

Ukyo: Good Morning Ranma Honey.

Ranma: Good Morning Ucchan, nice day today huh?

Ukyo: Oh yes quite, though Ranma Honey there is one question I would like to ask.

Ranma: Oh? What is it Ucchan?

Ukyo: Have you… *looks around then gets a little closer to Ranma, whispering* told Kentaro about your little… “Condition” yet?

Ranma (nervous): Uh… well, well… the thing is… uh… no.

Ukyo: No? Why not?

Ranma: Well I didn’t quite have the right time… you do understand right Ucchan? … *sigh* Alright I chickened out.

Ukyo: Ranma… You told me you would tell Kentaro.

Ranma: I know, I know I did but I am sorry Ucchan but you know why I don’t want Kentaro to know about my Jusenkyo Cursed form. I mean the little guy practically looks up to me as he thinks I am one of the strongest and toughest men he knows and well… I’m afraid the poor little guy might feel a little messed up if he ever saw me in my… “Alter ego”.

Ukyo: *sigh* Alright Ranma, I do understand your point and there certainly is a sense of truth behind about what you said here. That yes Kentaro would it really bizarre that you could turn into a young lady when you get some cold water and would be creeped out.  However that is if he finds out about this accidentally.

Ranma: What do you mean?

Ukyo: It’s quite simple really Ranma honey, I know you have been trying to hide this secret from him and the other folks at Maison Ikkoku ever since you and your father moved in a few months ago. However Ranma Honey, what if you slip up? I mean it’s only inevitable that something like that could happen.

Ranma: Well… well… *sigh* Yeah, I know… and I am nowhere near close to finding a lead about what to do about this Jusenkyo Curse. Oh what am I going to do…?

Ukyo: Well Ranma Honey if you’d let me finish I will tell you. While yes Kentaro would most likely be really bothered if he accidentally found out about your “cursed form”. But if you sat him down and explained to him about your condition then I am sure he will understand.

Ranma: Well… I suppose that could work…

Ukyo: See? And don’t worry I will head back to Maison Ikkoku with you after school Ranma Honey.

Ranma: Let me guess, so I don’t chicken out again?

Ukyo: Well yes that, but also I figured it would help that we both explain to him that despite your rather unique condition you are still the Ranma that we adore so much. After all I am sure he will listen to the both of us.

Ranma: Well yes that is true… *as Ranma starts to smile* alright Ucchan, I’ll do it lets head back to my home after school later.

Ukyo: Oh Ranma Honey, I am so glad to hear that! Alright Ranma Honey, meet me at my Okonomiyaki stand this afternoon then we’ll head back to Maison Ikkoku alright Ranma Honey?

Ranma: Alright Ucchan, well we should probably get to class, so see you later Ucchan!

Ukyo: See you later Ranma Honey!

(Short while later, we see Ukyo again, but this time she is now approaching Akane and Nabiki.)

Ukyo: Hey there you two.

Akane: Hi Ukyo.

Nabiki: Hey there.

Ukyo:  I have some good news you two; I have been talking with my dear Ranma lately and I finally talked him into telling Kentaro about his Jusenkyo Curse.

Akane: Really? That’s great Ukyo!

Nabiki: It’s about time, seriously how long was Ranma going to try to keep this a secret anyway? I’m surprised you did manage to talk some sense into him this time Ukyo considering how paranoid he has been about this.

Ukyo: Oh come on Nabiki, give Ranma a break here. After all how would you feel if the person you idolized had a strange secret like that?  

Nabiki: Heh wouldn’t really know, never been much into hero-worshiping. Anyways how did you manage to talk Ranma to finally talk about his Jusenkyo Curse?

Ukyo: Well remember that little Saturday party we were in not too long ago that was for Ms. Otonashi’s niece Ikuko? Well then at the next day Ranma was talking with Kentaro about the party they were in but one of the things Kentaro told Ranma was that he was looking at the Tendo Family Album.

Nabiki: Oh really? Let me guess Kentaro saw a certain red-haired girl, did he?

Ukyo: Uh-huh.

Nabiki: What? Did he forget the old “Ranko and her Pet Panda” cover story we made up for him a while back?

Ukyo: Oh no according to him he didn’t and apparently Kentaro believed it but Ranma is still nervous that he thinks it’s only a matter of time until Kentaro finds out.  

Akane: I see… So how did you get Ranma to finally be willing to tell Kentaro about his secret?

Ukyo: I told him that I understood him about how he believes that Kentaro might find the fact that the young man he idolizes so much can secretly turn into a girl to be rather disturbing. Then I told him that yes that is a strong possibility that could happen… that is if Kentaro ever found out about Ranma’s Jusenkyo Curse accidentally. Then I told Ranma that if he and I settled Kentaro down and carefully explained Ranma’s condition to him then I am sure Kentaro would understand.

Akane:  I suppose that makes sense.

Nabiki: Yeah, why didn’t I think of that?

Ukyo: This is why Ranma and I are going to Maison Ikkoku after school, and tell Kentaro.

Nabiki: Question, what about the rest of the folks at Maison Ikkoku? I mean Kentaro was the reason why Ranma was so paranoid and adamant about not letting anyone at Maison Ikkoku know about his little Jusenkyo secret. Besides if anything else at least Kentaro’s mom would probably end up knowing about this.

Akane: I… have to admit that’s actually a rather valid point there.

Ukyo: I do understand what you mean there but as of right now Ranma and I are focusing on making sure Kentaro understands about Ranma’s little “Cursed Form” issue first, so in other words, one thing at a time.

Akane: Yeah that makes sense after all Kasumi has told me that since she and the Manager became such close friends that Kasumi feels really certain that the Manager would understand.

Ukyo: Yeah Ms. Otonashi seems like a really nice and understanding woman so I am sure Kasumi is right there.

Akane: Uh-huh… Oh yes and Ukyo, I have some surprising news. Apparently Mr. Godai is dating another woman.

Ukyo: Really? That’s strange; didn’t you tell me that he was having a little crush with Ms. Otonashi?

Akane: Yeah that’s what makes this feel so strange.

Nabiki: Oh c’mon Akane we’ve been over this since yesterday, well you see Ukyo, yesterday Akane and her boy-toy Ryouga were having some quiet time together.

(In which Akane glares at Nabiki for that.)

Nabiki: And then apparently she and Ryouga saw Godai with some other woman and they ran off back home to gossip about Godai’s new date. Besides Akane you remember what Mrs. Ichinose said yesterday right? That apparently the Manager and Coach Mitaka started dating earlier that day yesterday and that Godai probably noticed.

Ukyo: So Ms. Otonashi and Coach Mitaka are dating now, well I suppose that would explain why Mr. Godai would be dating someone else now.

Nabiki: Perhaps, but hey it’s not like that dope Godai ever really had any chance with the Manager to begin with.

Akane: Nabiki! Honestly you really should give Mr. Godai some credit here! He is so not a loser!

Nabiki: Meh, Whatever…

Ukyo: Alright you two we’ve chatted long enough, I’m sure we should probably get back to class now. Anyways see you later you two.

Akane: See you later Ukyo.

(Meanwhile at Sanryu University, Godai was being approached by his old pal Sakamoto.)

Sakamoto: Hey there Godai.

Godai: Hi Sakamoto.

Sakamoto: So Godai how did your little hot date go last night?

Godai: What?

Sakamoto: Oh don’t play dumb with me Godai, why just yesterday I was over at Maison Ikkoku to visit you. However some of the folks told me that you were out on a date. I was even told that ever since that babe Manager of yours started dating that guy Shun Mitaka you went ahead and dated another lady. I must say Godai, I am a little impressed that you still manage to find someone else to date with instead of moping around about how that Manager of yours is dating that Mitaka guy.

Godai: Well yeah…

Sakamoto: So Godai, buddy. How did that date go last night? Was this new girl a cute babe like the Manager?

Godai: Oh it went rather well, and well… she definitely is cute. Oh yes and her name is Kozue Nanao and she happens to be one of the students here at Sanryu.

Sakamoto: Really? That’s interesting, I wonder if we end up running into this Kozue girl you dated last night.

(And they did, within moments Godai was being approached by Kozue Nanao.)

Kozue: Oh hi there Godai.

Godai: Hey there Kozue.

Kozue: Oh I had a wonderful time last night.

Godai: Ah yes I did too Kozue.

(Now Sakamoto is somewhat surprised at Kozue’s somewhat petite appearance here in which Kozue seems to have noticed him.)

Kozue: Oh you must be Godai’s friend; hello my name is Kozue Nanao.

Sakamoto: Eh… hi there, name’s Sakamoto.

Kozue: Hello Sakamoto, oh no it’s almost time for one of my classes, I’ll see you a little later alright Godai?

Godai: Alright see you later Kozue.

(Then as Kozue runs off and leaves the scene.)

Sakamoto: Eh heh heh heh heh…. Really Godai, this is the Kozue girl you told me about? She looks like she can be your kid sister.

Godai: Eh what's that suppose to mean?

Sakamoto: Isn’t it obvious? So you went from pining for a cute babe like that Manager of yours to a cutesy little munchkin like her?  So you went from going after an Hourglass to settling for a Pocket Watch. I mean seriously Godai?

Godai: Sha…sha…shame on you Sakamoto! So Kozue may be a bit on the… small side. But she is just as much of a young woman as any other lady here!

Sakamoto: Alright, alright calm down Mr. Feminist, I was just a little surprised that you would be dating a little munchkin like her that’s all, namely on how instead of cute and shapely you went with Little Miss Moe here. But I guess that’s not too strange I mean she sure seems to have that “Moe effect” on you what with you being so protective and all.

Godai: Well… perhaps, anyways we should be getting to class as well Sakamoto, see you later.

Sakamoto: Yeah see you later Godai.

(Moments later, Godai is walking until he noticed a young woman by the name of Sayoko whom is a beautiful young lady with long dark hair and a fairly curvy body. But he only gave Sayoko a quick glance at first… But then he noticed that he is being followed and then he kept trying to walk as he still noticed that he is being followed. In which he noticed the same raven-haired beauty as before.)

Godai (thinking): Okay who is this lady and why is she following me? Is this lady a Secret Admirer? Well at least I do get a hot stalker; I know a pretty good amount of guys who would like this kind of attention. Eh wait a minute I really should not be thinking that after all there is Kozue I should be thinking about… and by that I mean the Manager. So I should see if I can lose her…

(Then Godai tries to see if he can evade this mysterious raven-haired beauty in the school halls but he still keeps noticing her nearby. But then he noticed the Men’s room in which he tried to head inside thinking he would be safe and at first that seemed to be true.)

Godai: *phew*

(Then Godai notices a somewhat familiar pair of feet and some dark hair from one of the bathroom doors.)

Godai (shocked, thinking): EH?! Okay this is starting to get a little creepy here! Ah man is she some sort of assassin who is out to kill me?! Okay Godai lets not jump into conclusions. I mean why would she want to lead me into the bathroom? What would a couple of college kids like us be doing in the bathroom? *then Godai is starting to get flustered* Wait a minute, she wants to have some alone time with me here? So could this mean… Yay me! *then Godai starts to get a little nervous* Eh?! Eh now now I got to stay strong here, after all I did tell Kozue that I was going to see her again and I am going to have a hard time explaining this. So I should try to explain to this lady that I am already seeing someone else. I mean yeah I’ll probably get mocked for it later but I do know that this will be the right thing to do. After all if I do get laid someday I should make my first time a bit more meaningful than some one day stand in the bathroom.

(Then as Godai heads outside of the Bathroom by heading outside through the Back Door in which Sayoko of course follows him. But now as Godai is trying to approach Sayoko.)

Godai: E…E…Excuse me miss, but I couldn’t help but notice that you seem to have been following me lately and… and…

Sayoko: Greetings, my name is Sayoko Kuroki and I am from Sanryu University’s Puppet Club and I am here to give you an invitation to join our club.

Godai: Re… really?

Sayoko: Of course, would there be any other reason why we are meeting like this?

Godai: Well uh… I… I suppose not, okay then anyways sure I’ll accept your offer.

Sayoko:  Splendid, well then that invitation has the time and location of our next club gathering. See you then Mr. Godai.

Godai: Okay then…

(Then Sayoko walks away.)

Godai (thinking): That was it? All she wanted to do was to give me a School Club invitation? You know she could’ve tried a more direct approach here… Oh wait a minute, it’s getting to be time for Lunch, and I gotta go.

(Moments later as Godai is now in the School’s Cafeteria and he notices Sakamoto and Kozue nearby having their lunches in which Godai is now approaching them looking a little exhausted.)

Kozue: Hi Godai.

Sakamoto: Hey there Godai.

Godai (panting): Hey there you two.

Sakamoto: Hey Godai, I have been having my lunch with your little gal pal here, so how come it took you a bit to get here?

Godai (light panting): I… I have my reasons…

Sakamoto: Oh? Are those reasons why you seem to be a little out of breath there Godai?

Kozue: Oh say Godai I have some good news, I just recently became a new member of the school’s Puppet Club isn’t that nice?

Godai: Eh?! Oh uh… Oh Really?

Kozue: Uh-huh, say those girls who told gave me the invite to join the Puppet Club told me that they were going to get someone else. Oh yes they told me it would be a certain someone I would know, say Godai did you get an invite to the Puppet Club?

Godai: Actually… yeah, yeah I did.

Kozue: Fantastic! Alright Godai you and I will be going to the Puppet Club, oh this will be fun!

Godai: Yeah… I suppose it will…

(Now as Kozue is excitedly eating up her lunch.)

Sakamoto (under his breath): Gee Godai, you date this girl once and you two are going to the Puppet Club. Hope things don’t go too fast for you ya Smooth Charmer you.

Godai (under his breath): Yeah well at least I am actually dating a girl now.

Sakamoto (smirking, under his breath): Heh, Touché…  

(Now Godai and Kozue are inside the Puppet Club’s home, which is a somewhat small building in the Sanryu University Campus.)  

Sayoko: Ah yes I am glad you both have arrived, welcome to the Puppet Club.  These two ladies here are Kamisaka and Koizumi.

(Now we see two cute young ladies namely Kamisaka who is a thin brunette with long braided hair and Koizumi who has long dark hair like Sayoko but has a more modest figure.)

Kamisaka: Hi there, my name is Kamisaka, pleased to make your acquaintance.

Koizumi: Hey there, name’s Koizumi.

Kozue: Hi there, say Godai these are the girls who gave me the invite to join the Puppet Club. Say Godai who gave you the invitation to join?

Sayoko: That would be me.

Kozue: Oh I see…

(Then Godai was grabbed from behind and lifted in the air by a rather large young man with short black hair.)

Godai: AH! Aaaaahhhh…

Sayoko: Oh yes and this… rather large gentleman here goes by the name of Saotome.

(Then as Saotome turns Godai around so Godai can see him as Saotome is still lifting him up in the air.)

Godai: AH!

Kozue: Excuse me, Mr. Saotome, could you please put down Godai, pretty please?

(Then as Saotome notices Kozue’s request, he puts Godai down with a smile on his face.)

Saotome (as he pats Kozue on the head): Okay

Kozue: Thank you

Kamisaka (under her breath): Good lord this Kozue is relentlessly adorable.

Koizumi (under his breath): I know, her sheer cuteness is almost intimidating.

Godai (thinking): Wait a minute; this guy’s name is Saotome? I wonder if he is related to Ranma and Mr. Saotome.

(Moments later as we see Kamisaka and Koizumi with Kozue as Kozue are looking at the puppets that the club has in store.)

Kozue: Aw! These puppets are so cute!

Kamisaka: Ah yeah many of these puppets were made by Saotome himself.

Koizumi: Oh yes, that blond-haired girl puppet your holding is one of his favorites. He likes to show his puppets off when we get visits from little kids.

Kozue:  Ah that sounds nice; bet the little ones love seeing these puppets.

Kamisaka: Oh they normally do… however…

Koizumi: The kids normally get scared by Saotome’s face and they tend to be scared of him.

Kozue: Aw… poor guy.

Kamisaka: I know, he normally sulks in the corner when that happens.

Koizumi: Yeah and we try to help him feel better whenever that happens.

Kamisaka: True, but at least that doesn’t always happen whenever we try to put on a show for the kids.

Koizumi: Yeah in fact… Hey Saotome! Hey Godai!

Saotome and Godai: Yes?

Koizumi: Come over here you two.

(Now as Saotome and Godai has approached them.)

Koizumi (as she hands the blonde girl puppet to him): Here you go Saotome how about you show our new recruits here your favorite introduction.

Saotome: Okay! *ahem* (Now as he is suddenly doing a squeaky and high-pitched voice) Hello boys and girls, welcome to the Sanryu Puppet Club. Hope you have a good time!

Kozue: *giggle* That was funny, oh that was a very nice job there right Godai?

Godai (slightly creeped out): Eh yeah that was… very nice Saotome. Heh heh…

Godai (thinking): Wow, I had no idea an enormous guy like him can do a squeaky voice like that.

(Then Kozue notices a strange looking puppet nearby.)

Kozue: Hmm? What's this? Aw! It’s a kitty with a little crown.

Kamisaka: Ah so you found our Cait Sith puppet.

Kozue: Hmm?

Kamisaka: While our Puppet Club shows can be a big hit with the little kids, it can be sometimes a little difficult trying to get our fellow class mates interested in our work here. So we sometimes like to do a little bit of cosplay to go with our puppets here. This here is Cait Sith and this little guy here was a part of our Final Fantasy 7 Cosplay group shot.

(Then Kamisaka shows a wide photo of the Puppet Club dressed as FF7 characters. Namely Sayoko as Tifa Lockhart, Kamisaka as Aeris Gainsborough, Koizumi as Yuffie Kisaragi and Saotome as the giant Stuffed Moogle that Cait Sith is riding with the Cait Sith puppet on top of his head.)

Kamisaka: Oh this was fun, of course I was a natural in this role as Aeris and I practically have like the same hairstyle.

Sayoko: Not quite the same but very similar, but I do know what you mean there. I had a very easy time finding clothes that Tifa wore.  The only remote challenge I had was finding the proper arm wear.

Koizumi: Yeah well mine wasn’t all that perfect as I am a bit too tall to be Yuffie and I had to trim my hair down. I mean sure I have long dark hair like Sayoko, but since Sayoko is about a couple of cup sizes or so larger than me of course she’d be Tifa.

Kamisaka: Heh you’re surprised about that Koizumi? I mean think about it they both have at least one thing in common. Both Saoko and Tifa do prove that it’s always the one with the boobs that has the most power.

Koizumi: Well that is true…

Sayoko: Oh c’mon you two I am not that bad.

Kamisaka: Well I suppose that is true Sayoko, I mean if you really wanted to use your body to lure men around you probably would’ve dressed a lot less.

Koizumi: True.

(Both Godai and Saotome try to look away slightly red in the face.)

Kozue: Say what is that behind you three, that big fluffy thing?
Saotome: That would be me.

Kamisaka: Ah yeah not only do we make Puppets but we sometimes make costumes as well and we made a Giant Moogle costume for Saotome to wear, granted that costume sure took us a while to make.

Koizumi: Yeah and in retrospect it probably wasn’t a good idea to get Saotome to wear a big furry costume like that in the summer. It must’ve felt really hot in there, Saotome.

Saotome: It’s okay, I spent most of the time indoors while I was wearing that Giant Moogle costume. Besides the costume was a white one so it didn’t feel too hot out.

Koizumi: I suppose that makes sense…

Kamisaka: True, anyways here is another one we did, this time based off of the BlazBlue fighting games!

(In this group shot we see Sayoko as Litchi Faye Ling, Kamisaka as Taokaka with some Kaka Kitten Puppets, Koizumi as Professor Kokonoe and then Saotome as Iron Tager.)

Kamisaka: Ah yes in this shot I got to be Little Miss Kitty herself Taokaka! Tao! Tao!

Koizumi: Oh yes and here I was Professor Kokonoe, it was an interesting costume even though it kind of took me a while to get that wig just right. Unlike the previous shot I have no problems with the casting here as Sayoko is the “Boobie Lady” of the group here.

Kamisaka (as Taokaka): Yay! Boobie Lady!

Sayoko: Perhaps, but at least Kamisaka only went after my “Meat Buns” once. (Sayoko was briefly rubbing her breasts.)

Kamisaka: Nya, well Kami got to stay in character at the time, isn’t that right Lacking Lady?

Koizumi: That’s “Tail Lady” not “Lacking Lady”! If you’re going to go by Tao-styled nicknames then get it right.

Kamisaka: Nya, alright Tail Lady.

Sayoko: Anyways I get to play Dr. Litchi Faye Ling, and Saotome is the big Red Devil himself Iron Tager.

Koizumi: Yeah it kind of took us a while to put all that red costume paint on his arms and head.

Saotome: Yes and it took me even longer to wash all that off when we were done with that shoot.

Kamisaka: Say Saotome, mind showing our new recruits your Iron Tager impression?

Saotome: Alright *ahem* MY DEFENSES!

(Now we hear applause from the girls, in which Godai slightly dumbfounded at first then join in moments later. But then not too long afterwards we see Godai getting another look at the FF7 and Blazblue Cosplay group shots in Koizumi and Kamisaka were smirking at him.)

Koizumi (deadpan sarcasm): Oh look, a guy is looking at our cosplay shots and is busy leering at Sayoko’s rack. What an unexpected surprise.

Kamisaka: Oh yes indeed, oh I almost forgot to tell you that not only is Saotome our chief Puppet Designer he also doubles as a bodyguard in case if any perverts try to join our group.

Godai (flustered): Oh well uh… I uh… Well what I mean is that won’t be necessary ladies. After all I was busy admiring the detail on the costumes here. *Godai puts his arm around Kozue* I must say that these costumes are very well designed, wouldn’t you agree Kozue?

Kozue: Oh sure Godai these costumes are really neat looking.  Say Kamisaka, do you still have those puppets you were holding in that BlazBlue shot?

Kamisaka: Hmm? You mean the Kaka Kittens? Oh sure, in fact I believe we have them right around here somewhere. (Kamisaka was looking at one of the nearby boxes until she found a couple of puppets.) In fact here they are.

(Kamisaka shows off the Kaka Kittens Puppets.)
Kozue: *gasp*! Aw! These are so cute! Oh I love kitties!

Kamisaka: Oh yes I do too.

Sayoko: Alright I suppose that will be it for introductions. Yusaku Godai, Kozue Nanao, you two may go now. We are going to try to figure out what we will be doing with you two in the near future so we will let you both know if we have any plans with you two in the near future, alright?

Kozue: Alright, see you all later.

Godai: Yeah… see you all later.

(Then shortly after when Godai and Kozue have left the club house building.)

Sayoko; Alright Saotome, Girls, gather around you three I have an idea on what are we going to be doing today.

(Meanwhile a little later on that day at Maison Ikkoku, Kyoko is in her office/room in which she hears the phone ringing.)

Kyoko: Hello, Maison Ikkoku residence, Managaer Kyoko Otonashi speaking.

Kamisaka (phone): Hi there, is Godai home?

Kyoko: What the… Who… who is this?

Kamisaka (phone): Oh I am looking for a guy named Yusaku Godai, he and I had some fun the other day. So do you know where he is?

Kyoko: Eh… no I don’t, you’ll have to call back later.

Kamisaka (phone): Okay then, well buh-bye.

(Now we see Kamisaka and the other Puppet Club members having a good laugh as they gather nearby a phone.)

Koizumi: Heh heh nice one Kamisaka, now it’s my turn.

(Back in Maison Ikkoku, Kyoko hears the Phone ringing again in which she somewhat reluctantly picks it up.)

Kyoko: Eh… Hello, Maison Ikkoku Residence, Manager Kyoko Otonashi speaking.

Koizumi (phone): Hi, I am looking for a young man by the name of Yusaku Godai.

Kyoko: Yu…Yusaku Godai?

Koizumi (phone): Oh yes, Godai is such a nice and sweet young man who knows how to show a lady a good time. Have you seen him lately?

Kyoko (getting increasingly agitated): Eh… no, no I haven’t, I’m sorry you’ll have to call back some other time.

Koizumi (phone): Oh that is okay, I’ll gladly try to call him back later, bye.

(Back in the Puppet Club, the members are having another good laugh at Kyoko’s expense.)

Sayoko: Not bad Koizumi, not bad.

Koizumi: Thanks, I do try my best.

Kamisaka: Alright Saotome, it’s your turn now.

Saotome: Okay, good thing I have my favorite puppet here.

(Then back in Maison Ikkoku, a rather agitated Kyoko notices her phone ringing again. Kyoko was rather hesitant in picking up the phone but remembers that answering her office phone is part of her job so…)

Kyoko: Hello? This is the Maison Ikkoku, Manager Kyoko Otonashi speaking.

Saotome (phone, high-pitched squeaky voice): Hello there, is this the residence of a Mr. Yusaku Godai?

(Then Kyoko’s eyes bugged out in shock over hearing Saotome’s “Girl Puppet” voice.)

Kyoko: What in the… Eh… Wha… What I mean is, eh yes this is his residence.

Saotome (phone, high-pitched squeaky voice): Oh goody! Mr. Godai is such a nice young man and he is so cuddly too. Is he home?

Kyoko: Eh… no I am afraid not, you can call back again later, okay?

Saotome (phone, high-pitched squeaky voice): Okay then, bye bye nice lady.

(Then as Saotome hangs up, Kyoko is still slightly disturbed by that last call.)

Kyoko: What in the world… Eh perhaps I shouldn’t think too much about that one.

(Now back at the Sanryu Puppet Club.)

Kamisaka: *giggle* Oh wow that was awesome Saotome.

Koizumi: Oh I know, I that was an interesting performance there big guy.

Saotome: Heh heh, Thanks…

Sayoko: Well that was fairly amusing but now it’s my turn. Kamisaka, Koizumi, you two have made decent attempts at sounding flirty. But now it’s time to watch someone who has a little more expertise in the fine art of seduction.

(Then back in Kyoko’s room in Maison Ikkoku, Kyoko’s phone is ringing again. Now Kyoko’s left eye is starting to twitch as she hears the phone ring again. But she tries to calm down and remain civil as she picks up the receiver.)

Kyoko:  Hello, this is Kyoko Otonashi, the Manager of Maison Ikkoku speaking, how may I help you?

Sayoko (phone): Hello there.

(Now Kyoko is a little shocked to hear a low sultry feminine voice on the phone here but as Kyoko is trying to maintain her temper.)
Sayoko (phone): Hi, I am looking for a young man by the name of Yusaku Godai, he is such a kind and gentle young man who is quite the people pleaser.

Kyoko: So I’ve noticed… anyways no he is not here; you’ll have to call back.

Sayoko (phone): It’s such a shame, I am quite a wild girl and I do like to have a good time with someone. What about you Ms. Otonashi? Would you like to have a good time?

Kyoko (now a little red in the face): Eh… no, eh what I mean is not the kind of “Good Time” your thinking of. Anyways like I said you’ll have to call back, so good day to you.

(Now as Kyoko slams the phone down while still a little flustered.)

Kyoko (thinking): That Godai, just what is he up to?!

(Meanwhile back at the Sanryu Puppet Club.)

Sayoko: And that, girls, is how it’s done.

Kamisaka: I see, I should’ve figured you would play up that sultry voice of yours.

Koizumi: Yeah but since when did you ever swung both ways Ms. “Like to have a Good Time”?

Sayoko: Oh it was just an additional little mind game, but don’t worry Koizumi if I ever swung that way you would be one of the first ladies to know.

Koizumi: Eh heh heh, very funny.

Kamisaka: Heh heh, oh get a room you two.

(Saotome tries to remain silent and look away as his face is a little red, meanwhile back at Maison Ikkoku, Kyoko is now feeling a little frustrated and confused about those calls she has been receiving.)

Kyoko (thinking): What is going on here?! All these girls are calling for Godai? The Godai who is a tenant at my building? Yusaku Godai seems to be such a nice but somewhat shy young man, how would he know so many girls? Does Godai have some double life that he is not telling me? I want no part of this little game he is playing here! I should get to the bottom of this, but how?

(Then the phone was starting to ring again in which Kyoko’s eyes were starting to twitch a little. But as Kyoko tries to calm down she picks up the receiver.)

Kyoko: Hello?

Kozue (phone): Hi there, this is Kozue Nanao, I have heard that this is the residence of a Yusaku Godai, is he home?

(Then Kyoko immediately hung up with her left eye twitching up some more. But then Kyoko started to have a small epiphany as she is starting to realize something here.)

Kyoko (thinking):  Wait a minute; I recognize that cutesy, squeaky voice. That’s the girl who was with Godai yesterday, wait a minute… Does she know about these other women who seem to be looking for Godai? Hmm… I should try to call her… Yeah, she has the right to know…

(Kyoko grabs the phone and is trying to call Kozue back.)
Kyoko: Hello? Is this Kouze Nanao?

Kozue (phone): Yes it is, hi there; say you’re that lady who Godai and I saw on our way to the movies.

Kyoko: Yes that is true; I am Kyoko Otonashi, the Manager of Maison Ikkoku which is Godai’s residence. I am really sorry about before, I was under some stress lately.

Kozue (phone): I see, I admit I didn’t recognize your voice at first since you sounded so crabby. Anyways I was just calling to check to see if Godai was home or not.

Kyoko: I am afraid not, you’ll have to call him back.

Kozue (phone):  Oh okay then, I guess I will, alright talk to you later then Ms. Otonashi…

Kyoko: Wait a minute Kozue, don’t hang up yet!

Kozue (phone): Wha… what's up?

Kyoko: Actually Kozue there was a reason why I wanted to call you back and well… well…

Kozue (phone): Well what is it?

Kyoko: This isn’t easy for me to say this so I’m sorry if this might shock you but… I have been receiving calls lately. I have been receiving some calls from some other young women who… also wanted to know if Godai was home.

Kozue (phone): Oh really?

Kyoko: Ye...yes, they all claim to be acquaintances of his… Most of these girls had cute friendly voices like yours but one of them had a smooth lower voice and they all wanted to know if Godai was home. I’m sure you know where I am going with this right?

Kozue: (phone): Hmm…. You must be referring to my new friends.

(Kyoko is suddenly shocked by this news here.)

Kyoko: Ne…New Friends?

Kozue (phone): Uh-huh, those girls you are talking about are my new friends from that club Godai and I joined just recently.

Kyoko: Club?

Kozue (phone): Ah yeah, Godai and I recently joined one of the clubs at the University that we go to and made some new friends there. Well I am sorry I need to cut this conversation short but I should be going now. See you later Ms. Otonashi.

(Now as Kozue hung up the phone, Kyoko is still rather shocked about this as she is still suspecting that something is seriously wrong here.)

Kyoko (thinking): Friends, New Club? So that girl Kozue knows about these other women? What is going on here? Is Godai some sort of Gigolo? Is this some Hot New Trend for College that one guy is dating a bunch of women like some serial womanizer? Is that what college kids really do? Oh what am I saying, I’m barely older than Godai and these girls so it’s not like I am some old maid here.  But still this is… this is… Oh I should just get back to work on my chores, anything to get my mind off of… this.

(Meanwhile a little later on that day at Maison Ikkoku, Ranma and Ukyo are walking up to the Maison Ikkoku entrance in which they are being greeted by Kentaro Ichinose.)

Kentaro: Hey there Bro, Hi Miss Ukyo.

Ukyo: Hello Kentaro.

Ranma: Hey there little buddy.

Ukyo: Say Kentaro, sweetie? Ranma and I… have something really important to tell you. But let’s go to the backyard first okay?

Kentaro: Oh…kay I suppose we can do that…

(Now as Ranma and Ukyo are in the Backyard with Kentaro they get themselves ready to tell Kentaro the truth here.)

Ukyo: Alright Kentaro, there is something that Ranma and I have been meaning to tell you for some time now. Ranma has wanted to keep this a secret for a while now but we both realize that you should know about this.

Ranma: Yeah…

Kentaro: Oh I see… So Bro did you get Miss Ukyo pregnant?

(Now both Ranma and Ukyo are shocked and red in the face.)

Ranma & Ukyo: WHAT?!

Ukyo: N…no of course not!

Ranma: Yeah it’s not like that at all little buddy.

Ukyo: Besides how would you know about this Kentaro?

Kentaro: My mom has told me about where Babies come from when I asked her about it. Mom told me that she wanted to go for a more “Honest” approach.

Ukyo: I see…

Kentaro: Besides, you two have been keeping a secret that apparently I am one of the first ones to know so I figured it would be something like this.

Ranma: Well I guess that does make sense….

Ukyo: Anyways, let’s try to get back on track here gentlemen.

Ranma: Agreed *ahem* Kentaro, remember that little story I told you and some of the others about how my father and I were at the Chinese Amazon Village during my Martial Arts Training Journey a while ago?

Kentaro: Oh yeah it was when that pretty lady with the Chinese Dress showed up here, what was her name again, Shampoo?

Ranma: Yes but… the thing is that wasn’t the only place that my father and I went to in China during my Martial Arts Training Journey. There was this place there known as the Jusenkyo Cursed Training Grounds. It is an ancient training ground that has been known for centuries but it has also been known to have a terrible curse.

Kentaro: Te…Terrible Curse? Well why did you guys go there then?

Ranma: Because my idiot father was so convinced that the “Curse” was just a local superstition and conned his way into setting up my training session there even though the Guide there told him not to.  You see Kentaro, the Jusenkyo grounds are not only known as an old Training Ground but it was known to have springs, lots and lots of springs. But those springs are the reason why the place is known as the “Cursed Training Grounds”. If you fall into a spring your body changes into another form, what kind of form you ask? Well it depends on which spring you fell into and well… you see my old man and I did fell into a couple of those wells and… and…

Kentaro: And what?

Ukyo (as she hands Ranma a Water Bottle): Ranma Honey… its time.

Ranma (as he holds the Water Bottle): *sigh* I know Ucchan, you see Kentaro when someone who has been infected by a Jusenkyo Curse they turn into an alternate form whenever they come into contact with some cold water. I’ll… I’ll show you what I mean…

(Then with great hesitation Ranma pours some of the cold water on his head in which he quickly turns into his female form.)

Female Ranma: And… this is the form I turn into.

Kentaro: What the… Wait a minute… I recognize you… you’re that girl in the picture…

Female Ranma: Ye… Yes that’s right, I’m “Ranko”.

Kentaro: So my bro is that girl Ranko all along?! Whoa…

(Then Ranma was getting incredibly nervous as she sees Kentaro being so shocked about this revelation. However Ukyo is going to try to ease the tension here.)

Ukyo: Now, now Kentaro lets calm down here, Kentaro sweetie? Listen to me and listen to me real good okay. This is still the Ranma and I love and the Ranma that you adore. Ranma maybe in a different body right now but he is still the same guy you know.

Female Ranma: Yeah that’s right Little Buddy; I am still your Bro… Even though I like I should be your “Sis”…

Ukyo: So please Kentaro, Ranma is still the same person that we both know and love in our own ways. I really hope you understand Kentaro.

Kentaro: O…okay Miss Ukyo I understand, its okay Bro I understand… eh what I meant to say is…

Female Ranma:  It’s okay little buddy you can still call me Bro despite my… current state… so you understand what's going on now Little Buddy?

Kentaro: Yep, okay it was kind of weird to see you like this at first Bro but I do understand what's going on here so I’m okay now Bro.

Female Ranma: *phew*! Oh I am so SO relieved to hear that little buddy! You have no idea how relieved I am now.

Ukyo: See Ranma Honey, Kentaro is a smart boy, I am sure he can handle hearing about your condition as long as we explain it to him.

Female Ranma: You’re right Ucchan.

Kentaro: So… Bro, I just thought I ask but how do you turn back into a guy?

Female Ranma: I am glad you ask little buddy, Ucchan dear, the other water bottle if you please.

Ukyo: Alright Ranma Honey here you go.

(Then Ranma pours the hot water on her head turning back into her original male form.)

Ranma: And now I am back to normal Little Buddy. You see I turn into a girl every time I get into contact with cold water but all I need is some hot water in order for me to turn back into a guy. You see Kentaro I fell into the “Spring of Drowned Girl” and I get a rather awkward sex change every time I get some cold water. Needless to say this is the reason why I normally stay inside whenever it’s raining out.

Kentaro: I see… but wait a minute Bro what about your Dad, Mr. Saotome? Does he turn into a lady when he gets Cold Water too?

Ranma: Fortunately no, he actually turns into a Large Panda when he gets some cold water. After all remember that photo with “Ranko” in which she had a large pet panda? Yeah that was him…

Kentaro: I see…

Ranma: But still Little Buddy I am really sorry that I have been keeping this a secret from you for so long. I have been hoping that I would one day find a cure for my little “Condition” here.

Kentaro: It’s okay Bro, if I had something weird like this I’d probably want to keep it a secret too.

Ukyo: Well that’s really good to hear Kentaro.

(Then Hanae Ichinose has been nearby eavesdropping the whole time as she is now getting closer to the three there.)

Hanae: Hey there you three.

(In which Ranma, Ukyo and Kentaro were a little startled by that.)

Kentaro: Mom!

Ukyo: Mrs. Ichinose?

Ranma: How long have you been standing there?

Hanae: Long enough, so you two finally decided to tell him huh?

Ranma: Wa…wait a minute… you already knew?

Hanae: Not necessarily, but I have been hearing a lot of stories about a girl and her panda for a while now, especially ever since shortly after your family moved here Ranma.

Ranma: Wait a minute, did that freak Yotsuya tell you about my old man and I’s Jusenkyo Cursed forms?

Hanae: Not exactly, but when Yotsuya was talking about those stories of a girl with her Panda during that welcoming party I had a feeling that something was up.

Ranma: I see…

Hanae: Relax kid; I’m not going to say anything about this. But you are making too big of a deal about this I mean I’m sure the Manager will be okay with you and Genma’s little “condition” here alright?

Ranma: Yeah, you may be right…

Hanae: But don’t worry I’ll let you and Genma decide when it’s the right time to tell the Manager okay?

Ranma: Alright…

(Just as all 4 of them were about to head back inside.)

Kentaro: Say Bro, before we get back in I do have one thing to say…

Ranma: Oh… what would that be?

Kentaro: I know you told me that you have been trying to find a cure for your Jusenkyo Curse. But if not I would like to one day go to the Jusenkyo Cursed Springs myself and have a dip on the same spring you were in Bro.

Ranma & Ukyo: WHAT?!

Ranma: Why would you do that little buddy?

Kentaro: It’s quite simple Bro; if you are going to go through life with a strange condition like that then I want to have that strange condition too. That way at least your strange condition won’t make you feel a little lonely in the world anymore.

(Kentaro says that with an innocent smile, Ranma and Ukyo were quite touched by Kentaro’s little statement here. Even Hanae was smiling a bit nearby in hearing Kentaro’s kind little gesture here.)

Ranma: Thanks Little Buddy, I really mean that.

Ukyo: Oh Kentaro… you truly are such an adorable little sweetie.

(In which Ukyo quickly grabbed Kentaro and hugged him as she shoves Kentaro’s face on her breasts. Ranma was indeed smiling as Hanae smirked at seeing her son like this in which after a few moments.)

Hanae: Okay then Ukyo, I think you’ve suffocated him long enough, now let my son Kentaro breathe now, okay?

Ukyo (slightly sheepish): Oh eh… heh heh, okay then *as she lets go* Alright everyone lets go back inside.

(They all nodded in agreement but as they are about to enter the Front Door they notice Kyoko and Kasumi sweeping the front entrance way like they normally would but Kyoko has a rather angry look which had Kasumi slightly nervous.)

Ukyo: Hello there Kasumi and Ms. Otonashi… Hmm? Kasumi, Ms. Otonashi? Is there something wrong here?

Kasumi: She’s been like this since earlier this afternoon, I really don’t know why though.

Kyoko (gritting her teeth): Oh there’s nothing wrong you two, I feel perfectly fine! I’m not particularly bothered at all.

Hanae: Uh-huh sure you’re not, is this because Godai went out on that date with another girl yesterday?

(Kyoko was initially a little shocked by Hanae’s question at first but she quickly regains her composure.)

Kyoko: No Mrs. Ichinose I can assure you it’s not… however speaking of Godai apparently that girl he was dating yesterday was not the only girl interested in him. I was getting calls from a few other girls who were looking for him as they all claimed that they had a good time with him.

(Now as Kasumi, Ukyo, Hanae, Ranma and Kentaro were initially surprised by this.)

Kasumi: Eh Now now Manager, I am sure there is a reasonable explanation for this.

Ukyo: Yeah Ms. Otonashi, I’m sure Mr. Godai wouldn’t be the kind of guy who would fool around like that.

Hanae:  Ha ha! Oh man, so Godai spends a few months at a local Community College and he is already trying to play the field here. Hope he doesn’t have to see the Doctor for anything “below the belt” if you know what I mean. Heh heh…

Kentaro (under his breath): That spineless dope Godai is with a bunch of girls at once, do you buy that Bro?

Ranma (under his breath): Oh not at all little buddy; the fact that he managed to get one girl to want to date him is surprising enough.

(Now Kyoko is holding Kasumi’s hands in which Kasumi is slightly shocked and a little red in the face there.)

Kyoko: Oh Kasumi, times like this make me feel so glad that the two of us never went to College.  After all there seems to be so many deviants and perverts out there who want to take advantage of young women like us.

(In which now Kyoko hugs Kasumi in which Kasumi blushes a bit more, but as Kyoko places her face right in front of Kasumi’s face.)

Kyoko: Oh Kasumi I feel so glad that we never had to go through such a thing. Wouldn’t you agree Kasumi?

Kasumi (slightly flustered): Uh… sure Manager, I suppose I do understand what you mean there.

(Meanwhile a little later on that afternoon, Godai is now home at Maison Ikkoku in which as Godai heads inside and is in the front hall he is being approached by Soun & Kasumi Tendo, Mr. Onsen and Hanae Ichinose.)

Kasumi: Good afternoon Godai.

Soun: Yes Good Afternoon Godai.

Onsen: Hi there Godai.

Hanae: Hey there.

Godai: Hello everyone, so what's up? You all look like your waiting for something.

Kasumi: Oh I suppose we are Godai, though we are actually more waiting for someone.

Godai: Really? Who would that be?

Hanae: Boy you’re as observant as ever huh Godai?

Godai: Huh?

Soun: I believe what Mrs. Ichinose meant is that you are the person we were waiting for Godai.

Godai: Really? What for Mr. Tendo?

Onsen: Alright Godai, I’ll be honest with you and tell you that we all knew that you went on a little date last night. So we’d like to ask, how did it go?

Godai: Oh I see…  Well I guess I should’ve seen this coming. Okay then, it did turn out pretty well. This girl I was with is one of my classmates named Kozue Nanao, she is a little on the short side but she really is a very nice girl. In fact she is probably one of the nicest folks I ever met really.

Soun: Oh well that is good to hear Godai.

Kasumi: Indeed Father.

Onsen: So are you planning on seeing this Kozue girl again Godai?

Godai: Oh I already am Mr. Onsen, she and I have been hanging out in school lately, in fact we even joined one of the clubs at school today.

Onsen: Ah well that’s nice Godai.

Hanae: Yeah, so that date you had last night with this girl Kozue turned out well huh? That’s cool, so how your dates with those other girls went?

Godai: WHAT?! Wha…What other girls?!

(Now we see Kyoko standing behind Godai with her left eye twitching glaring at him.)

Kyoko: Yes Godai, what other girls?!

(Now suddenly Godai, Kasumi and Soun are nervous to see Kyoko like this as while Hanae is having a nice smug smile about this as Onsen is slightly glaring at her for that.)

Kasumi: No…now now Manager! It’s like I said before there must be a reasonable explanation here.

Soun: I do agree with Kasumi, Manager, I’m sure Godai has a reasonable explanation here.

Onsen: You’re enjoying this aren’t you Hanae?

Hanae: Heh heh you know it Onsen, but hey we both know that Godai would’ve been in deep trouble anyways even if I kept my mouth shut.

Kyoko: That’s enough from all of you! Now, Godai! Report to my office immediately, I wish to have a little chat with you right now!

Godai: *gulp!* Eh… Ye… Yes Manager…

(Now as Godai enters Kyoko’s office and is as nervous as can be.)

Kyoko: Alright Godai, I want some answers from you, right now!

Godai: Bu…bu…bu…but Manager! Wha…What did I do?!

Kyoko: Don’t play innocent with me young man! You know very well what you did. I am not playing your little games here Godai, earlier today I was receiving phone calls from a bunch of girls who were trying to reach you. Care to explain that?

Godai: Really?

Kyoko: Yes, I had calls from 4 ladies earlier today, most of them had cuter higher pitched voices and the last one had a low sultry voice. Apparently you have more lady friends than I thought Godai.

Godai: Hmm… Wait a minute I know who you are talking about Manager, those are the folks from that Puppet Club that Kozue and I joined earlier today at school.

Kyoko: Puppet Club?

Godai: Yep, aside from Kozue and I there were 4 other people at that club. Namely 3 ladies and 1 large guy named Saotome. The 2 girls with the higher voices are Kamisaka, who is a brunette who has braided hair and Koizumi, a young lady with long dark hair kind of like their leader Sayoko. And speaking of which, that lady with the “low sultry” voice must be Sayoko who is the leader of the group here.
Kyoko: I see… Wait a minute I had 3 calls from people who had higher pitched voices, the 3rd one had a really high-pitched squeaky voice.

Godai: Oh I see that must be Saotome you were referring to.

Kyoko (shocked): Re…Really?

Godai: Yeah he is a really large man but he sometimes likes to do high and squeaky voices with his puppets to entertain children.

Kyoko: I see…

Godai: Yeah so in other words those calls were just the other members of the Puppet Club wanting to check up on me, that’s all.

(In which Kyoko’s left eye is twitching again but this time it’s more due to embarrassment than anything else.)

Kyoko (thinking): Why do I get the feeling the folks at this Puppet Club were all playing a joke on me?

Godai: Manager, are you okay?

Kyoko: What? Oh I’m… I’m fine now Godai, anyways I suppose I do owe you an apology for getting angry at you earlier Godai. I shouldn’t have been so quick to jump to conclusions like that.

Godai: It’s okay Manager.

Kyoko: However! That being said I would recommend that you tell those people at that club you go to that there are other ways they can contact you. Godai, do you have a cell phone?

Godai: No ma’am I never really got one. But I do have a lap-top.

Kyoko: Well give them your e-mail address or something and tell them that if they wish to contact you then do it through the computer alright?

Godai: Alright.

Kyoko: Oh and before you leave my office, I’ll also tell you that Kozue girl called as well, you should call her back as soon as possible.

Godai: Oh alright I will Manager.

Kyoko: Good, now you may go Godai.  

Godai: Okay Manager.

(A short while later Genma was about to head upstairs until he was being approached by Hanae.)

Genma: Oh hey there Hanae, I was just about to head upstairs so what's up?

Hanae: Oh I’ll be heading upstairs in a bit as well. But first I need to have a little word with you… privately, mind coming in here for a bit?

Genma: Privately? Oh uh… okay… I guess.

(Then as Genma enters the Ichinose Room in which Hanae gets Genma to lower his head so she can whisper something to him.)

Hanae (whispering): Hey Genma, I just thought I tell you that your boy Ranma and his gal pal Ukyo had a little chat with my boy Kentaro earlier today about the fact that you and Ranma’s little “Jusenkyo Curses”.

Genma: What?! Uh… I mean *ahem* *whispering* Really? Ranma told Kentaro about that?

Hanae (whispering): Yeah he did.

Genma (whispering): That’s weird; Ranma was really against the idea of anyone here other than the Tendos and Mr. Onsen knowing about this especially your boy Kentaro.

Hanae (whispering): I know but I think Ukyo was the one who talked him into explaining this whole thing to Kentaro.

Genma (whispering): Well that would explain it then.

Hanae (whispering): Yeah I suppose it would, anyway it’s okay Genma, Kentaro and I are going to keep our mouths shut  until you two are ready to tell everyone else about this okay?

Genma (whispering): Oh… okay then.

Hanae: Good now let’s head on upstairs Genma.

Genma: Oh alright then Hanae.

(Later on that day as Genma and the Drunkard Trio are at Godai’s room having their booze. Godai is sitting nearby thinking paying no attention to his surroundings whatsoever.)

Akemi: Hmm? Hey Godai…Godai…Godai!

Godai (startled):  Wha?! Oh uh… uh… hey there Akemi, what’s up?

Akemi: Geez what's with you Godai? Every time you are not bitching about us being here you seem to be spacing out, so what's up with you today?

Godai: Oh uh I was just thinking about something, namely that little chat I had with the Manager just a little while ago.

Akemi: Oh really?

Hanae: Oh I know what's going on here, apparently the Manager was getting calls from some of the ladies at Godai’s school and that was getting her really steamed.

Akemi: Oooh sounds scandalous.

Godai: Yeah well I really don’t know why she was angry earlier. I mean all those calls that she got earlier were all from members of the Puppet Club who were checking up on me. I don’t know why she was so bothered about that.

Akemi: Heh heh, perhaps our dear Manager thought all those Puppet Club members were your personal Harem huh? Who knew a “Goody Goody” like our Manager would have that kind of imagination huh?

Godai: Ha…Harem?! Well I uh…

(Then Godai was busy picturing Kozue, Kamizaka, Koizumi and Kuroki in Arabic Belly Dancer outfits and was rather enjoying that mental image. That is until Godai remembered that Akemi said all the members in which he is now picturing Saotome in an Arabic Belly Dancer outfit in which he is immediately terrified by that image. But as Genma is a surprisingly melancholic mood as he is drinking some Beer.)

Genma (thinking): So Ranma, you told Kentaro about our little condition huh? This is a little surprising… Hmm… Maybe it is getting to be time that we come clean with everyone else about this.

(Meanwhile Yotsuya is nearby lying on the floor with his hat covering most of his face but he does have a small smug smile on his face.)

Yotsuya (thinking): How fascinating, ah Sayoko how it pleases me that you have performed so well. You have learned well my young pupil.


Perm: Hey there folks, on the next episode of Takahashi Trifecta we’re finally back!

Kakugari: Yep, after a practically 10 episode hiatus we are finally back on the show, isn’t that right Chibi?

Chibi: Oh yeah Lum’s Stormtroopers are back baby!

Ranma: So Lum’s Stormtroopers are back huh? So what are you idiots doing back here? What does your boss Megane want a rematch?

Perm, Kakugari & Perm: AH! RANMA!

Perm: Uh… hey there Ranma, eh don’t worry we have nothing to do with anything Megane is going to do, right guys?

Kakugari: Eh yeah we have nothing to do with it this time.

Chibi: Yeah… what they said.

Megane: Ah yes, Lum’s Stormtroopers will indeed rise again as I have an ingenious plot to make my glorious comeback here! My dastardly plan will shock you all!

Ataru: I seriously doubt that Megane.


Yotsuya: Well Ladies and Gentlemen it appears our next episode will be another Teenage Wasteland as we have more hijinx in Furinkan High…

Megane: Silence! I shall be the one to conclude this preview not you, for I am Megane of my beloved Lum’s…

(Then Yotsuya quickly struck a pressure point on Megane and knocked him out.)

Yotsuya: There now before I was so rudely interrupted, the next episode of Takahashi Trifecta is…

The Great Cyber-Man! Megane’s Counterattack?

Ataru, Perm, Kakugari & Chibi: See you soon!

Yotsuya: Farewell for now
Takahashi Trifecta Episode 13
Takahashi Trifecta Episode 13: The Mistress of the Puppet Club, the Mysterious Beauty

Yes folks I admit this did take a bit longer than I originally thought but anyways here is the 13th episode of my Takahashi Trifecta series. This episode marks the debut of the Puppet Club as Godai and Kozue become the latest members of Sanryu's Puppet Club. Oh yes and later on in this episode Ranma and Ukyo agree that its time to tell Kentaro the Truth about a certain secret that Ranma has been hiding for a while now.

Anyways Episode 14 will hopefully be up soon.

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Ganbare Naruto!

Hi folks I am Naruto Uzumaki and I’m…
Gonna be the future Hokage of Konoha.
To tell you the truth
I can also do the Kamehameha.

Mighty Guy (BG):
Liar! Liar! Liar!

I guess that would make me the 8th Generation of Akira Toriyama.

(Now we see Sakura, Ino, Hinata and Tenten as the Kimono Dancer Girls)

Kimono Dancer Girls:
Ho-Ho-Hot Water!
Lying will get you in Hot Water!

He-Hey! Hey now!
I’ll just let Bushy Brow take it from here!

Rock Lee:
I am Rock Lee, finest student of Guy Sensei.
I am also known as Konoha’s Green Beast
(Squeaky voice) And I also have the eyes of a Muppet.

Mighty Guy (BG):
Liar! Liar! Liar!

Rock Lee:
But in that case why am I dressed in Green instead of Red?

Kimono Dancer Girls:
Pa-Pa-Pasted On!
His outfit is pasted on!

Rock Lee:
Pardon me! Pardon me!
I don’t know what you girls are talking about!

(Now Naruto and Rock Lee are having a brief little dance-off until the next verse starts)

The Future Hokage of Konoha
Naruto Uzumaki
Spending all his money down at the Ichiraku Ramen
I’m just saying! I’m just saying! I’m just saying!

Rock Lee:
Naruto! That was all the money we got from that Mission!

The Monetary Cost of the Ramen
That Naruto spent with his and other’s Mission yen.

Spending it all on Ramen
No wonder Naruto is often in the Red.

Kimono Dancer Girls:
Wo-wo-work for it!
Go wash feet and work for it!

Yuck! Feet?! No way! Why would I do that?!
Just say something to them Bushy Brow!

Rock Lee:
Sakura, Ino, Tenten and Hinata.
They are all such cute girls but… they are other fish in the sea.
Know what I mean Naruto?

(Then suddenly the screen goes dark.)

Rock Lee:
Wanna go do it?
Say Naruto how does that Special Jutsu of yours go again?

Kimono Dancer Girls:
Ho-ho-Ho Yay?
Has this song gone full Yaoi?

He-he-hey! Wait a minute Lee!
Now you’re sounding like Pervy Sage!

Mighty Guy (BG):
N-A-R-U-T-O! N-A-R-U-T-O! N-A-R-U-T-O!

(Now Naruto and Lee have another Dance Break, this time Lee is dancing with Sakura and Tenten while Naruto is dancing with Hinata and Ino. They do this until the next verse comes in.)

Baseball Pitch the Shuuto.
Mickey Mouse’s Dog Pluto.
Popeye’s Old Foe Bluto.
And of course our Future Boy Boruto! (With a slightly shocked Naruto nearby)
There are some other “utos” that do exist.

Mighty Guy (BG):

Of course our favorite is our boy Naruto!

Kimono Dancer Girls:
Ma-sa-shi Ki-shi-mo-to!

Ah man! Ah man! Wait a minute Bushy Brow!
How are we supposed to finish this song?

Rock Lee:
At this point just sing anything!

Okay… Si La Fa, La Fa Mi, Re Mi Se, Si Re Mi

Rock Lee:
Okay then… Si La Fa, La Fa Mi, Re Mi Se, Si Re Mi!
Ganbare Naruto!
Hey folks its been a while since I have released a Song Parody and this is the second time I do one for a Hyadain song. This time I am doing a song based off of Hyadain's "Ganbare Goemon" song based off of the Legend of the Mystical Ninja series but my version stars the cast of Naruto! Particularly Naruto Uzumaki himself as Goemon and Rock Lee as Ebisumaru. But still here is my latest Song Parody which is "Ganbare Naruto".

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Penfold: And Penfold!

Eh… yes and Penfold eh… *ahem*




(Danger Mouse)
Greetings, I am Danger Mouse, and as my theme song says I am a Powerhouse.
Watch me as they say “Bring down the House”.
I am Great Britain’s Greatest Rodent Secret Agent by far.
While you are a C-Lister at best as Disney never truly treated you like a star.
I can take down the forces of evil with a nice mix of cunning and force.
Not to mention I can easily out-maneuver any Obstacle course.  
So you so-called “Great Mouse Detective”, you still think you can match wits?
Besides unlike your movie my show was actually made by Brits.
Perhaps you will see that I am the superior mouse amongst mice.
Besides the real reason why anyone watched your movie was the late Vincent Price.
Ah crumbs, DM, these rap battles are so much fun!
But of course when it comes to crime fighting DM, you are number one!
After all, DM is the strongest and the quickest and the best!
So Danger Mouse is such a big star from east to even the west.
Not to mention I am Penfold, Danger Mouse’s trusty sidekick.
I am here to make sure DM is still the greatest and fantastic.
Before Wallace and Gromit we were the original 80’s Toon Stars of the UK.
So you sure you want to take on DM in this musical fray?
Like the theme song says Danger Mouse is quite the Ace.
I’m sure DM’s raps and rhymes will put you in your place!
(Danger Mouse)
Well said there Penfold.
My rhymes are so cool they’ll leave Basil here out in the cold.
Like Penfold said we are some of the original animated stars from the UK.
As Penfold and I often save the day.
With my Secret Agent skills I am outsmart and foil any villainous trap.
And unlike you I am not a pompous snob, I am normally a rather affable chap.
But what else should I expect from a Rodent Sherlock Holmes Wannabe.
One doesn’t need to be a Master Detective to see that obviously.
Not to mention you seem awfully fixated on a certain “Oversized Sewer Rat”.
Penfold and I would’ve handled Ratigan in no time flat.

Oh these rhymes are so pitifully inept. Oh I’m sorry do you need some elaboration?
Alright then your rhymes are as weak and limited as your show’s animation.
So you accuse me of being a Sherlock Holmes rip-off is that your plan?
Humph, big talk coming from a blatant parody of Danger Man.
So you think defeating Ratigan would be easy like it was some mid-day jog?
That’s funny, coming from someone who has trouble taking down a decrepit old frog.
Besides I also know a thing or two about evading a highly elaborate Death Trap.
After all I did manage to out-do Ratigan’s trap and with a nice Photo snap.
Your boasts are rather questionable, are you sure you can achieve your objective?
After all you are matching wits with the Great Mouse Detective.
I say chaps, is this fighting necessary? Must we insult and deride?
Keep in mind good sirs that we are all on the same side.
Perhaps after this we can go out for drinks, there is a certain place that I know.
This place serves decent drinks but it has a fabulous dancing show.
So Danger Mouse you claim to serve her majesty’s kingdom as being the best agent in the land?
Well I have also served my Queen and Country as a Military Doctor in Afghanistan.
And I assure you gentlemen that Basil is indeed a fine detective.
Although, Basil’s ego would at times make his priorities a little too selective.
Nevertheless I prefer to keep this civil as I will refrain from any angry rants.
After all, our movie helped convince Disney to give Animation another chance.
A fascinating point Dawson, in fact I will even admit that was rather well played.
Oh yes and I am well aware of the 1989 film The Little Mermaid.
But perhaps I shall clear a little something in this musical brawl.
My movie proved Disney that their animated films had a future at all.
So my movie was a sleeper hit and your series was a Cult Classic… well of sorts…
During the 1980’s you were one of Nickelodeon’s known imports.
But when the Nicktoons came you soon faded into obscurity.
Oh I’m sorry is this history lesson giving you some insecurity?
I suppose you are a decent footnote in early Nickelodeon History.
But I am the star of another classic movie from Disney.

(Danger Mouse)
Yes, yes your film was a sleeper hit. But no matter how many times you have said it.
When it comes to the “Renaissance Age” of Animation we should give Ariel some credit.
So you imply that I’m has-been? Your history lesson here is not well displayed.
For starters in both the UK and US my show lasted a decade!
You had a big movie that is true, but keep this in mind you egotistical louse.
After your movie all you had was a brief cameo on Disney’s House of Mouse.
So tell me Basil who here is the Has-been again?
Oh my you look almost as sore as that thrashing you got on the Big Ben.
It’s such a shame we couldn’t get Young Fievel here in this musical mix.
Considering how well “An American Tail” did on the Box Office back in 86.
Good show Chief! I knew you’d be winning this musical fray!
After all you are the best Secret Agent in all of the UK.
Besides our show was the biggest animated series in 80s UK History.
And we will be getting a new series thanks to the BBC.
But of course it’s because DM and I see a lot of Action and Thrills.
As we… or he gets to show off a lot of Mad Kung Moggy Skills.
But there was one part of The Great Mouse Detective that was just so sad.
Was that poor little Miss Mouse Olivia, as she tries to find her dear old dad.
That poor little Miss’s pop got spirited away by that mean old bat.
But you were too busy wanting to take down a big Ol’ Rat.
(Danger Mouse)
You have made an Interesting point here Penfold in this musical battle of rhyme.
That Basil here was indeed a bit obsessed with taking down “The Napoleon of Crime”.
So Basil here is some crime fighting advice that I would gladly recommend.
That saving people from criminals is not just a means to an end.
You truly are like Sherlock Holmes as you both favor the same Musical Instrument.
Not to mention you’d rather outwit criminals than aid the innocent.
You and Ratigan seem to have a borderline “Bad Bromance”.
Say do you remember your first encounter with Olivia by any Chance?
The only reason why you took Olivia’s case is when she mentioned a certain bat.
Otherwise you would’ve brushed her off and crush the poor girl’s hopes down flat.

*sigh* I must confess that some of the things you said are true.
Mainly when it comes to Olivia, I do understand your views.
But I can assure you both that I have changed my ways.
I will remember my case with Olivia for the rest of my days.
Perhaps I was rather fixated on Ratigan but that is all in the past.
But that is because our history was so long and vast.
I admit that even now I don’t have the best grasp of humility.
But my skills as a Detective still have a lot of credibility.
Now with that being said, my skills and my style are a bit more refined.
You maybe limber and fit but I have a more scientific mind.
Now see here, that’s enough from the both of you.
I am a better judge of Basil’s character that much is true.
Basil may be an obsessive egomaniac that has always been his vice.
But he is a fine heroic detective, the finest amongst all mice.
After all Basil was the one who stopped Ratigan.
Basil saved Mousetopia from Ratigan’s evil plan.
So don’t think that you have won this musical fray today.
Besides, hardly anyone knows you two anymore outside the UK.
Oh dear, I am so tired of all this negativity here.
Say would any of chaps like to stop this and go get some beers?
Later Dawson, after this I am sure we can go out and drink.
But your verse has given me some time to think.
Perhaps I shall question Danger Mouse’s ethics, let’s see how that would yield.
Like how you would frequently use Penfold for a furry little shield.
You deride me for my ego & pride and I admit you are not quite wrong.
But tell me why do you insist on using that rather boastful theme song?
I am quite the leader while you’re in a way a UK Government Dog.
Besides Ratigan has been defeated, but what about Silas that old green frog?
Oh yes and… *lights go down* Oh my, what's going on? Oh dear…
Say Dawson it appears we are not the only 80s Disney rodents here.

(Then a few rodents do appear on the stage but at first we only see their shadows. But the first ones who come into the light are Chip and Dale from Chip & Dale’s Rescue Rangers.)

Sometimes, some crimes go slipping through the cracks.
But these two, gum shoes, are picking up the slack.
There is no case too big, no case too small.
When you need help just call…
(Chip & Dale)

I am Chip, the Rescue Ranger’s Leader.
Our headquarters are located within New York’s finest Oak and Cedar.
I take my duties as Leader very seriously that much I can assure.
As compared to my associate Dale I am clearly a lot more mature.
But that doesn’t mean I am not fun I can show some spunk.
After all Dale and I are fine Heroic Chipmunks.
We have taken down all sorts of criminals like Professor Nimnul and Fat Cat.
Besides you all got to admit I am so rocking the Fedora Hat.
I’m Dale, co-founder of the Rescue Rangers, the crime fighters that are Number One!
Though unlike my best pal Chip here I know how to have fun!
I have done all sorts of crazy and amazing things in my show.
Like when I was with Aliens and when I became the Super Hero, Rubber Bando.
I maybe a goofy, nutty slacker and Comedy Relief but I am much more than that.
As I can help the other Rescue Rangers take bad guys down in no time flat.
Sure, Rescue Rangers only lasted 2 years which seems to be nothing to boast.
But Chip and I have been rocking it with Disney for nearly 7 Decades at most.

(Then a female mouse with a somewhat shapely silhouette is seen behind the curtains, in which Chip, Dale and Dawson and to an extent Basil and Danger Mouse seems to have noticed. But then that silhouette is Gadget’s as she is now on stage.)

Hey there boys, I am Gadget Hackwrench of Rescue Rangers Fame.
Give me some tools and a good lab and I’ll show you all how I live up to my name.
I may have had plenty of admirers who think I look rather fine.
But I am first and foremost an Inventor and Scientist with quite the Scientific Mind.
I maybe the “Token Girl” but I am hardly ever a “Damsel in Distress”
In fact the only time I was known for being a “DiD” was in our first game for the NES.
I am normally a nice and friendly mouse lady but I am not one you should anger and insult.
Like that time I took down Bubbles and his Ninjas from the Coo-coo Cola Cult.
So like I said before I may be known for my Beauty but I’m definitely known for my Brains.
As I have made all sorts of things for the Rescue Rangers such as Weapons, Tools and Planes.

(Now we see a large mouse with his pet fly Zipper on stage and that mouse is…)

(Monterey Jack)
Too right luv’, brains and skills are certainly not something you lack.
Or my name ain’t Monterey Jack!
Think any of you boys can take me down? Oh please!
The only thing that can overpower me is my love of cheese.
Okay I admit I may still have some self-control issues with cheese that much is true.
But still when it comes to saving the day I can still come through.
Anyways the Rescue Rangers will be winning this Musical Battle of Rhyme.
Besides my raps can tear you down like a Dingo while I’m feeling just prime!
So my friends and I are known for saving people from various Dangers.
For we are none other than the Rescue Rangers!




ERB Danger Mouse Vs. The Great Mouse Detective
Yes folks I am finally back (I was going to do this last week/month but I was busy with certain things. That and this took longer than I thought it would). Anyways here is another one of my ERBs and this time its Danger Mouse and his trusty Hamster sidekick Penold Vs. Basil and Dawson from the Great Mouse Detective. (Along with special guest appearances from a band of certain other Disney Rodents from the 1980s.)

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I am the Magitek Knight Celes! I can defeat you three especially this floozy barmaid!
As none of you three can stand up to my Runic Blade.
I am easily the superior warrior here by far!
Not to mention I actually have musical talent as I was once an Opera Star!
I am Terra and I am not sure if I should be here and maybe I am bit too docile.
As unlike most of you ladies here I prefer not to be hostile.
But I do believe that Humans and Espers can have peace with one another.
As I have a Esper Father but I also have a human mother.
Oh I do wish we can give a bunch of nasty monsters a good slaughter,
Instead of dealing with this Lesbian Couple and their bratty daughter.
As I am Relm the cutest little artist with lots of artistic skill!
Watch as my amazing drawings would often go for the kill!
Relm! You don’t know Tifa and Aeris so you shouldn’t give them such a judgmental rile.
Besides there is nothing wrong with having an Alternative Lifestyle.
Oh Celes I do understand that this may come off as a bit of a tattle.
But are you sure it’s appropriate that we brought Relm to this Rap Battle?
Oh I understand your views Terra as your concern does seem to be rather just.
As I, Celes Chere, shall defeat this floozy barmaid who relies on her oversized bust.
I mean after all Tifa your outfit is rather obscene.
However your flower giving compatriot is not entirely clean.
Oh I can be here just fine you two, though Celes yours raps do give me a bit of a surprise.
I’d thought you and Tifa would get along, you both have some things in common such as your bust size.
After all you two, men love to leer at your boobs especially when you two wear a certain dress.
But when comes to taste in men, Celes has a bit more success, right Celes?

(Celes’ face goes a little red as she glares at the gleefully grinning Relm while Terra tries to calm her down.)

Well Celes I can easily make your “Holier-than-though” points rather moot.
As why am I getting lectures from a busty blonde running around in a swimsuit?
While it’s true that you’re Runic Blade can absorb any magic in this place…
But it won’t save you from a good grapple or a solid kick to the face!
Oh calm down you two this doesn’t have to lead into bloodshed.
Now how about we get some flowers or perhaps a drink instead?
Oh you two wish to glare at each-other? Oh dear…
Times like this do make me wish that Zach was here.
Oh lighten up there Aeris these Rap Battles are suppose to be all in good fun.
After all when it comes to FF Lady Trios we are Number One!
Though Tifa you sure you want to argue with Celes whose boobs are bigger and greater?
Alright but don’t blame me if certain fans ship you with Celes later.
*sigh* Oh this is starting to remind me of when certain fans ship me with Scarlet.
And to those fans NO I am not her personal sex-slave harlot!
Oh what is it with me and blondes…
Uh what I mean is Cloud and I have a truly great bond!
Oh come now Yuffie we both know how Tifa feels about Cloud so there’s no need to bait her.
After all it does seem like Cloud will return her feelings back… well okay several years later.
However Celes you seem to still have some issues you need to resolve first.
As your “Haughty Ice Queen” persona still seems to be a bit well nursed.
So sorry you FF6 has-beens! We FF7 girls know how to perform!
Though I hope we don’t get attacked by Ms. Moody Green’s “Alternate Form”.
But still, I alone can out-rap and out-attitude the whole three of you.
Say little Miss Relm, are those rumors about you and Gau true?

(Now all 3 of the FF6 ladies look a little shocked, particularly Relm whose face is now bright red. But now we see Rosa, Rydia and Porom from Final Fantasy 4 on stage.)

Rydia and Porom, you both are here? Alright then, cool.
Alright then girls, let’s show them all something a little more old-school.
We are the ladies of Final Fantasy 4 just so you all know.
I am Rosa, White Mage Extraordinaire, and I have exceptional aim with my bow.
Alright Miss Rosa, I am Rydia, a Summoner from the village of Mist.
I can summon some powerful monsters that should never be dissed.
But summoning monsters is not the only part of my magical power.
As for example I can give you all a good ice shower!
Hello folks, I am Porom, the young Mysidian White Mage.
Both Rydia and I look up to Tellah the Great Sage.
My brother Palom and I can use powerful spells that can give monsters something to fear.
Though some things considered I’m kind of glad that Palom isn’t here.

[However Palom was nearby with the Eblan Prince Edge as Palom gleefully watches Rydia dance while Edge feels slightly uncomfortable. Though Rydia then does a little twirl in which she now turns into a fully grown and voluptuous young lady in which both Palom and Edge like what they see.]

(Adult Rydia)
Now I can summon a bunch more monsters that can fill up a large ship.
Not to mention I am also pretty good with a whip.
Seriously my various spells can destroy a bunch of foes in no time flat.
I may not be able to heal anymore but Rosa and Cecil more than make up for that.
WHAT?! What the… this is so blatantly unfair!
How come Rydia gets to suddenly grow up and show so much flair?
Alright calm down Porom there is no reason to be so easily riled.
But still how come I get to be stuck as a small child?
Oh please calm down Porom, it’s not all that bad.
There’s a… long… and strange reason why Rydia is like this, so please don’t be mad.
But still girls let’s stay focused on our plans here in this musical scene.
As I am Rosa Farrell and I will be Baron’s Future Queen!

(Now we see Lulu, Yuna and Rikku from Final Fantasy 10 making their entrances on the stage.)

Alright Ladies I am trying to make a point here, but I won’t be too incessant.
If you insist on bringing children here then at least make sure they are a bit more adolescent.
While I admit it is true that my body and robes can make even some of you ladies blush.
But it matters little as I can defeat you all with my various spells and my Cactuar Plush.
Well, well it looks like our trio is not the only one to have a mage with a giant rack.
However style and beauty is certainly something Yuna and I do not lack.
The 3 of us can easily handle monsters of all sorts.
While in FFX-2, Yuna and I so rock the mini-skirts and short-shorts.
Oh I wouldn’t say “rocking it but I did dress a bit more loose in Final Fantasy X-2
But I am still a summoner at heart at least that much is true.
Like my late great father Braska I shall become a fine priest.
I can summon many Aeon creatures to help us slay any vile beast.
Well said Yuna, I can assure you that your words will become true.
But I do apologize that I wasn’t able to join you and your friends in X-2.
With all due respect to Wakka but I had to settle down.
However, my new ensemble would’ve probably shown more skin than my old gown.
Oh it’s alright Lulu I understand, though I must say that my journeys have made me feel more gallant.
By the way Ms. Celes you are not the only one here with some musical talent.
Oh yes, that reminds me… oh dear…
Oh Rikku we should’ve asked Paine to join us here.
Oh don’t worry about Paine there Yuna, I’m sure she won’t mind.
Besides even if we asked little miss Ice Queen Paine, she probably would’ve declined.
But what can I say? I’m sure we’ve won this little musical brawl.
Now c’mon you two lets watch Tidus and Wakka play a little Blitz Ball.

(Last but not least the ladies of Chrono Trigger namely Marle, Lucca and Ayla show up.)

Hey everyone, we are the ladies of Chrono Trigger!
Your chances of getting beat have just got bigger!
I am pretty with a crossbow and my magic can put my foes on ice.
I maybe a future queen but I’m no Ice Queen, in fact I’m normally nice.
The name is Lucca and I am the Brains of this Team.
As I can easily blast you all with a fiery beam!
With all my gadgets, blasters and bombs I suppose I am a bit of a tech-nerd.
But I assure you one should never use that term as a curse word.
I, Ayla, I can beat any Dinos with fists and a Club.
Also Ayla likes to chow down on a lot of grub.
Ayla really likes any Strong Man and Woman in sight.
Oh hello Tifa, we sure had some fun with Tina Armstrong last night, right?

[Then Tifa looks away, slightly red in the face as she twiddles her thumbs with Aeris looking a little surprised as Yuffie is smirking at Tifa there.]

Boy Ayla you do kind of get around do you?
But I guess it doesn’t matter as long as you’re my ancestor so far that seems to be true.
Perhaps I shouldn’t act so preachy and snooty.
After all I am also quite the shapely young beauty!
(Ayla, now fondling Marle)
Oh Marle you say you are Shapely Beauty do you?
Then let Ayla see if that is true.
Marle’s body not too bad but as you can see.
Marle have good figure but not compared to me.
(Lucca, annoyed)
Really? Is this really necessary I mean I don’t want to tattle.
But don’t we have enough Yuri fanservice in this Rap Battle?
After this, I’ll be back in my lab fixing up Robo, just so you know.
However if Marle and Ayla are busy perhaps I should spend some time with Chrono.




ERB FF6 Ladies Vs. FF 7 Ladies
Hello folks here is my 30th Rap Battle and I decided to try a little something different namely a 5-rapper battle but in this case a 5-Team battle. As this rap battle is using many of the ladies from Squaresoft namely...

Celes Chere, Terra Brandford and Relm Arrowny of Final Fantasy 6
Tifa Lockhart, Aeris Gainsborough and Yuffie Kisarage of Final Fantasy 7
Rosa, Rydia and Porom of Final Fantasy 4
Lulu, Yuna and Rikku of Final Fantasy 10
Marle, Lucca and Ayla of Chrono Trigger.

This one is of course my longest Rap Battle but I thought I try a little something different here.

Well folks I have finally done a little something I have been meaning to do for a while now and make another TV Tropes to one of my works and believe it or not its a page for my Epic Rap Battles and its here at...…/…

Oh rest assured I am well aware that its not finished at all but this took me a few hours to do and I figured this would be a nice start. I will also try to add in a characters sheet for this in the near future as well. Although if any one of you who is a frequent TV Tropes user and is familiar with my Rap Battles feel free in helping me out with this page if you like. Oh yes and I will also try to make TV Tropes pages for some of my other stories as well.

Hey folks I know its a little late but happy 2015, here is my first Journal entry for the year. Remember a while back when I said that I was going to do episode summaries of future episodes of my Takahashi Trifecta series? Well here they are, I admit I did originally say I was going to give you a summary list of episodes 11-20 but since this was taking long than I originally anticipated I went with 11-15 instead. I was writing down highly detailed summaries for myself (which I felt uncertain about doing long summaries at first but then I figured it would be for the best). But not too worry folks I will of course give you folks some shorter summaries of these upcoming episodes. But first for those who are unaware of my Takahashi Trifecta series or haven't read all of my episodes yet you can take a look here at...…

Anyways here is the episode summaries...

Episode 11- Its the day after Ikuko's welcoming party in Episode 10 and the folks at Maison Ikkoku are wanting to relax. Godai has a nice little man-to-man chat with Ryouga as Godai tries to be supportive to him. (In which Kyoko overhears Godai's chat with Ryouga and thought it was nice until she hears about who does Godai have feelings for then frets about it as she heads back to her room.) Then Ryouga confides with Godai that he has a certain secret as well. Kentaro tells Ranma how the party they were in yesterday was fun. But there was something that Kentaro and Ikuko were curious about yesterday namely who is that red-haired girl with a big Panda bear who was seen in some of the pictures with the Tendo sisters in the Tendo family album. Meanwhile later on that day as the adults of Maison Ikkoku were at the Chachamaru Shun Mitaka shows up and asks Kyoko out in which she felt a bit overwhelmed and uncomfortable. Mitaka was then informed about how Kyoko recently became a widow in which Mitaka gave Kyoko plenty of sympathy, understanding and support. (In which Mitaka and Godai even have a little debate about the fact that Kyoko still has trouble letting go of her late husband Soichiro and what she should do about it.)

Episode 12- This will be Kozue Nanao's debut episode. But first things first this episode will begin with Ranma and Ukyo having a little chat as Ranma is nervous about the fact that Kentaro has seen pictures of his "other self" Ranko and wonders what to do about it. While Ukyo understands Ranma's dilemma she does try to tell him that it would really be for the best to be more open and honest to Kentaro. Meanwhile a little later on that afternoon Godai finally has the courage to go ahead and try to ask Kyoko out on a date but he was too late as she was getting dressed and ready to go on a date with Shun Mitaka. Naturally Godai feels a bit disheartened by this until he meets Kozue Nanao a cute short young lady who goes to the same university that he does. The two had a pleasant idle chat until she noticed the movie tickets Godai has in his hand in which he invites her to come with him in which she gladly accepted. Though while Godai and Kozue were on their way to the movies they ran into Kyoko and Mitaka as the latter couple were having a little bit of car trouble. Godai was rather nervous about this awkward situation while Mitaka was rather amused while Kyoko was confused. (In fact Kyoko spent most of her date with Mitaka wondering what is Godai doing with this young lady and believes that something about this is not adding up.) But while Godai felt nervous about the idea of dating Kozue he does actually enjoy the date and while he claims this changes nothing about Kyoko he admits he would like to see that Kozue girl again.

Episode 13- Earlier that day in Furinkan High, Ukyo, Akane and Nabiki were having a chat about a few issues. Namely how Ukyo is trying to encourage Ranma to tell Kentaro about his Jusenkyo Curse and that Godai is dating this girl by the name of Kozue. Meanwhile at Sanryu University Sakamoto has heard that Godai was on a date last night and asked Godai about it. Though they did run into Kozue in which Godai did at least have enough time to introduce Sakamoto to her since she had to get to class. Then Sakamoto teases Godai in which he went from pining for a cute babe like Kyoko to a cutesy little munchkin like Kozue in which Godai was a little annoyed by that. But a little while later Godai notices that a pretty young woman with long dark hair has been pursuing him and is kind of intrigued yet creeped out by that. But as soon as he tries to confront this young woman she reveals to him that she is Sayoko Kuroki and she is trying to recruit him for the school's Puppet club in which Godai was surprised but he accepts. (In which a little later on that day he finds out that Kozue just recently became a new member as well as they get to see what the Puppet Club is like.) However a little later on that day most of the Puppet Club members play a little prank as they call Maison Ikkoku asking for Godai in flirty voices as Kyoko gets increasingly annoyed by this. Then Kyoko frets about this as she wonders how many girls are Godai seeing and does that girl Kozue know about this? But rest assured Godai does explain this situation to Kyoko later. Oh yes and in this episode Ranma and Ukyo do sit Kentaro down as they try to explain to Kentaro about Ranma's "Jusenkyo Curse" problem and try to get him to understand.

Episode 14- This episode also starts in Furinkan High as Ukyo, Akane and Shinobu have been talking about whats been going on lately. Then they found Megane's lackeys Perm, Kakugari and Chibi and asked them what were they doing here. While Megane's cohorts were rather nervous about that (especially when Ranma came in and wanted to interrogate them) they claim they haven't been doing anything wrong lately and don't know what Megane has been doing lately and left. Then Ataru casually walked in and greeted Ranma and the ladies and asked what was going on. Then a mysterious young man came flying in a sci-fi flight suit who calls himself the Great Cyber-Man whose presence must be a shocking sight to behold. Until Ataru quickly pointed out that its just Megane in a cosplay suit in which Megane is infuriated that Megane sees through his disguise so quickly. But then Megane brags about how he has made his new cybersuit from tech that he borrowed from Mendo industries and is now picking a fight with Ranma and Ataru in which Ranma gladly obliged. While Ranma was definitely able to get some hits in Megane's suit was surprisingly durable as Megane is not out of the fight yet. However the fight does get an intervention by Shuutaro Mendo and Tatewaki Kuno, the former being annoyed at Megane for stealing some MendoTech as Megane has no intention on giving Shuutaro's family any credit for the tech.

Episode 15- Godai was out on another date with Kozue in which she was fascinated by these stories that Godai has been telling her about life at Maison Ikkoku and wants to visit him. While Godai is a little uncertain about it at first but does agree to it and tells her that she will get to visit. Meanwhile the next day Kozue gives Godai a surprise visit earlier that afternoon but finds out he is not home but is then approached by Hanae as she invites Kozue in then introduces her to Yotsuya and Akemi. Their little meeting does go pretty at first until the trio start cracking jokes about what Godai is really like as the spineless dope that he is. Then Akemi started mocking Kozue about her body and is surprised that a pervert like Godai would even go for a short flat-chested runt like Kozue. Akemi kept harassing Kozue long enough until she started to tear up a bit in which Yotsuya got a little nervous and Hanae actually felt a little remorseful. But Akemi got really defensive about her behavior until Kozue screamed in frustration on how Godai is not some shallow pervert. But Soun overhears some shouting going on at the Ichinose residence and demands and explanation from the trio on why is this girl crying. Then Soun apologizes to Kozue about the trio's behavior and gives her some money for some lunch and tells her that he will make sure that Godai knows that she was here when he gets back. Later on that day Godai is back home and was told about what happened to Kozue earlier today and is furious at the trio for how they treated her especially Akemi. While Hanae (and to a lesser extent Yotsuya) do apologize about the incident Akemi is incredibly annoyed by this as Godai calls her out on her shallow callous nature. But then some of the others at Maison Ikkoku do suggest Godai to give Kozue a chance a nicer visit at Maison Ikkoku in which he does agree to it. In which at the next day Kozue does visit Maison Ikkoku again in which Godai makes sure that this visit will go a lot better this time.

So folks what do you think? I am also thinking of starting a radioplay out of this series by sometime this year. I admit I am not entirely sure whether if I should wait until I get these episodes done or not but still what do you folks think?            
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