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Takahashi Trifecta Episode 11: It was Sunday. But a Black Day? Or a Black Pig Day?

(On this Sunday Morning, the people at Maison Ikkoku are waking up remembering that party they had yesterday. Young Yusaku Godai was getting out of his room then he noticed Kyoko, Kasumi and Akemi standing nearby getting a good look at the view outside from the open window. Godai was approaching the 3 ladies as he walked out of his room.)

Kyoko: Good Morning Godai.

Godai: Oh uh… Good Mornining Manager, Ladies.

Kasumi: Good Morning Godai.

Akemi: Hey there.

Kyoko: Oh today is such a beautiful day, isn’t that right Kasumi?

Kasumi: Oh I agree wholeheartedly Manager.

(Then Godai noticed that all 3 of the ladies were wearing somewhat light casual dresses which are displaying some fairly ample cleavage. In Godai was noticing said cleavage rather intently.)

Kyoko: Oh I just adore this view, don’t you Godai?

Godai (distracted): Uh-huh, uh-huh…

Kasumi: Oh Manager times like this make me want to appreciate the beauty of nature, know what I mean?

Kyoko: Oh yes I do, I too like to appreciate the beauty of nature in times like this. Don’t you agree Godai?

Godai: Hmm? Oh uh… yeah uh sure I do… What I mean is yes it does look like a beautiful day outside as you can see from this window. What can I say? I like to admire the view here.

Akemi: Really? So you like to admire the view from outside the window huh? Was that before or after you were too busy admiring a certain other view, namely the oh-so ample cleavage on our dresses? Hmm?

Godai (nervous and red-faced): What? I uh… I uh I have no idea what you’re talking about!  Eh what I mean is… I should probably try to get back into my room to freshen up a bit, see you later ladies!

(Then Godai quickly ran off back into his room but then he did keep his door slightly ajar as he noticed that the ladies turned around and went back into looking at the view from the window. Fortunately this gives Godai a chance to eavesdrop on their little conversation.)

Kyoko: Akemi you really shouldn’t say things like that.

Kasumi: Indeed, Godai is a nice young man.

Akemi: Oh you two can be so naïve, anyways so Manager, are you going to be seeing Mitaka again today?

Kyoko: Well yes, yes I would. I was on the phone with Mitaka last night and we talked about future plans and what we could do. I haven’t been to all that many places ever since I moved here other than the Tennis Court but I did remember that place we went to recently the Chachamaru. So Mitaka wanted to meet up with later on today at the Chachamaru for a nice little get together.

Godai (thinking): Ah man…

Akemi: Nice little get-together huh? So he wants to get you nice and liquored up and then the fun really gets to start?

Kyoko: Now, now Akemi none of that this is a nice casual little meeting. Alright I suppose that’s enough sky gazing for now, c’mon Kasumi it’s time for us to go over our chores for today alright?

Kasumi: Alright Manager, let’s go.

(Meanwhile a little later on that during that early afternoon Shun Mitaka was seen walking on the street until he was approached by the two young men namely Shuutaro Mendo and Tatewaki Kuno.)

Mitaka: Ah greetings boys, nice day we are having today huh?

(But Mitaka then noticed how both Tatewaki and Shuutaro look a bit annoyed at him as they don’t respond to his greeting.)

Mitaka: Hmm? Is something the matter boys? You seem unusually silent… Hmm…

(Then Mitaka notices a nearby fancy restaurant and has an idea.)

Mitaka: Alright boys, there is a rather nice looking restaurant nearby so I’ll treat you boys to some lunch while we have a little chat about what's bothering you boys, alright?

Shuutaro: Hmm… Alright.

Tatewaki: Very well then.

(Moments later as the three are now in the Restaurant having their respective meals.)

Mitaka: Alright boys now that we have our meals I wish to ask what's bothering you two.

Shuutaro: Very well then Brethren Mitaka we do have something that we wish to discuss with you about.

Tatewaki: Yes, namely about how Brethren Mendo and I received some information from our dear sisters about your whereabouts yesterday.

Mitaka: I see… I should have known this was going to happen.

Shuutaro: As well as you should’ve, I mean you know very well we would’ve been more than willing to aid you in impressing Ms. Otonashi at that little party yesterday. Isn’t that right Brethren Kuno?

Tatewaki: Indeed he would Brethren Mendo.

Mitaka: I know boys but it was my first visit at the Maison Ikkoku and it was a special occasion so I had to make sure I would leave a good first impression.

Tatewaki: Yes and we would’ve made sure you did leave a good first impression.

Mitaka: I’d like to believe that Tatewaki, really I do but I have learned about a few of the tenants there, namely certain tenants such as Nabiki Tendo and that “Scoundrel” Ranma Saotome. Not to mention that boy with the Umbrella by the name of Ryouga.

Tatewaki: I… I could’ve controlled myself. I mean sure Akane’s sister Nabiki is a manipulative shrew but I would’ve remained civil. As for that Scoundrel Saotome well… it’s not my fault! After all we all know how that Scoundrel Saotome is known for goading people into battle. Isn’t that right Brethren Mendo?

Shuutaro: Indeed Brethren Kuno.

Tatewaki: And as for that boy in the Bandanna, Ryouga, I know people have speculated about those two but Akane has repeatedly said that their relationship is strictly platonic. And I for one believe we should respect that viewpoint.

Mitaka: Perhaps you would be correct regarding Nabiki there Tatewaki, but there is the matter of Ranma Saotome and that boy Ryouga. I have heard all sorts of stories about how you have got into fights with them in the past, especially with Ranma.

Tatewaki: Well yes that is true Brethren Mitaka…

Shuutaro: Besides Brethren Mitaka you could’ve at least inform me about it because unlike Brethren Kuno I have a better sense of self control regarding fights.

Tatewaki (slightly annoyed): Humph! At least I have a better sense of self control regarding Women there, Brethren Mendo.

Shuutaro (with a smirk): Not as much as you think Brethren Kuno.

Mitaka: Alright that’s enough of that boys now calm down.

Shuutaro: Anyways, Brethren Mitaka, couldn’t you have at least inform us about how you felt you had to leave us behind while you entertain Ms. Otonashi and explain to us before this party occurred instead of waiting until the next day?

Mitaka: Well that is because you two don’t always listen. Remember that exquisite party that I told you boys not to come to yet you did?

Shuutaro: Hey now Brethren Mitaka there was several beautiful super models at that party, you know very well that I couldn’t resist such a thing.

Tatewaki: Well I for one tried to stop him Brethren Mitaka.

Shuutaro (scoffs): Heh, barely, you only complained to me once then you were enjoying the sights as much as I was.

Tatewaki (annoyed, trying to save face): Not AS much…

Mitaka: Alright boys that’s enough, anyways I will take you both to Maison Ikkoku in the future. But I want you both to be on your best behavior, is that understood?

Tatewaki & Shuutaro: Yes Brethren Mitaka.

Mitaka: Good, as long as that is understood. However boys I also have a different reason why I will want to make sure I bring you both there in the future.

Shuutaro: Really? What’s that?

Tatewaki: Yes Brethren Mitaka, what is it?

(Then Mitaka looks around checking to see if anyone else is eavesdropping then leans a little closer to them.)

Mitaka: Shortly before I left Ms. Otonashi’s residence I was informed that Ms. Otonashi has a… dog.

Shuutaro & Tatewaki: *gasp*!

Mitaka: Fortunately I didn’t actually see the dog as Ms. Otonashi’s dog was sleeping but still… I may need you boys to give me some help in case if… well I do get approached by her dog.

Shuutaro: I see… very well then, I am sure Brethren Kuno and I will do our best in that regard, isn’t that right Brethren Kuno?

Tatewaki: Indeed.

Shuutaro: Ah yes…

(Then Shuutaro’s eyes slightly bulged in shock and then become slightly annoyed.)

Shuutaro: Wait a minute I just realized something; I couldn’t help but notice the slight irony here how you felt unable to trust us and had to keep secrets from us.  Yet now you are asking us to keep secrets for you. That’s a little strange don’t you think?

Tatewaki (now slightly annoyed as well): Now that you mention it that’s an interesting point there.

Mitaka: Now boys this is a different story altogether and you know it, after all you both know very well I have “Issues” regarding dogs.

Shuutaro: That is true, however I will tell you now Brethren Mitaka that if you truly want us to forgive you then you need to do more than just treat us to Lunch. After all it’s a matter of Manly Pride isn’t that right Brethren Kuno?

Tatewaki: Indeed Brethren Shuutaro, we must settle this like men.

Mitaka: Indeed boys, I suppose we shall settle this like men… so want to go to that Ice Cream Sundae place you both like so much?

Shuutaro (excited): You mean we can get the ones with the Rainbow Sprinkles…

Tatewaki (excited): … and Cherries on top?

Mitaka: Yep, we sure can.

Shuutaro & Tatewaki: YIPPEE!

Shuutaro: Eh I mean, why yes that would be fabulous, thank you Brethren Mitaka.

Tatewaki: Indeed, thank you Brethren Mitaka.

Mitaka: Your welcome boys, now let’s go.

(Meanwhile back in Maison Ikkoku, we see Ryouga in Godai’s Room as the two have a nice little chat.)

Godai: So Ryouga how have things been going for you and Akane? You two had a nice time yesterday?

Ryouga: Sure did! We both did help out on the work getting that little party set up and it was pretty fun to get to work together.

Godai: I’m sure it was buddy, so did anything special happen with you two yesterday?

Ryouga: Well not much, but I do recall how Ikuko once asked Akane about why Nabiki likes to call Akane… *starts to blush* “my doting wife”.

Godai: Oh really?

Ryouga: Yeah… but Akane did tell her that it’s just a part of Nabiki’s sense of humor and that Nabiki likes to tease Akane about it.

Godai: Perhaps, but in this case it’s not that Nabiki is entirely wrong here. Know what I am saying?

Ryouga (now really blushing): Eh heh heh eh… Maybe…

(Then nearby outside the door to Godai’s there was Kyoko with a Laundry Hamper who was now hearing Godai’s little chat with Ryouga and is actually eavesdropping.)

Ryouga: But still Mr. Godai I’m… I’m really thankful that you have been so helpful to me regarding Akane.

Godai: Your welcome Ryouga, I didn’t have anyone to help me out when I was growing up. And since I understand what you are going through I thought I try to help you.

Kyoko (outside eavesdropping & smiling, thinking): It really is nice that Godai is so willing to help that boy Ryouga out.

Ryouga: Thank you Mr. Godai though I do hope that this will help my chances with Akane. I have been trying to win Akane’s love for a while now and for a time I have feared that my chances with her are no better than they were when I first fell for her.

Godai: Oh come on now Ryouga these things take time. And you fear that your chances with Akane are not good? I for one disagree, as I always thought it was rather sweet to see that she does openly care for you Ryouga. So don’t give up Ryouga, when it comes to matters of love one should not give up on their goals otherwise you would have nothing but pain. In fact I know that from personal experience…

Ryouga: Really?

Godai: Really, in fact let me tell you a story, it was a few years ago back when I was a schoolboy; I was probably somewhat younger than your age at the time. I was a bit of a socially awkward boy who was having a hard time fitting in. But then I heard… her, there was this girl at the school I went to. She was a cute young lady with short brown hair with two pig tails who had such a sweet laugh. Ah yes I do remember that she use to walk along with her friends in the school halls with a nice little smile on her face. Oh Ryouga, this girl… this girl was my first love… but…

Ryouga: I see… Let me guess you and this girl were only friends?

Godai: *sigh* Actually Ryouga, she and I never met…  I… I wanted to meet her… Really I did! But… every time I did, I kept panicking and walked away. And over the years, I kept seeing her less & less… I have never seen her at all after I graduated from High School. I don’t know if I would ever see her again…

Ryouga: Wow… Oh I’m so sorry to hear that Mr. Godai.

Godai: It’s alright Ryouga, I know you didn’t mean any harm. Besides it’s all in the past anyway. But still if there is something I have learned from this is when it comes to love I should never give up. That is why I will not give up by telling the Manager what I really feel; one day I will get her to see how much I truly care for her.

(Meanwhile right outside the door to Godai’s room, Kyoko was in shock over what she just overheard as her eyes widen and mouth gapes.)

Kyoko (thinking): Godai is in love with the Manager?! Does he mean me? Of course he would mean me, who else would he be referring to? I better get back downstairs to think this over.

(Now back inside Godai’s Room.)

Ryouga: That’s really cool Mr. Godai but…

Godai: But what?

Ryouga: I… I think I have something to tell you… But first I will be right back.

(Then Ryouga quickly opens the door in Godai’s room and checks to see if there are any people out in the hall eavesdropping and is relieved to not see anyone.)

Ryouga (as he is walking back to see Godai): Alright Mr. Godai your probably wondering why I seem to be a little jumpy huh?

Godai: Yeah

Ryouga: Well then I’ll tell you, you see just a few moments ago you once confided to me about something so… I thought I confide to you about something. I figured it’s only fair…

Godai: I see…

Ryouga: Yes but I got to warn you now that what I am going to tell you is really strange. I’m sure you heard Akane tell you stories about a little pig she calls P-Chan, right?
Godai: Ah yeah, she has indeed talked about how she once had a pet pig but hasn’t been able to find that pig yet.

Ryouga: Yeah well… there’s a reason why…

Godai: Oh really? *gasp* Wait a minute Ryouga, did something bad happen to this pig that Akane doesn’t know? Look I understand that you don’t want to hurt her but she really should let her know Ryouga.

Ryouga: Oh no, it’s not like that Mr. Godai! But what it is…. Is well… well… the thing is… the thing about Aikane’s little pig P-Chan is that… I’m P-Chan.

Godai: Oh so the pig is alright Ryouga, because it turns out that you’re her pig I get it now… *now Godai’s eyes widen in shock as he is now confused* wait, what?

Ryouga: I can explain! First of all ever heard of the Jusenkyo Cursed Springs?

Godai: No I can’t say I have.

Ryouga: It’s a place in China, it was once known as a Training Ground but the people there discourage people to train there.

Godai: Why so?

Ryouga: Because the springs there are cursed, there is something strange in the water there. If you ever bathe in any of the springs you gain the ability to change into a different form. What kind of form you change into depends into which spring you were in and apparently I was in the spring of the drowned pig.

Godai: Wait let me get this straight here; you have the power to turn yourself into a small pig?

Ryouga: Well the thing is, I have to pour some cold water on myself then I turn into P-Chan but when I get some hot water on me then I change back to normal. Its how these Jusenkyo Curses work…

Godai: I see…

Ryouga: Yeah like I said I know it’s very strange but it’s the truth, say Godai?

Godai: Yes?

Ryouga: Do you have any cold water here?

Godai: Well sort of… *as he hands Ryouga a bottle* I have a water bottle here, but I don’t know if it’s cold enough for you.

Ryouga: Yeah this will do…

Godai: Wait Ryouga what are you going to do?

Ryouga: Something I kept putting off until now, I am going to turn into P-Chan and please tell Akane that you found me.

Godai: Wait your going to do that here in my room?

Ryouga: Well yeah I figured you could hide my clothes in your room until I turn back into normal.

Godai: I’m not so sure that’s a good idea Ryouga. I mean I would have to answer some… awkward questions if anyone else found your clothes in my room.

Ryouga: Good point… okay then, I have a new plan Mr. Godai do you see that window over there? *as the two now head over to the window to look outside* I’ll leap my way down into the ground.  Then I will poor the water on me and turn into P-Chan I will hide my clothes, my umbrella and the bottle in one of the nearby bushes. And as soon as I am done hiding those things I want you to go downstairs and tell Akane I stepped out for a bit and tell her that you see a little pig in the backyard, I’m sure she’ll know what to do.

Godai: Okay then, wait you’re leaping out of my window into the backyard? Are you sure you’re going to be okay?

Ryouga: Oh yeah I’ll be fine; I use to do things like this plenty of times back when Akane and her family use to live in their old place. Oh yes and one last thing Mr. Godai, please don’t tell anyone that you know about this, especially not Akane. Please?

Godai: Okay Ryouga, I promise I will keep this a secret.

Ryouga: Thank you, I’ll see you later Mr. Godai.

(Then Godai leaps out of the window and into the ground standing tall in which Godai is a little surprised about that. But then Godai becomes really surprised when Ryouga pours some cold water on him than he turns into a small black pig.)

Godai (thinking, shocked): Wow! He really does turn into a little pig.

(But then Godai tries to maintain his focus as he is now watching P-Chan trying to hide his things in one of the nearby bushes. It only took P-Chan a few minutes to hide his things and as soon as he was done he was looking up at Godai’s Window in which Godai knew that was his signal to go downstairs and tell Akane. In which Godai did go downstairs and finds Akane in the hall downstairs.)

Godai: Hey there Akane.

Akane: Hi Mr. Godai, have you seen Ryouga lately?

Godai: Yeah he was here but he had to step out to do a little something, but first I got some good news for you Akane. Didn’t you tell us in the past that you had a little pet pig that’s been missing?

Akane: *gasp* You mean P-Chan?

Godai: Well I did see a little pig in the backyard just a few moments ago. Perhaps you should check to see if that pig is yours.

Akane: Ah! *as she is now hugging Godai* Oh thank you Mr. Godai, thank you so much!

Godai: Your welcome Akane, but you should head out there and be quick about it I mean you want to make sure that pig is still there right?

Akane: Oh right of course… *as she runs off* Thank you Mr. Godai!

Godai: You’re welcome Akane…

Godai (thinking): Wait a minute I just remembered something… Didn’t Mr. Saotome and Ranma say they were in China during their Martial Arts Training Journey? Wait where those two at those springs as well? No I probably think about that. I mean sure Mr. Saotome might not mind if I ask but I doubt that angry punk Ranma would be happy if I asked him about this. I should just drop it for now…

(Moments later as Akane is now re-entering Maison Ikkoku and finds Ranma and Kentaro in the hall.)

Akane: Hello boys, what a wonderful day we are having today huh?

Ranma: Hey there Akane, you are in a surprisingly chipper mood.

Kentaro: Hey what's that you got there Miss Akane?

Akane: I have finally found my dear little piggy here P-Chan, say hello P-Chan.

(Then P-Chan lifted his right paw up and made a little squeal.)

Kentaro: Hi there P-Chan, my name is Kentaro.

(Then Kentaro pets P-Chan on the head with a cheerful smile on his face as Akane has a little giggle at the sight of this. But then Nabiki has just left the Tendo room to see what's going on.)

Nabiki: Hey you three, what's up?

Ranma: Akane here finally found her little pig.

Akane: Yep I finally found my dear little P-Chan here.

Nabiki: Ah I see so you finally found your little porker here Akane.

Akane: Yep I finally have you again P-Chan.

Nabiki: Say Akane, have you seen Ryouga around lately?

Akane: Mr. Godai told me that he left just recently.

Nabiki: Oh really? So Ryouga has left soon before you finally found your little P-Chan again huh? My what a strange turn of events huh?

Ranma: Interesting question Nabiki, yeah it is a little strange that you seem to find P-Chan whenever Ryouga has stepped out for some unexplained reason. I wonder why?

(Then P-Chan was starting to look a little agitated at Ranma until…)

Akane: Oh that’s enough you two; it’s not that strange I mean it has happened several times in the past. Oh yes and Mr. Godai was also nice enough to tell me that he saw P-Chan in the backyard. Now if you two don’t mind I have a little yellow ribbon to put on my P-Chan. Bye bye!

Nabiki (thinking): So does this mean that Ryouga has let Godai in on his little “Pork Problem” here? Heh this could be interesting…

(Then both Akane and Nabiki went back into the Tendo Room.)

Kentaro: Oh hey bro I just remembered something.

Ranma: Yeah, what is it little buddy?

Kentaro: You know that nice party we had yesterday for Ikuko, I did manage to get to spend some time with her.

Ranma: Ah yeah, way to go little buddy so how did things go with you and little Miss Ikuko, hmm?

Kentaro (with a slight blush): Eh…  heh heh well we did get to have a little bit of fun  eh what I mean is… well I did get to show our place to Ikuko a bit. Though there is one little question Ikuko asked me that I didn’t know at the time.

Ranma: Oh? What's that?

Kentaro: Well when Ikuko was in the Tendo Family room she got to look at the Tendo’s Family Album. She said she was a couple of pictures of Akane and her sisters posing with this pretty red-haired girl who had a big fluffy panda bear.

(Now Ranma’s eyes bulged in shock, but he tries to remain calm.)

Ranma: *gulp* Oh really?

Kentaro: Yeah she shown me that picture and I didn’t recognize that girl in the picture, she told me that she tried to ask Miss Akane about it but when she did then when Akane got one look at that picture, she walked away. Miss Akane was probably checking up on Ryouga or something like that. Say Bro do you know who is that red-haired girl that was with Miss Akane and her older sisters?

Ranma: Oh well I uh… I uh… uh… Oh yeah I remember now her name is Ranko and she happens to be an old acquaintance of ours. Yeah…

Kentaro: Ah I see, that’s cool… though I wonder how she got a Panda. I mean they are not exactly from around here.

Ranma: Oh well uh… I think she once said something about how she once spent some time overseas in China; yeah I think that’s it…

Kentaro: Okay then, I suppose that does make sense… Thanks Bro.

Ranma: Eh heh heh, your welcome little buddy, you’re welcome…

(Meanwhile inside Kyoko’s Room/Office, Kyoko is still rather bothered about the fact that she accidentally overheard Godai telling Ryouga about how he has feelings for her. Learning about this has made Kyoko feel quite uneasy as she is feeling very uncertain about what to do here.)

Kyoko:  *sigh* I don’t believe this, I do a little eavesdropping and then I find out that one of my tenants Godai is in love with me. Oh what am I going to do? I wish he was a lot more honest and open about this though of course I know why he wouldn’t be, he is probably just too nervous and shy to express himself.

(Then Kyoko tries to calm herself down and try to find the brighter side to this situation.)

Kyoko: You know maybe this is just a big misunderstanding, I mean Godai did say “Manager” maybe he meant someone else? Oh who am I kidding who else could he mean? After all aside from tutoring Ikuko it’s not like he has a job.  And if I did try to confront him about this he would probably just get nervous and run away. *sigh* The worst case scenario is that I may have to try to let him down gently, oh I hope he understands.

(Meanwhile later on that day as Kyoko and Kasumi are entering the Chachamaru being greeted by Mr. Chachamaru.)

Mr. Chachamaru: Ah yes good evening ladies and welcome to the Chachamaru.

Kasumi & Kyoko: Good evening Mr. Chachamaru.

Soun: Ah hello there ladies, it’s nice of you two to join us.

Kasumi: Hello Father.

Kyoko: Greetings Mr. Tendo.

Toshizo: Hey there ladies, nice night huh?

Mitsuo: Ah yeah mind if I buy a drink or two for you visions of loveliness.

Soun: Now gentlemen, I understand that you want to be generous but do keep in mind that Kasumi, my Daughter, and Ms. Otonashi, the Manager here are light drinkers at best so do keep that in mind.

Mr. Chachamaru: Oh not too worry Mr. Tendo, they may come off as opportunists every now & then but they are quite harmless I assure you.

Toshizo: Oh yeah heh heh sorry about Soun…

Mitsuo: Yeah I kind of forgot for a moment that one of these ladies happens to be your daughter Soun.

Toshizo (under his breath): Though I got to say Mitsuo I can’t say I blame Soun here. If I had a daughter who looked like her in a place like this I’d be a bit concerned too.

Mitsuo (under his breath): Heh, Concerned? I’d probably be paranoid if I had a daughter who looked like her in a place like this. Course it would’ve been nice if I had a wife that looked like her though.

Toshizo (under his breath): Or it would’ve been nice if you had a wife at all huh Mitsuo?

Mitsuo (under his breath): Eh heh, very funny.

(Then the rest of the adults from the Maison Ikkoku are approaching the two ladies.)

Genma: Oh hey there you two, we were wondering when you two were going to show up isn’t that right fellas?

Onsen: Indeed we did, isn’t that right Godai?

Godai (slightly nervous): Uh… yeah, yeah we did.

Yotsuya: Oh come now Young Godai you should have a bit more enthusiasm than that.

(Kyoko did feel a bit uneasy seeing Godai at first but then she tries to ignore that feeling as she is now looking around the Chachamaru.)

Hanae: Hey uh… Manager?

Kyoko: Hmm? Is something the matter Mrs. Ichinose?

Hanae: Oh I am just curious on what you are doing, so why are you looking around here Manager?

Kyoko: Oh… I have my reasons for looking around.

Akemi: Oh I know what those reasons are Manager; you are waiting for a certain someone to show up namely Shun Mitaka huh?

Hanae: Ah I see, so Mr. Shiny Teeth is going to make his grand entrance here huh? Interesting…

Mr. Chachamaru (thinking): Shun Mitaka, the Former Pro Tennis Player? This could be something very interesting for my business.  

Godai (thinking): Ah man, I almost forgot that Mitaka was going to be here.

Mitsuo (thinking, nervous): What the… did they just say that Shun Mitaka is coming here?

(But then the door at the Chachamaru opens and we see Shun Mitaka himself making his entrance to the Chachamaru.)

Mitaka: Greetings everyone, I am Shun Mitaka, I am here to visit this nice little establishment here.

(Then most of the people inside the Chachamaru were a bit surprised to see Mitaka here. The Ladies were glad to see him though most of the men on the other hand not so much.)

Toshizo & Mitsuo: SHUN MITAKA?!

Godai (hanging his head low, thinking): Ah man, he is here…

Genma (whispering): Psst, Hey Onsen, think we should try to get some drinks for Godai here?

Onsen (whispering): Yeah that might be a good idea…

Toshizo: Ah man that Shun Mitaka guy is just as much of a Pretty Boy as I’ve heard he is. Oh I’ve heard a whole bunch of things about him like how he is really quite the “Women Want Him, Men Want to be Him” kind of guy.

Mitsuo: No kidding… *under his breath* I’ve also heard a whole bunch of stories of how Housewives would love to cheat on their husbands to go with this guy. Heh, and women often accuse men of having no self control when it comes to that.

Toshizo (under his breath): Heh, no kidding.

Mr. Chachamaru: Hello there Mr. Shun Mitaka, it is an honor to make your acquaintance good sir. I am the Master of this fine establishment the Chachamaru, but you may refer to me as Mr. Chachamaru. I know this is a rather small and quaint little tavern but I am sure we can get something that will be to your liking Mr. Mitaka. Would you also like to pose for a picture that I can post on the wall my good sir.

Mitaka: Sure my good man I would be happy to but while I am sure this is a fine establishment… *as he places his right hand on Kyoko’s right shoulder* The real reason why I am here of course is to see Ms. Otonashi here.

(Then Godai was seen moaning in heartache while Onsen is pouring some beer in Godai’s glass.)

Toshizo (under his breath): So that’s the real reason why someone like Shun Mitaka would show up in a place like this.

Mitsuo (under his breath): No kidding, of course this is no surprise… I mean Mitaka has an old reputation of being quite the skirt-chaser and that lady Kyoko would definitely be his type.

Toshizo (under his breath): Indeed

Kyoko: It’s very nice to see you as well Coach Mitaka, though I have been wondering if there was a particular reason why you wanted to meet with me here.

Hanae (under her breath): Like she needs to ask, right?

Akemi (under her breath): Heh, No kidding…

Mitaka: Why yes Ms. Otonashi there is a very good reason why I wanted to meet you here. Ms. Otonashi, I know that we haven’t known each-other for a long time but I have grown to be quite fond of you. I thought I would like to ask you to go out with me in the near future? I know of an exquisite restaurant and if you like we can have dinner over there tomorrow evening if you so wish.

(Then Kyoko’s eyes widen in shock as she is suddenly getting very nervous.)

Kyoko: I… I…

Mitaka: Ms. Otonashi! Is something wrong?

Kyoko: I… I don’t know what to say… I… I need some air…

(Then Kyoko ran off the door to get out of the Chachamaru.)

Mitaka: Wait Ms. Otonashi! Come back!

(Then Kyoko has left the building. In which Mitaka is now looking a little nervous in front of the others.)

Mitaka: I… I don’t what happened here folks, honest! Maybe I was coming off a bit too strong. Yeah that’s it; I was coming off a bit strong.

Genma: Eh… Its okay Mitaka, it’s not your fault really. Isn’t that right Soun?

Soun: Indeed, It’s not your fault Mr. Mitaka, our dear Manager was just being a bit overwhelmed.

Yotsuya: Oh yes you see our dear Manager has certain emotional issues about her past that she needs to work on.

Mitaka: Certain issues about her past? What are you folks talking about? Do you folks know what's going on here? I would like to know.  

(Then most of the adults from Maison Ikkoku looked a little uncertain and then went into a huddle, except for Godai whose still sulking nearby.)

Hanae: So do you think we should tell him?

Genma: That does seem to be a good idea.

Yotsuya: Indeed, it would be for the best to inform him of the Manager’s situation here.

Akemi: Yeah I mean if he really wanted to date the Manager he is going to find out eventually.

Kasumi: That maybe true, but are we sure that the Manager would want us to tell him.

Soun: I do understand your concern Kasumi, but I do agree with the others that telling him would be for the best.

Onsen: Alright then let’s tell him.

(Then as they got out of their little huddle)
Mitaka: Alright what are you folks talking about? I really would like to know.

Genma: And you will Mitaka but you see… the thing is…    

Soun: It was not too long ago, our Manager took the people of Maison Ikkoku on a little road trip. We were a bit surprised that our destination was at a local cemetery. It was then that our Manager informed us that the reason why she wanted to be at that Cemetery was to pay her respects to her late husband.  

Soun: Ms. Otonashi is a… widow? My god…

Kasumi: Yes, she was once married to a man by the name of Soichiro Otonashi. They were happily married unfortunately Soichiro died young from an illness over a year ago. And to make matters worse, the Manager’s marriage to Mr. Soichiro Otonashi only lasted 6 months until he died.

Mitaka: My god…

Toshizo: Whoa, so that young lady Kyoko is a widow, poor girl…

Mitsuo: Yeah and her marriage ended with this Soichiro guy only lasted 6 months before he died, ah man I do feel bad for that poor girl.

Soun: Oh yes when we first heard about this tragedy, my daughters and I were the first ones to show sympathy to her. Because… I understand the Manager’s pain of losing one’s beloved for my wife died of illness years ago.

Mitaka: I see… I am sorry to hear that Mr. Tendo.

Soun: Thank you.

Kasumi: Yes, thank you.

Mitaka: You’re both welcome, but I know what I must do now. I’ll be right back.  

(Then Mitaka exits the Chachamaru to find Kyoko standing outside nearby the door still feeling highly uneasy.)

Mitaka: Hey there Ms. Otonashi.

Kyoko: Oh… eh, hello there Coach Mitaka I’m… I’m sorry about before, I was just feeling a little overwhelmed I felt like I needed some air.

Mitaka: I understand.

Kyoko: Yes well the thing is… I am a widow. I was married to a man by the name of Soichiro Otonashi but he died over a year ago due to sickness and he and I were only married for about 6 months and… and… I’m sorry you had to hear that but still ever since Soichiro passed away I just don’t know what to do with my life and well…

(Then Mitaka gave Kyoko a hug.)

Mitaka: It’s okay Ms. Otonashi I understand, you should take all the time you need to figure out what you want to do in your life. After all nobody can decide how you will live your life but you. And it’s quite clear that you loved this man by the name of Soichiro Otonashi.

Kyoko: Yes, yes I do…

Mitaka: Well I know that I can never replace this man by the name of Soichiro Otonashi. But I do genuinely care for you Ms. Otonashi and I am here and quite willing to help you. Whether you want to see me as a friend or as something more, I just want you to know that I am here for you.

Kyoko (as she is hugging him back): Thank you.

Mitaka: Your welcome Ms. Otonashi, so would you like to come back inside?

Kyoko: Not yet, I still need some time to clear my head a bit. Though I am curious, most of the people there at the Chachamaru are my tenants. Did any of them tell you about my past, namely that I am a widow?

Mitaka: Actually yes, some of them did tell me, particularly Mr. Tendo and his daughter Kasumi. Is this a problem Ms. Otonashi?

Kyoko: Oh no, it’s not a problem; I was just wondering that’s all. But still thank you Coach Mitaka but if it’s alright with you I still wish to have some time to think.

Mitaka: Understood Ms. Otonashi, take all the time you need. If you need any of us we’ll still be here at the Chachamaru. Farewell for now Ms. Otonashi.

(Then Mitaka goes back inside the Chachamaru but he leaves the Chachamaru’s front door slightly open.)

Mitaka: Well everyone I do have some slight good news. While Ms. Otonashi seems to still prefer to have some time by herself outside I managed to calm her down. Though I admit I am a little curious do any of you folks know about this Soichiro Otonashi. Because I wonder what kind of man this Soichiro Otonashi was like.

(Then most of the folks there appeared a little confused and uncertain until.)

Onsen: I can, I admit I did not know him well but I have met him before. It was a few years ago when he was a young new teacher at a School I once worked at back then. Oh he was such an optimistic kind young man who loved being a Teacher very much, he was a good man.

Mitaka: I’m sure he was.

Onsen: Indeed, although not too long after the Manager told us about the fact that Soichiro passed away recently I did a little research online about Soichiro’s passing. There is surprisingly very little information about the cause of Soichiro’s death. But then I did find a news article online that did mention about Soichiro’s death. You see Soichiro was a Geology Teacher who was on a business trip overseas at an Archaeological Dig Site. However apparently something happened to him overseas that caused him to grow ill but he didn’t truly succumb to his illness and die until shortly after he got back home to Japan.    

Mitaka: I see…

Onsen: Yes I do wish that News blurb was a little bit more descriptive. I admit I did once consider the idea of asking the Manager if she had more information about this but then I quickly figured it would be for the best not to bother her about it. Especially considering how this incident is still relatively recent.  Still it’s a real shame that he died like that, he was still a fairly young man whose probably not that much older than you are Mitaka.
Mitaka: Agreed, it would be for the best not to ask her about that at least for now. After all it would be for the best that we let Ms. Otonashi treasure the memories she has regarding Soichiro.

(Godai however was nearby overhearing this little conversation in which he was apparently feeling a little tipsy.)  

Godai: Let the Manager treasure her memories of that Soichiro guy? Oh please if anything she has been treasuring them way too much! This Soichiro guy is dead but she is not and she needs to realize that.

(After hearing this Mitaka has a slightly annoyed scowl on his face and as he is now approaching Godai.)

Mitaka: Excuse me… its Godai right?

Godai: Yeah?

Mitaka: Mind if we have a little chat at that corner over there?

Godai: Okay…

(Then Mitaka and Godai are at a corner table that’s not too far off from the front door.)

Mitaka: So… Godai, what are your feelings about Ms. Otonashi’s issues regarding the late Soichiro Otonashi?

Godai: That it saddens me to see the Manager like this whenever this Soichiro guy is brought up. She is so fixated on this Soichiro guy she named her dog after him.

Mitaka (slightly nervous): Really?

Godai: Yeah but still she is so fixated on her dead husband. Like I said before she needs to realize that this Soichiro guy is dead but she is not.

Mitaka: I see… tell me Godai, I was told that Ms. Otonashi took you and the other tenants at the graveyard where Soichiro’s grave is a while ago. When Ms. Otonashi told you all that she is a widow and that the late Soichiro Otonashi was her husband what did you do?

Godai: I… Well the thing is… well… When I saw Mr. Tendo and his daughters hug the Manager I was thinking about why she is torturing herself like this. I was thinking about how she should needs to let go of this Soichiro guy and get over him so she can move on her with her life.

Mitaka: I see… Godai, don’t you think you’re being a little too selfish?

Godai: Se…Selfish?! What do you mean by that? I am being concerned about the Manager’s well being here. All I am saying is that she needs to get over the fact that this Soichiro guy is dead.

Mitaka: Why should she?

Godai: Wait… what?

Mitaka: You heard me. Why should she? Godai, this man Soichiro is the man she loved. Don’t you understand what it’s like to lose your beloved, especially at a young age?

Godai: I… no, in fact I have never even went on a date.

Mitaka: Then who are you to talk about these matters? Godai, what do you think Ms. Otonashi would feel if you were telling her what you have been telling me face to face? You talk about how you’re concerned about Ms. Otonashi’s well being but you’re childish whining and lack of respect is making me think otherwise.

Godai: Hey! You’re putting words in my mouth!

Mitaka: Am I Godai? According to your words when Ms. Otonashi told you all that she is a widow because her husband died last year you stood there thinking about how she needs to get over his death. You stood there while this poor woman is right there mourning her departed loved one and all you did was treating this man as a mere inconvenience. You didn’t comfort her or show her sympathy you were too busy thinking about how she needs to forget about her late husband and move on. Tell me Godai how would you feel if your beloved died and someone else was treating your late beloved as nothing more than an annoying obstacle?

Godai: Well I uh… I didn’t mean it like that… but I mean I uh… I…

(Then as Godai is really nervous and breathing a little heavily, Mitaka makes a quick glance noticing that the other Maison Ikkoku residents seem to be eavesdropping on their little conversation and some of them seem a bit concerned such as Kasumi and Onsen. He also noticed how it looked like Onsen was going to get out of his chair and say something until Yotsuya calmly stopped him. It was then that Mitaka knew that if he lets this argument go any further then this situation would be getting worse, then as Mitaka gently puts his hands on Godai’s shoulders.)

Mitaka: *gasp* Alright Godai perhaps I was being a bit too aggressive here so let’s calm down alright? But still Godai while I do apologize that I was being a bit too aggressive here my point does still stand here. Godai you got to realize that Soichiro died only a little over a year ago, and that is still pretty recent. But even considering that you also got to realize that the pain of losing a loved one never really goes away no matter how long it’s been. Do you understand what I am saying Godai?

Godai: Yeah…

Mitaka: I know I have only met Ms. Otonashi recently but she seems to be a genuinely strong and capable young woman. And I am confident that Ms. Otonashi will live her life the way she wants to. Now if you excuse me I will be getting myself a drink. Farewell…

(Then it appears that Kyoko was standing nearby at the front door eavesdropping most of Mitaka’s conversation with Godai and did smile a bit. However Kasumi was also nearby as she too was eavesdropping and felt a little conflicted.)

Kasumi (thinking): Oh Mr. Godai I do understand what you mean about the Manager as it to pains me to see her in pain over her dear husband’s death. While unlike Coach Mitaka I do believe that you didn’t mean any harm Mr. Godai but… *sigh* Many of the things that Coach Mitaka said are true especially how the pain of the death of a loved one never goes away. Oh Manager I do wish that I can tell you that you will one day move on from the pain of losing a loved one…. but… *as she starts to tear up a bit* but I am not sure if I can.

(Then Kyoko opens the front door in which Kasumi quickly noticed Kyoko’s presence and wiped her tears and smiled.)

Kasumi: Manager, Welcome Back Manager.

Kyoko (now also smiling): Hello Kasumi.

(Of course Kasumi was not the only one who noticed Kyoko coming back inside as the others did as well particularly Mitaka. In which Mitaka did pose for a picture for the Chachamaru but with Kyoko along with Kasumi & Soun Tendo. However the other Maison Ikkoku denizens such as Genma, Onsen and the Drunkard Trio were also nearby in the pic. However the only denizen of Maison Ikkoku at the Chachamaru was not in the pic was Godai who was busy sulking in the corner thinking about his little conversation with Mitaka. Godai kept thinking about it more & more even after the Maison Ikkoku Denizens left for the night. Meanwhile later on that night Godai was thinking about his conversation with Mitaka in his room and was getting increasingly frustrated about it.)

Godai (thinking): Mitaka… that smug rich jerk, Mitaka, he doesn’t understand what I feel about the Manager at all. Ever since I first saw the Manager tell us about how she still mourns her dead husband I was feeling miserable to see her like this. I was having a hard time trying to sleep that night because it pains me to see the Manager like this and he tells me I don’t care about her feelings?! I mean so what if I never been on a date before or I didn’t have anyone in my family die recently. That doesn’t disprove the fact that the Manager will never move on with her life as long as she keeps clinging to her past like this. I mean how am I going to one day win the Manager’s love if she keeps fixating on her dead husband?!

(Then Godai’s eyes widen in shock as he realized what he has was just thinking about.)

Godai (thinking): Wa…Wait I didn’t mean it like that! I really do care about the Manager’s feelings! *as he tries to calm down* Alright Godai get a hold of yourself after all you’re here by yourself I mean it’s not like anyone heard that you said that. Besides I have said about how much it pains me to see the Manager like this when she mourns her late husband Soichiro and I know that is the truth, and yet…

(Godai is now thinking about some of the things that Mitaka said to him earlier that night as we are now having a brief flashback.)

Mitaka: Godai you got to realize that Soichiro died only a little over a year ago, and that is still pretty recent. But even considering that you also got to realize that the pain of losing a loved one never really goes away no matter how long it’s been. Do you understand what I am saying Godai?

(Now as the flashback ends.)

Godai (thinking): *sigh* I do understand, oh what am I going to do….  
(Then Godai’s eyes started to light up and then he was sitting up having a little epiphany here.)

Godai (thinking): I know what I am going to! I have been spending so much time sitting by myself hoping that I will one day be more confident to express myself. Well no more! I need to be more confident, I need to show some initiative! Yeah that’s it, I need to stop being such a mopey wallflower and show some backbone here! I can do this, yeah I mean I did volunteer to be Ikuko’s Tutor and I know that the Manager and the Soichiro family appreciate that. But I got to do more than just tutor the Manager’s niece; I need to do much more than that. But the thing is… what? Well I need to get some shut-eye but I am sure I can think of something tomorrow morning now it’s time for some sleep.

(In which Godai does get back into bed to go to sleep for the night feeling a little pleased with himself for once.)


Godai: On the next episode of Takahashi Trifecta I am finally going to show some more initiative here as I know what I am going to do that day.

Mitaka: Well that’s nice to hear Godai but I also have some plans on the next day, particularly with Ms. Otonashi.

Godai: I see…

Yotsuya: Oh come now young Godai there is no need to be so glum after all there will be a new performer upon this stage that we call life.

Godai: Really? What do you mean by that Yotsuya?

Akemi: Oh don’t mind him Godai, he is just trying to be vague just to make up for the fact that he barely had any lines in this episode.

Yotsuya: I admit that is true…

Kozue: Hello everyone, my name is Kozue Nanao and I will be making my debut on the next episode of Takahashi Trifecta. Did I read that right?

Godai: Sure did, Hi there Kozue I am Yusaku Godai.

Kozue: Oh hello there Godai, I am so looking forward to the next episode.

Kyoko (thinking): This is strange, who is this young lady?

Ukyo: Oh Ranma Honey I am sorry I wasn’t able to get any lines in this episode until now, and I was having such a good track record too lately.

Ranma: It’s alright Ucchan though speaking of the next episode well… there is something I got to talk to you about.

Ukyo: Oh? What’s that Ranma Honey?

Ranma: You’ll see…

Godai: Yep you will see on the next episode of Takahashi Trifecta…

One slightly Tangled Evening of Romance, Kozue Nanao enters the stage.

Godai, Mitaka, Kozue & Ukyo : See you soon!

Yotsuya: Farewell for now…
Takahashi Trifecta Episode 11
Takahashi Trifecta 11: It was Sunday. But a Black Day? Or a Black Pig Day?

Yes I finally have a new episode of this series up after a somewhat long hiatus. Anyways this episode happens right after the previous one on the day after Maison Ikkoku's little party for Ikuko. (In which Ryouga even reveals a certain strange little secret to Godai.) Later on when some of the folks who live at Maison Ikkoku pay the Chachamaru visit in which Shun Mitaka makes his move by showing up at the Chachamaru so he can ask Kyoko out for a date. (In which the story takes a rather serious turn after that).

I won't make any promises but I will try to at least make it so that its not more than over a year until the next episode.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes and violence/gore)




I am Ultron, I am the Super Robot that will ensure World Peace.
In which I will make sure the Human Race will decease.
I am the biggest Marvel Big Bad who has graced the Silver Screen in 2015.
But I have been terrorizing humans long before the Terminators and their “Rise of the Machines”.
I also have a lot more Nerd Street Cred than you in every way.
As I have Joss Whedon while you are still stuck with Michael Bay.
With my new Vibranium Chassis will ensure that I will always be Number One!
Want to defeat me? It will take more than that Fusion Gun.
This Robotic Has-been is going to see how bad a battle can be.
It doesn’t matter if your G1, Beast Wars or Prime, you still pale to me.

I AM MEGATRON! Leader of the Decepticons!
My soldiers can easily outnumber and overpower your Robo-Copy Pawns.
A poorly made “Peace-keeping Robot” like you could never harm my very spark.
As you are a botched up creation from Hank Pym… Oh so sorry, I meant Tony Stark.
So you think you’re the pinnacle of tactical genius and robotic brawn?
Oh please, you would never last in the mean streets of Cybertron.
You sing “There are no strings on me” as you try to sound freaky.
But your little fixation with Wasp and Jocasta is what's really creepy.
When it comes to making powerful and loyal minions you lack precision.
As you have certain loyalty issues with your “Vision”.

Really Megatron, you bring up disloyal minions in this battle of rhymes?
This is coming from the bot that has employed Starscream HOW many times?!
Are you jealous of my certain goals? Is that why you treat me like some depraved knave?
I’ll have Wasp and Jocasta in a 3-way, while you have your husband Soundwave.
There have also been plenty of times in which you were practically Unicron’s Boy-Toy.
Not to mention Sentinel Prime’s during that incident in Illinois.
It’s a shame you’re not Galvatron, say what you will about him, but he was a better upgrade.
At least he had the sense to destroy Starscream before taking over your little Brigade.
So in the end does it matter how many Autobots you and your cons have shot-downed.
Since your little war with them has led Cybertron right into the ground.
With my powerful Fusion Cannon I can easily take you down in one blast.
While you have a rather limited grasp about my long and varied past.
I war with the Autobots because I am one of the greatest patriots of Cybertron history!
While you, Ultron, want nothing more than good old-fashioned genocide as its plain to see.
Your little “Zerg Rush” tactics would never last against the Decepticons that much is true.
I mean even Starscream would put up a better fight than you.
I was once a known Gladiator in the pits of Koan before I led my uprising.
Do you think you’d last in the Koan Arena? I’d like to see how long you would last in the ring.
But it’s such a shame really that your creation Vision insists to serve the forces of good.
As he can lead an evil Robot Army far better than you ever could.




ERB Ultron Vs. Megatron
Well folks here is another one of my Rap Battles, I have recently got to see Avengers 2 Age of Ultron (and highly enjoyed it). Anyways this Rap Battle is for none other than Ultron from the Avengers Vs. Megatron from Transformers. Enjoy!
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(Contains: sexual themes)





Hello people, I am Allura and I am here on the scene.
I am the Princess of Planet Arus and its future Queen.
Whether if I am in a Dress or a Jumpsuit, I am looking fine…
As I have been “Pretty with a Pistol” long before Faye Valentine.
I can assure you this laser blaster is so not just for show.
And in Voltron Force even I can rock the bow.
I liked you better in Skyward Sword that Zelda was much cuter and had more personality.
Speaking of which, I can’t help but question a certain something about your history.
You keep changing your look and back-story every so often.
Which version of you am I talking to again?

Well, well if isn’t Princess Allura the “Token Female” of Voltron.
Or shall I say Princess Fala of Golion? Heh I guess either way I am not wrong.
Oh I know you feel so proud to be in the Voltron Force with all those young men.
But that’s only because your show killed off Shirogane… or shall I say injured Sven?
Oh but I know why your considered so appealing, just by a smidge.
You’ve helped a lot of young boys go through puberty, just ask that kid Pidge.
I’m easily one of the most famous Heroines from Nintendo.
You’re mildly popular in the US, but hardly anyone in Japan remembers your show.
We all know you’ll be passed around by the Voltron Force and Lotor later.
Besides my man Link, the Hero of Time is obviously greater.

Here is a little food for thought upon this musical battle of rhyme.
I have been in on the action long before Ocarina of Time.
You never got in on the action until you started to dress a bit more “Sheik”.
Which has also raised some awkward questions about your… *ahem* “physique”.
I admit I doubt I could pull off the “Sheik” look that much is true.
But sadly that’s because I am not as flat as you.
Yes it is true that the US has given my Franchise a lot more fame.
But for years we have often wondered if your Franchise would say the same?
Although I am a little surprised you’d mention your love of Link in this Musical Brawl.
As for years we often wonder if you two even have a thing at all.

So you think I need to be in drag in order to fight? Well isn’t that a bit brash.
Just for that I ought to give you a “Super Smash”!
My rhymes are so cool they practically put you on ice!
So get out of here you one-hit wonder and go back to your mice.
The Goddesses of Hyrule and the Hero of Time have aided in me in the battles I have fought.
While you and your boy-toys rely on that large Lion-Themed Robot.
Not to mention on how Lotor and Keith fight over you, and those rumors about you and Lance.
After all we all know that just about all the Voltron Force guys wanted to get in your pants.
Here is a little food for thought that might make you mad.
That if I am ever pregnant than at least we’ll be quite certain whose the dad.




ERB Princess Allura Vs. Princess Zelda
Here is yet another one of my Epic Rap Battles of History as this one is the battle of the Princesses namely Allura from Voltron and Zelda from Legend of Zelda. The next ERB will certainly be up soon.
Hey folks you all recall my Takahashi Trifecta series right? Well I will be doing a Radioplay series off of the 1st 5 episodes of the series and you can read more about it here at...…

And if you want you can also read more about my series here at...…

Oh yes and thanks to this news I will be working on Episode 11 of Takahashi Trifecta in the near future.
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(Contains: sexual themes)





Lois Lane:
Lois Lane here, I’m the Daily Planet’s #1 Reporter Star!
My legacy is easily far longer than yours by far.
I hope that little fact doesn’t leave you in scorn.
I have been a strong comic book heroine since long before Eastman and Laird were born.
My cinematic history is better than yours in every way.
I got Margot Kidder with Richard Donner while you got Megan Fox thanks to Michael Bay.
Why I have Beauty, Brains and I have quite a tenacious sense of Journalistic Talent.
Like I said before I’m the Daily Planet’s best. Don’t believe me? Ask Clark Kent.
So face it you can never match up to me as I have several decades of Comic Book History.
As I am the Original Greatest Heroine in all of DC!

April O’Neil:
So you’re the original DC Heroine there Lois? Is that what you meant?
Gee Wonder Woman you sure do look a little different.
Are you sure you want to talk about Movies? Have you thought this through?
I mean the last good live action Superman Movie was from 1980 namely Superman II.
Though to be fair when it comes to Journalism I do understand your views.
I was once rather prominent with Channel 6 News.
You love to talk about how strong you are but I don’t know why you want to brag.
Since Superman constantly saves you despite how you’re such a stuck-up nag.
Besides Clark Kent would be better off with Lana Lang or Dinah Prince.
Oh I’m sorry Ms. Lane did I just make you wince?

Lois Lane:
Oh what's the matter, are you feeling jealous there Miss O’Neil?
Is it because you got a Hockey Mask Thug while I got the Man of Steel?
I’m Superman’s First and #1 Love so I’ll always win even if push comes to shove.
Besides Lana Lang is just a part of Ol’ Smallville’s past who is at best Puppy Love.
I’m not sure why you want to bring Wonder Woman in this Musical Melee.
Besides she’d probably rather get in bed with me than Clark anyway.
Of course that maybe a rumor, but there are rumors about you and the TMNT.
About whether if your open to engage in a little bestiality.
I don’t know why you’re looking at me like that, after all it’s not like I’m wrong.
Don’t believe me? Why don’t you ask Mikey or Don?  

April O’Neil:
Yes Lois we all know that when it comes to Superman’s Love Interests you were seen first.
But compared to Lana and Wonder Woman? You’re clearly the worst.
You think you are so beloved but I’m not sure if you’re keeping score.
Oh yeah and I think Wonder Woman likes Power Girl a bit more.    
For such a strong woman, Superman’s frequent rescues are why you’re not in traction.
Oh sure I’m known for getting saved, but I also often like to get in on the action.
You try to bring up your long comic book history to make me feel weepy.
But a lot of things you and Superman did in the Silver Age were kind of bizarre and often creepy.
However I shall end this rap battle by giving you some advice this day.
That perhaps you should read up on a certain Larry Niven 1969 Essay.




ERB Lois Lane Vs. April O Neil
Alright folks here is my latest ERB and this one is a battle of the Famous Lady Reporter Vs. Sometimes a Reporter Lady namely Lois Lane from Superman and April O'Neil from TMNT.
Hey folks I know its a little late but happy 2015, here is my first Journal entry for the year. Remember a while back when I said that I was going to do episode summaries of future episodes of my Takahashi Trifecta series? Well here they are, I admit I did originally say I was going to give you a summary list of episodes 11-20 but since this was taking long than I originally anticipated I went with 11-15 instead. I was writing down highly detailed summaries for myself (which I felt uncertain about doing long summaries at first but then I figured it would be for the best). But not too worry folks I will of course give you folks some shorter summaries of these upcoming episodes. But first for those who are unaware of my Takahashi Trifecta series or haven't read all of my episodes yet you can take a look here at...…

Anyways here is the episode summaries...

Episode 11- Its the day after Ikuko's welcoming party in Episode 10 and the folks at Maison Ikkoku are wanting to relax. Godai has a nice little man-to-man chat with Ryouga as Godai tries to be supportive to him. (In which Kyoko overhears Godai's chat with Ryouga and thought it was nice until she hears about who does Godai have feelings for then frets about it as she heads back to her room.) Then Ryouga confides with Godai that he has a certain secret as well. Kentaro tells Ranma how the party they were in yesterday was fun. But there was something that Kentaro and Ikuko were curious about yesterday namely who is that red-haired girl with a big Panda bear who was seen in some of the pictures with the Tendo sisters in the Tendo family album. Meanwhile later on that day as the adults of Maison Ikkoku were at the Chachamaru Shun Mitaka shows up and asks Kyoko out in which she felt a bit overwhelmed and uncomfortable. Mitaka was then informed about how Kyoko recently became a widow in which Mitaka gave Kyoko plenty of sympathy, understanding and support. (In which Mitaka and Godai even have a little debate about the fact that Kyoko still has trouble letting go of her late husband Soichiro and what she should do about it.)

Episode 12- This will be Kozue Nanao's debut episode. But first things first this episode will begin with Ranma and Ukyo having a little chat as Ranma is nervous about the fact that Kentaro has seen pictures of his "other self" Ranko and wonders what to do about it. While Ukyo understands Ranma's dilemma she does try to tell him that it would really be for the best to be more open and honest to Kentaro. Meanwhile a little later on that afternoon Godai finally has the courage to go ahead and try to ask Kyoko out on a date but he was too late as she was getting dressed and ready to go on a date with Shun Mitaka. Naturally Godai feels a bit disheartened by this until he meets Kozue Nanao a cute short young lady who goes to the same university that he does. The two had a pleasant idle chat until she noticed the movie tickets Godai has in his hand in which he invites her to come with him in which she gladly accepted. Though while Godai and Kozue were on their way to the movies they ran into Kyoko and Mitaka as the latter couple were having a little bit of car trouble. Godai was rather nervous about this awkward situation while Mitaka was rather amused while Kyoko was confused. (In fact Kyoko spent most of her date with Mitaka wondering what is Godai doing with this young lady and believes that something about this is not adding up.) But while Godai felt nervous about the idea of dating Kozue he does actually enjoy the date and while he claims this changes nothing about Kyoko he admits he would like to see that Kozue girl again.

Episode 13- Earlier that day in Furinkan High, Ukyo, Akane and Nabiki were having a chat about a few issues. Namely how Ukyo is trying to encourage Ranma to tell Kentaro about his Jusenkyo Curse and that Godai is dating this girl by the name of Kozue. Meanwhile at Sanryu University Sakamoto has heard that Godai was on a date last night and asked Godai about it. Though they did run into Kozue in which Godai did at least have enough time to introduce Sakamoto to her since she had to get to class. Then Sakamoto teases Godai in which he went from pining for a cute babe like Kyoko to a cutesy little munchkin like Kozue in which Godai was a little annoyed by that. But a little while later Godai notices that a pretty young woman with long dark hair has been pursuing him and is kind of intrigued yet creeped out by that. But as soon as he tries to confront this young woman she reveals to him that she is Sayoko Kuroki and she is trying to recruit him for the school's Puppet club in which Godai was surprised but he accepts. (In which a little later on that day he finds out that Kozue just recently became a new member as well as they get to see what the Puppet Club is like.) However a little later on that day most of the Puppet Club members play a little prank as they call Maison Ikkoku asking for Godai in flirty voices as Kyoko gets increasingly annoyed by this. Then Kyoko frets about this as she wonders how many girls are Godai seeing and does that girl Kozue know about this? But rest assured Godai does explain this situation to Kyoko later. Oh yes and in this episode Ranma and Ukyo do sit Kentaro down as they try to explain to Kentaro about Ranma's "Jusenkyo Curse" problem and try to get him to understand.

Episode 14- This episode also starts in Furinkan High as Ukyo, Akane and Shinobu have been talking about whats been going on lately. Then they found Megane's lackeys Perm, Kakugari and Chibi and asked them what were they doing here. While Megane's cohorts were rather nervous about that (especially when Ranma came in and wanted to interrogate them) they claim they haven't been doing anything wrong lately and don't know what Megane has been doing lately and left. Then Ataru casually walked in and greeted Ranma and the ladies and asked what was going on. Then a mysterious young man came flying in a sci-fi flight suit who calls himself the Great Cyber-Man whose presence must be a shocking sight to behold. Until Ataru quickly pointed out that its just Megane in a cosplay suit in which Megane is infuriated that Megane sees through his disguise so quickly. But then Megane brags about how he has made his new cybersuit from tech that he borrowed from Mendo industries and is now picking a fight with Ranma and Ataru in which Ranma gladly obliged. While Ranma was definitely able to get some hits in Megane's suit was surprisingly durable as Megane is not out of the fight yet. However the fight does get an intervention by Shuutaro Mendo and Tatewaki Kuno, the former being annoyed at Megane for stealing some MendoTech as Megane has no intention on giving Shuutaro's family any credit for the tech.

Episode 15- Godai was out on another date with Kozue in which she was fascinated by these stories that Godai has been telling her about life at Maison Ikkoku and wants to visit him. While Godai is a little uncertain about it at first but does agree to it and tells her that she will get to visit. Meanwhile the next day Kozue gives Godai a surprise visit earlier that afternoon but finds out he is not home but is then approached by Hanae as she invites Kozue in then introduces her to Yotsuya and Akemi. Their little meeting does go pretty at first until the trio start cracking jokes about what Godai is really like as the spineless dope that he is. Then Akemi started mocking Kozue about her body and is surprised that a pervert like Godai would even go for a short flat-chested runt like Kozue. Akemi kept harassing Kozue long enough until she started to tear up a bit in which Yotsuya got a little nervous and Hanae actually felt a little remorseful. But Akemi got really defensive about her behavior until Kozue screamed in frustration on how Godai is not some shallow pervert. But Soun overhears some shouting going on at the Ichinose residence and demands and explanation from the trio on why is this girl crying. Then Soun apologizes to Kozue about the trio's behavior and gives her some money for some lunch and tells her that he will make sure that Godai knows that she was here when he gets back. Later on that day Godai is back home and was told about what happened to Kozue earlier today and is furious at the trio for how they treated her especially Akemi. While Hanae (and to a lesser extent Yotsuya) do apologize about the incident Akemi is incredibly annoyed by this as Godai calls her out on her shallow callous nature. But then some of the others at Maison Ikkoku do suggest Godai to give Kozue a chance a nicer visit at Maison Ikkoku in which he does agree to it. In which at the next day Kozue does visit Maison Ikkoku again in which Godai makes sure that this visit will go a lot better this time.

So folks what do you think? I am also thinking of starting a radioplay out of this series by sometime this year. I admit I am not entirely sure whether if I should wait until I get these episodes done or not but still what do you folks think?            
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